Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014


My friend Tammy (
is just the sweetest kindest woman
and she has Malignant Hypertension.
She has to keep her BP down and is taking medication for it.
She recently tore her rotator cuff and will be needing surgery
but has to get some of these medical issues under control first.
And there's the worry of heart problems too.
She's been told to stay calm, cool and positive.
So this post is for Tammy
and if everyone could just take a moment and send out positive healing thoughts her way.
Or say a prayer with her in mind, This little lady could use it.
I've gone through my Pinterest account and posted some calm, happy images.
I think visual images can definitely have a calming effect. At least I hope so!
These are for you Tammy! ....

OOPS, this one might not be good for the Blood Pressure! LOL!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm surrounded by people at work who have no idea what I'm talking about.
Or when I Xerox off paper and hold it to my nose and say
"Remember that mimeographed smell?
and they look at me as if I'm insane.

Or the other day when I realized that no one writes in cursive anymore
and everyone says that it's OLD and obsolete.

and I defend it as easier, faster and as an ART.


And what about people who can't even count back change now-a-days.
I go through a drive through and my total is 6.55 so I give them a ten dollar bill and a nickel 
and they stare at it.
"It's only $6.55, a ten will cover it." they say to me
to which I reply "But I don't want all the change, I want quarters"
....they have no idea what I'm talking about.
Actual money is hard for most of them. They are used to plastic money.

I came home yesterday to see that my package from Amazon was on my front porch!
I was so happy. I could hear Steve Martin in my head yelling "The new phone books are here!" 
So what books did I order?
Well, I already had gotten this one-

so I ordered-

and also just learned about this-

and I got this one too-

and I pre-ordered this - 

I can't delay any longer.
Wishing won't make it true.
I need to focus and buckle down and not sweat the small stuff.
I've spent much too much time obsessing over wall paint colors
and yard/garden work
and procrastinating organizing the spare room as my Art room.
Hey! it's MY house.
If I want to work at the kitchen table and have my art supplies in the mud/laundry/dog room, I can and I will.
Maybe some day that room will be my work area
but obviously the fact that it's upstairs and away from everything, just doesn't seem to work for me.
At least not right now.
I might change my mind but it's not my top priority.

and just get busy.
Someday I will want to retire from my current job
and hopefully I can make enough income from writing/illustrating
that I can live on that and social security comfortable
and not have to share cat food with with my kitties.