Monday, May 31, 2010

SURPRISE!!! I Finally Finished a Painting!

Well, I took the advice of several of my blogger friends (Georgina for one) and finished a painting. It was buried under some laundry and I just never took the time to finish. It is painted on an old cupboard door. I collaged scrapbook papers, painted several layers in acrylics, stamped it and finished the details in ink. I've been trying to experiment with mixed media and while finishing this up, I had several new ideas pop up in my head. I need to really start experimenting and see where it leads me!

I took the photos in natural light but I think the color looks more blue in the photos than the actual painting which I think is more of a turquoise blue. The color on my acrylics said "Blue Lake" Hmmmm.....
Anyway, it measures approximately 15" by 15" and about 3/4 inch in depth

I think I will put in on EBAY and see what happens!
Oh! please stop by tomorrow....
It will be my 100th Post and I'm having my First Giveaway!

Memorial Day

I think that so many of us sometimes get so busy with the excitement of the long weekend, the grilling out, the working in our yards, the big sales at the stores and the beginning of summer that we need a moment to stop and remember...
Memorial Day is a national day of mourning. Mourning but also CELEBRATING the very freedom that so many men and women gave their lives for.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What to do FIRST!

I'm so excited to have a THREE day weekend off! Without having to use any of my vacation time!!!!
WaaHoo! I have always scheduled Holiday time with the other girls so that each of us worked part of the Holiday. But I recently had it pointed out to me by the other managers (Office and Tech) that they scheduled the part-time people for those hours. They told me that I had put in my dues and the "youngsters" can cover the hours. I guess I've always been so concerned about everyone getting time-off that I had forgotten to think of myself. So I have ALL THREE DAYS of to enjoy! (barring any emergency phone calls.)
SO! What to do first!? I need to get outside and work out in the yard, weeding and planting the last of my annuals and finishing up the hanging baskets and working on the gate that I'm making. I also want to paint the picnic table and spray paint the old metal chair and touch up the birdbath and hang the iron hose rack and mow the patch of new grass in the backyard and of course the never ending poop-patrol and oh yes! I need to plant the Morning Glory seeds TODAY that my sister gave me!

Then I have so much to do inside! I have paint for the bathroom but first I have to remove the god-awful wallpaper border. I need to sort threw boxes and etc. in the basement and do a general cleaning throughout the house and I wanted to FINALLY finish a couple of my paintings and I'm almost to my 100th post and it's ALMOST a year of blogging! So I want to figure out a giveaway and Oh! Yeah, I need to work on photographing my vintage finds so that I can get my Etsy shop up and running and I want to ride my bike SOMETIME this weekend and I also want to......

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesdays Helpful Pet Tip #8

The temperature here in the Midwest has been in the 90's! I don't have central air and I have to get some help putting the window units back in for the summer. I have fans going in the mean time and my dogs are all in front of them blocking the air. The cats like to lay in the sink or the tub where it's cool or they stay downstairs where it's much cooler. But this weather has got me thinking that this needs to be my next Pet Tip! This first information was adapted from New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats, by Amy D. Shojai.

For pets that are sensitive to heat, the steamy summer months are not only uncomfortable, they are also the time when the risk of fatal heatstroke is highest. Thousands of pets die needlessly every summer from over-exposure to heat.
Learn how to protect your pets from this easy-to-prevent killer. Here’s how:

Heatstroke is an emergency that needs medical attention as soon as possible. Even before you take your pet to the vet, however, you need to start cooling her body down by putting her in a tub of cool water, for example, or by applying wet towels or ice packs to her body, says Susan G. Synn, D.V. M., a veterinarian in Atlanta. When you are in the car, turn the air conditioner on high and get to the vet as quickly as you can.

The Signs

* Your pet pants a lot even when the temperature is cool.

* She appears tired during the warm months.

* Her gums are suddenly bright red.

The Cause

Dogs and cats don’t take off their coats in warm weather, and they don’t sweat like people do. (An exception is the nearly hairless Sphinx cat, which sweats so much that it needs to be toweled off every day.) Pets pant in order to dispel heat, but it isn’t a very efficient system; they naturally run a little on the warm side. and some pets, such as those with dark, heavy coats, are much more susceptible to heat than others.

Veterinarians worry when pets seem unusually warm, because overheating may be a symptom of underlying problems. A dog who can’t walk half a block without overheating may have a heart problem or be overweight.
You will want to see your vet right away if your pet is suddenly panting much more than usual. The chances are good, however, that she just can’t stand the heat. Here are a few ways to keep her a little cooler:

Best Bet! Encourage her to drink. Pets that are sensitive to heat need to drink a lot of water, especially during the summer months. The problem is that the body’s thirst mechanism ins’t always as sensitive as it should be, so pets may not drink all the water they really need. To encourage them to drink more, Dr. Harrison recommends giving them ice chips or ice cubes throughout the day. Many pets like crunching ice, and it helps get extra fluids into their systems.

Another way to get the benefits of water – at least with dogs – is to get them wet. Spritzing them with a hose or encouraging them to lie in a kiddie pool will cool them off in a hurry. Even sprinkling the grass where they play will keep them a little cooler.

Replace electrolytes.

When dogs and cats lose fluids, they also lose electrolytes, essential minerals like calcium and sodium that they need to stay healthy. Giving your pets an electrolyte solution like Pedialyte or Gatorade will quickly replace these minerals, and they will probably like the taste. You can add several tablespoons of one of these drinks to your pet’s water every day.
Get the air moving.

Even on mild days, your pet’s coat traps a lot of heat and holds it next to the skin. Putting her in front of a fan or, better yet, near an air conditioner will circulate air through the fur and keep her cool.
Check for dehydration.

Since pets that are sensitive to heat may run low on fluids, you need to watch for dehydration. A quick test is to gently pinch the area between the shoulder blades. The skin should snap back into its usual position when you let go. Skin that stays in the pinched position for three to five seconds is a sign that your pet is dehydrated, and you will need to call your vet right away.

Most importantly: Never, never leave your pet in a closed car.

I decided to add a bit more information of cats and heat. I think most people just think about dogs being outside or in a car, but cats are also susceptible to heat issues. I gather this from:

If you don't have air conditioning, you seek out shady spots and sigh in relief from the slightest breeze, otherwise you huddle inside. Your thirsty body craves fluids, and the beverage of choice suddenly becomes water. If you stay in the sun too long you may become dizzy, have heart palpitations, and increased internal temperature, all signs of impending heat exhaustion.
Consider this: before you ever reach that point, your cat may also be showing signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Although heat stroke is more commonly discussed in dogs, because of people's propensity to leave them in parked cars, cats can be affected too. Cats can't always tell you they're not feeling up to par, but they sure can show you. Early symptoms of heat stroke and the accompanying dehydration are:


•Anxiety, possibly demonstrated by pacing

•Increased heartbeat

•Respiratory distress or hyperventilation (Breeds with flat noses may exhibit this earlier because of compromised airways.)

•Dark red gums


•Increased internal body temperature Your cat's internal temperature should be between 100.5° and 101.5° F. A temperature of 104° or more is a definite warning sign. Here's how to take kitty's temperature.

How to Help Your Cat Avoid Heatstroke

You can help your cat survive extremely hot weather by keeping him indoors in a cool interior room. Rubbing him down with a damp towel will help; so will immersing his feet in a tub of cool water. Wrapping a cold compress under the cat's neck will also help cool him off. He may fight at first, but most likely will appreciate it once he gets used to the idea. Try wrapping a plastic bag of frozen peas in a towel, and placing in in his bed for a cool spot to lie. The peas will rearrange themselves to fit his contours and he'll have a "custom spa" for cooling off.

Make sure he has several bowls of cool water available. It doesn't hurt to drop an ice cube in once in awhile, not only to cool the water, but to pique kitty's interest in drinking. Strangely enough, cats affected by external heat may refuse to drink water, exacerbating the problem of dehydration, so you may want to "force" water by using an eyedropper or syringe. Be careful not to shoot the water down his throat as it can enter his lungs and/or cause choking. Just dribble a drop or two at a time in the corner of his mouth, which will help hydrate him and draw his interest to drinking on his own.

If your cat exhibits any of the signs above that lead you to think he is suffering heat exhaustion, cool him down as quickly as possible by immersing him in cool water, and then wrapping him with wet towels. Then get him to the veterinarian immediately. This is a serious, potentially fatal condition.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award AND Life is Good Award.....

Well, Autumnforest    has bestowed 2 awards on me! The first one "Beautiful Blogger" award tells you to share 7 things no one probably knows about you. This will be the hard one and I'm assuming this just means the blogger world but, Hmmm.... lets see.
OK, Here I go.
1. I don't like people touching me. I am not a "hugger". OK, I'm the opposite when it comes to animals, I'm all over dogs and cats and they are always all over me. But people....It takes all my self control not to pull my arm away when someone grabs it while talking. Or if someone comes up behind me and starts rubbing my's like EXCUSE ME, why are YOU touching me? I used to hug my father all the time when he was alive and I hug my nieces but that's about it. I have hugged people that I know at the clinic that I work at when one of their pets has passed on but...that's it! NOT a "casual" hugger!
2. I suffer from Passive Aggressive Road Rage. When someone is riding my tail and zooming around me (and I'm usually a few miles ABOVE the limit myself) but then I pull up next to them at the light. I'm secretly laughing. And if they have gone around me and then get stuck behind a car in the other lane, I will speed up so that I'm parallel with the first car and they can't get by. All the time, I'll be singing in my car acting like I don't have a clue what's happening.
3. Talking about driving...I brake for squirrels.
4. My father won't allow me to go away to college so I went to a Community college for a couple of years and majored in English! I wanted to be a writer! and I can't remember writing a thing! I mostly skipped school and only went to a couple of Art classes and then dropped out.
5. I am Alone a lot but never Lonely.
6. I like old people. Especially old people with dogs.
7. Talking about dogs. If my Blue doesn't like you (and he likes everyone) I won't like you either or trust you.

And now for my second award:       
Here are my questions from Autumnforest -

1. Chocolate or beer?

and I hate beer, prefer vodka, whiskey or wine.
2. Who would you like to see be president?

Sorry! but....I like him
3. Fast car or motorcycle?

But I am driving!

4. Do you talk baby talk to pets?

How can you not?!

5. Country you most want to visit?


6. If you had to live in a big city, which one?

I'd be in driving distance of my family and friends.

7. What would you want to raise or grow on a farm?

I love Llamas!!!! I could sell their wool! SO Cute!

8. Have you ever kept a diary?

Yes, About six months before my Dad died. He died suddenly of a heart attack but when I went back and read over it, I think I subconsciously knew he wasn't well. It was a comfort to me after he was gone, to write down my grief. Years later, reading over it. it made me very sad. Why keep something that makes you sad?
I burned it.

So there are my answers! If anyone would like to play, I love these questions! Feel free to accept this award from me! (I won't NAME anyone this time so that no one feels left out! LOL!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Architectural Wonders of the United States! The Top Ten!

The Rock Island Arsenal Bridge also known as the Government Bridge, was on today!
Here's what was written:
"Designed by Ralph Modjeski and finished in 1896, the iron bridge has remained in service largely unchanged for over 100 years. The biggest change was the construction of Lock and Dam #15 in 1934, which was built around and under the swing span. The bridge is a twin deck structure that carries both rail (top level) and road traffic (bottom level). It is one of two bridges in the world that can turn 360 degrees in both directions in order to allow river traffic through."

This is a bridge that I travel over all the time. They have closed the bridge to regular traffic during the hours of 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. Only traffic going directly to the Arsenal is allowed. They have an alternative exit closed for construction so that's why there's a restriction. I prefer this bridge because it's a faster route for me to get to work EXCEPT if the drawspan is open and then you have to wait for the boat or barge to go through. Most people will then do a U-turn and go to one of the other bridges when that happens unless they aren't in a hurry. Then sometimes the drivers get out and watch the boat go through the channels. Since I  have lived here my whole life, I never realized that this bridge is a big deal until I saw the article today about it being an architectural wonder! Who knew! I remember my Dad telling us how when he was a little kid, his family drove up to have a look at the Mississippi. We kids never understood that. It was just the river to us and on the other side of town was another river - The Rock river so....we just didn't get it.
It's kinda funny how what can be everyday ordinary to one person, turns out to be postcard worthy to another!

Sometimes the bridge has frighten me when driving over it while there's also a train going overhead. Once one of my terriers about lost his mind when that happened. I am so used to Blue never hearing a thing, so when the little guy went ballistic, I had to roll up the windows and blast the radio to try to drown it out.

The other times that I have been a bit afraid is when there has been bad flooding. The bridge is already so low and close to the water, that when the river is real high, it looks like it's touching the bridge. This is a photo from the 2008 flood and there have been much worse flooding in years before that.

 So now that I'm not able to use that bridge during normal hours, I have to drive through downtown and get on the Centennial Bridge.

The Centennial Bridge doesn't have the annoyances of the other bridge but you have to drive through a "scary" part of town on either side of the bridge. This is the bridge people always choose to use to JUMP OFF of. Just recently there was ANOTHER high speed police chase across it and the guy stopped the car and climbed over the rail and fell or jumped into the river.....

and his body was just recovered yesterday. I just don't like this bridge.

But it can be very pretty at night when the boats are out on the river and they anchor them close to the Park that borders the river, so that they can hear the music of whatever band is playing.

Of course I can always take the I-74 Bridge for the drive home. In the mornings it's just too congested with traffic. After work if you can get on it just before the 5:00 traffic hits, it can actually be the fastest way home. I end up circling around the cities on the interstate but at least there's no traffic lights or stop signs to deal with. It's better gas mileage but it's the longer way around, so I guess it's all about the same.

Now they have started closing down lanes for construction, so you never know when you might get stuck in snail traffic, so that is why I've started making sure I have books on CD's with me. Otherwise I start going crazy with impatience myself.
Sigh...I wish I could just work from home....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesdays Helpful Pet Tip # 7

So I am outside working in my garden when "OH NO" I had almost forgotten to post my Wednesday Helpful pet tip! But hey it's still Wednesday, so here we go! The topic is FISH. I am not particularly fond of fish. In fact they sometimes make me feel kinda nauseous to look at them. Sure, I can appreciated a bright orange goldfish or one of those clown fishes, wasn't that what Nemo was?  But if I got to a restaurant and there's a fish tank, I want my back to it. Maybe it's because of the "fishpond" incident. When I was young, I'm guessing about 12, so my sister would have been 8. We were told to clean out the fishpond before winter set in. The fishpond was this beautiful cement pond that my father had created for my mother in our backyard. My Mom painted the bottom an aqua blue and we kids helped her fill it with fish accessories like a little castle and bridge and fake coral. It was Gorgeous! My parents liked to sit out in the jalousie porch after dinner and gaze out into the yard. We would hear my father swearing and yelling at a neighbors cat as he dipped his paw into the pond. Over the course of the summer, eventually the cat got all the fish and gave my father another reason to hate cats. So that Fall when we were instructed to clean it out, we somehow never got around to it. Then in the Spring, my Father marched us out there to clean it. I can remember scooping out the slimy leaves and dumping them into a bucket. Gross. Then all of a sudden I scooped up this translucent big  fish with my fingers! I screamed and threw it into the bucket and then ran for the house to show what we had! My Father said that we must have missed seeing it and it had apparently wintered over by feasting on bugs and things in the water. So our Dad put it into our fish bowl with my newly acquired Angel Fish and my sisters Black Molly.
Big mistake. The next day only that big fish was in the bowl. It looked like some alien fish. It had a white-grey almost flesh look to it. And it made me almost gag to look at it. And it had eaten my Angel Fish. Not too long after that my Father sent it to live in the Mississippi via the toilet bowl. The whole experience was upsetting. That is why I am so surprised to come across this information about how therapeutic fish can be!
Who knew! I somehow don't think they would work for me! But at least I remembered the fishpond!
So, I found all this info at the following website:

And here is why -
Fish Make a Difference:

Researchers have compared the effects of hypnosis vs. an aquarium, fishless vs. fish filled aquariums, and no aquarium vs. having an aquarium. In all cases, having some sort of aquarium reduced blood pressure. Interestingly enough, greater reduction in blood pressure occurred when there were fish in the tank, vs pleasingly decorated, but fishless, tanks. Even watching a video tape of fish has been proven to have therapeutic effects.

Multitude of Benefits:

Seniors who were provided with an aquarium filled with fish had significant blood pressure reduction. Watching fish has been shown to calm children who suffer from hyperactivity disorder. Dental patients who were subjected to hypnosis vs. an aquarium experienced the same or greater benefit from the aquarium. Other studies have shown that dental patients required less pain medication after having watched fish in the office. It's little wonder that physician offices, dental clinics, and even waiting rooms for counselors have traditionally kept an aquarium in the waiting room.

Aquarium Effect on Alzheimer’s:

Studies have shown that seniors who have Alzheimer’s experience a variety of health benefits from watching an aquarium. Alzheimer patients ate more, and required fewer supplements after an aquarium was placed in the dining room. They also exhibited less physically aggressive behaviors.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What I Did On My SPRING Vacation!

OK, so I had this weekend off and I took Friday off as a vacation day, so....that makes it my Spring Vacation! I knew that the weather was going to be reasonably OK and I wanted to knock out some yard work and also do some work on my half done projects around the house that have been driving me Crazy! I figured if I could get these things accomplished, I would be more relaxed when I come home from work and feel like I can take some time then to "create". I also planned on staying off of the computer, but that didn't happen! I took rest breaks and checked in on my fav blogs and had a cool drink. I really wish I could stay home everyday and just work around the house and create...what Heaven that would be! Sigh...someday!
Anyway, on Thursday night I came home with a "Manager's Special" from Goodwill. A BIG wood coffee table! and only for $15.38! I know some will be mortified but I plan on! (of course)

I just love the carved detail on it!
Then Friday morning I drove to an estate sale that my sister had been to the day before. She had text me a photo of a sofa that she was sure I'd like but thought it would be too costly to repair. The ladies that run the sale know me from coming to their other sales all the time and they showed me how I could repair it. I just need to reach inside and there's a couple of places where I need to tie back down the springs. Then the gap will close and I can sew it closed.

They helped me load it into the van but when I got home I couldn't reach my sister. I needed her to help me get it inside. Well, I was on vacation with a lot of things to do and I couldn't be waiting around so I pulled it out and "waddled" it across the yard and dragged it up the steps.
I thought I might be having a hot flash or possibly a heart attack because I was sweating like I was about to pass-out. Then I got it stuck in the doorway. It needed to be tilted at an angle to get it in. Lucky for me a woman stopped her car and yelled out and asked if I needed some help. She had on a matching jog suit and lots of jewelry and looked to be a little bit older than me. I figured that the chances of her hitting me over the head and robbing me were pretty slim and she could call 911 if I passed out,  so I let her help me get it inside. I thanked her profusely and after she pulled away, I ran outside and got into my van again. There was one more Estate sale to go to!
I kept trying to talk myself out of going to the other sale, I mean what else did I need, OK yeah, a lawn mower for my little patch of grass and I need to save up for a new refrigerator that I have my eye on but I told myself, just one more sale! So I pull up and lots of people are in the house so I walk out to the garage.
There sat a perfect push mower! $32.00! I also got a shepherds hook for $4.80 and several other little garden items! WaaHoo! So many times if I just focus on what I need I find it! It's kinda scary because it happens all the time to me. So, I go home and my sister is calling me asking me what I wanted because I had left a "never mind" message. I told her I GOT THE SOFA! She of course was skeptical. But she said for the price - $24.00, I could take it to an upholster and they could fix it and re-cover it. Well, I told her, uh, I can do it.
She thought NOT. But I pointed out that it's already a "pink" color. No comment on that. So I didn't bother to tell her I'd probably paint the trim white....So, I'll see. I did once see this upholstery fabric that was white with pink paisleys trimmed in gold but God, that would be expensive!( and I'm still saving for my refrigerator!)

After I repair it, I could also make a white slipcover for it. Maybe with ties so that the wood (painted white) could show...and look at my AWFUL floor! I hate hate hate it. I was talked out of painting it and got it refinished and stained and all these ugly squares surfaced! I've been told that it makes it look rustic.... but hey, if it was different planks that were dark, well, maybe OK but "squares!" I'm thinking of painting the floors............white. Or maybe tiling it. Not sure yet.
So on Saturday, I went back to the first sale. It was half price day. I got an old grill from the 60's ? with a gold lid for $5.00 and a dehumidifier for my basement for $15.00! I have had so much luck!
of course I'll be brown bagging it all next week but.....
Then I came home and started working on the yard again!
I decided to create my potting bench. I used a old fiberglass fireplace in the back and topped it with a molding piece from the Restore and positioned an old table that I had  randomly spray painted white.
I have some glass blocks and my wire cat planter on it. I set all my annuals and perennials that I haven't planted yet on top of it. To the side, I primed and painted shutters from the Restore and wired them together to form a can hardly see my neighbors! Waahoo!

It's not finished, I want to put pots inside my wagon underneath and I have some silver accessories I want to add, like a basket and a tin-punch metal seed/tool holder and a old towel bar to hang my garden tools.

This is my little "pet" cemetery that I started creating last fall.

I need to tidy it up and plant the annuals. The silver pole runs up to my security light that I haven't switched the power on yet because the lights are framed with a little roof and there's a nest under there and I can hear babies! So once they have flown the nest, I can use that light. It's hard to see but I have an iron trellis with iron birds and leaves in front of the pole. I plan on planting a clematis or morning glories in front of it and I also have chicken wire (painted wire) stapled to the fence for support for those plants.
Sigh! so much to do and so little time!
OH and my bike came in! I comparison shopped and found this online at UGH! Walmart. I ordered it online to the store. I picked it up and was so thrilled! Cute AND a bargain.
I took it out for a spin today...ahhhhhh, I was wobbly at first, It's been maybe twenty gulp years! Whoa!
I remember riding my ten-speed at least 10 miles a day in my twenties. No cellulite back then!
So I was warbling back home down the sidewalk (OK, OK) anyway I was headed for this elderly woman that I always say Hi to. She walks her little Shih-tzu with her cane. (I also know a woman that walks her little dog with a walker!, another one walks her schnauzer and I've pulled her out of the snow before and then there's the man with the St. Bernard and I digress...)anyway I was headed for her and I yelled out "It's OK, I won't run into you!" She was laughing but I don't think she really believed me. But it was fun. Of course I had to stop and talk for a moment, she was asking about my daisies and laughing at Blue as he barked from behind the gate. I'm thinking something is wrong with the bike though, I'll take it to work and have the Doc check it. It kinda makes this clicking sound. But I plan on riding it all the time!
So it's been a fun vacation! All 3 days of it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life is Good

SO! I got this Award from Autumnforest, she was given
 10 questions to answer and then she was to pass it on and those people are to answer the 10 questions she came up with. She thought it was fun and loved learning about folks.
Here are her questions and my answers:

1. What celebrity would you like to have as a real life sister or brother?
Answer: Well, maybe Oprah, so that she could throw me some cash. But really Meryl Streep. Besides being an awesome talent. I think she would be a kind and fun sister and she could take me on location to her movie sites! LOL!

2. What was the first career you imagined for yourself when you were a kid?
Answer: Horse ranch owner/Artist

3. Given a free first class flight round trip anywhere--where would you go?
Answer: Paris France

4. Which character on Gilligan's Island are you most like?
Answer: without a doubt - MaryAnn

5. What would you like to be famous for doing, making or being?
Answer: Artist

6. Who do you think is the most frighteningly influential and asanine person in the public eye?
Answer: On the Grand Scale: Osama bin Laden of course. On a very small tiny scale, as in "crap on the bottom of my shoe": Ann Coulter

7. Are you a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert person?
Answer: I ADORE breakfast but life isn't worth living without DESSERT!

8. Cheap mass produced beer? Import beer? Or local brewery?
Answer: UGH! I HATE all beer! so...
Seagrams 7 Whiskey or Blue UV Vodka depending on whether I have Pepsi or Sprite in the house! LOL!

9. What do you most want to change about you, Physical? Mental? Spiritual? Emotional?
Answer: Physical-My weight, Mental - my memory, Spiritual - I'm OK, Emotional - not to CARE so much that it hurts or haunts me.

10. Boxers or briefs or boxer briefs? (for you or your man--depending on which sex you are)
Boxers...I'm willing to bet that's what George Clooney wears! LOL!

So then I pick some people (Lucky you!) and I am NOT being lazy but I love these questions, so I am passing them on (and off) as my own! LOL!
So, same questions to :
1. tee hee, I want to see your answers to your questions!
2.  Georgina
3.  Pam
4. Jennifer
5. Magaly

It is fun! Sorry if you didn't want an award but....Hey, you girls popped up in my mind first! LOL
So, after you answer them, if you would like to pass some new ones on!
XOXO  - Cindi

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Birds

I remember watching the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" when I was just a kid. While movies like

"Thomasina" and

 "Lassie" left me balling my eyes out, they just reinforced my love for cats and dogs.
I gotta say "The Birds" had the opposite effect on me. When they were all lined up on the clothesline and then flying after the school children who were running in terror. Yeah, I didn't really want a bird.

The only real bird that I encountered was at the old Seed and Feed Garden/Pet store.
They had an old St. Bernard that was always just laying there sleeping and then this Huge Bad-Ass Parrot that sat on his perch and SQUAWKED if you got any where near it. I had been warned to stay far from it or it could "snap your finger off!"

So, you can see why I was never a big fan.
Then I found this big rusty old black birdcage that sits on a stand at an estate sale. I looked at it several times but passed it up. On the last day of the sale everything would be marked down half price, but unfortunately I had to work. I asked a friend if she happened to stop at the sale, would she check and see if it was still there.
So she shows up at work with the birdcage and said it only cost $2.50! I took it home and plan to sand off the rust, prime it, spray it white (of course! LOL!) and then I thought I'd maybe paint a design or swirls in black...I'm not totally sure yet, but......I started to think about getting a bird!
But do birds get lonely? Do they need someone to keep them company?

or is it a more the merrier kind of thing?

I went over to that Garden/pet store today. The parrot and the dog of course are both gone.
Just some very sad looking birds, parrots with feathers missing, a flock of parakeets and this cutest little canary....

I think I would want a canary...if I got one but what about Harry?
Ya know he's not REALLY a cat. I'd probably have to padlock it and hide the key!


and what about my other cats? would they torment the bird, stalk her?
and what about my dogs? would they knock over the birdcage?
Maybe I should get a bird from Nicole!
Her birds don't eat much, don't scatter seeds everywhere and never try to fly away!
You can find them at her etsy shop :