Sunday, February 23, 2014


It's Sunday again.
How come the days are so long
but the weeks fly by?
Anyway, here's another small house
and I'm in love!

Although I do think the landscaping really adds a lot to the outside appeal.

I love that poster!

I'm ripping off the idea and making my own!

I like how the walls in the middle of the house don't touch the ceiling.

Wow. I do love all the light!

I wished they showed the bathroom area.
But, here's a blueprint - 

The only thing that I would change is to divide the garage.
I would make a dog room area at the very end of the garage,
with a wall dividing it and a door
and have an another door going to the backyard area too,
which would be enclosed with a privacy fence.

But  this house is very cool....

although I suppose I could just someday replace my current counter-top with light butch block
and put down a light wood floor laminate
and put a bigger window in the back bedroom
and maybe a skylight in there
and in the bathroom too,
if I removed the clawfoot tub and put in a tiled shower/tub...
and well, also added a small garage
and then I'd never have to move!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


A while back I said that I'm not moving
and I'm not.
I've stopped looking at houses for sale.
Now I have a NEW thought.
I have always planned on paying off my home ASAP
I have a huge loan that will be paid off in 3 years
AND the van has only 20 more months left, so I hope to start paying it down then...
(although, knowing me I will want another vehicle by then.)
I've been obsessing over this

but because it might not be reliable, 
maybe a sedan would be something I should think about 
like this
or THIS!


Back to my new thought -
What if I paid off the house and THEN found some property and built a NEW home?!
Anne are you out there reading this?
I've pinned some of your small house ideas!
Anyway, seriously...I think it could be done.
I would not want anything extravagant...the object is still - NO DEBT.
So, here's an example of ONE idea.
They built this for $25000.
Let the (obsession) research begin!
Here's the inside-

Kitchen down on the end, fireplace in the middle, bed in the wall of shelves -

Bathroom? must be on the opposite end -
I like that the shower can just spray down everything!
The walls, the sink, dirty dogs...everything down the drain!

Outside again-
I imagine the wood painted white 
a stone patio surrounding the house...

Night time
I like the security lights.
OK, I'm gonna need a security fence too.
To keep my dogs in
and scary people out.

So what are YOUR thoughts on this?
Is there something that I'm not thinking of?
Have I missed some major stumbling block?
I'll probably change my mind again.
Just my thought for TODAY.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cats and Plants

I brought all my plants in that I could last Fall.
The house looks like a greenhouse
and I like that.
I put the smaller ones up HIGH, away from the cats so they wouldn't get munched on.
This morning I looked up and there was Ghost. I think he's wishing for Spring too.
He's up on the china hutch that I'm going to paint black...or white...or black.
Or maybe white.

Friday, February 14, 2014

kinda hating VALENTINE'S DAY

I know I should be sharing Pink and Happy.
or maybe some cool Valentine ideas.

But kinda hate this Holiday.
Every other day I'm pretty content
unless I see something like this

but I immediately remind myself I would have been more like this-

or this

still this day brings out the romantic melancholy in the most cynical.
and it sucks.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Can't see the Forest for the Trees

You know how you hear a saying
repeat it, use it, but never really think it completely through
or maybe that's just me.
I mean yeah.
You can't see the forest for the trees.
I got it.
Being so deep into it
that you just can't see it
unless you step back and look.
I've been laying around on the sofa the last few days,
doing half sit-ups as I cough myself crazy.
I don't usually just lay around but I'm trying to force myself to rest.
Munching on toast and sipping tea
and thinking.
I forced myself to get on the computer and just see what's going on.
I left a few rambling comments
on a couple of blogs in a cold medicine-induced state.
Anyway, as I lay on the sofa, I watch Ruby wobble across the floor
and then stop and bark and kinda do a dog-jump at one of the cats.
She studies herself and then walks over to a dog bed.
She gets in, turns round and lays down with her tongue hanging out
as it does almost all the time now 
and she and I exchange looks.
She seems to be doing good today.
A bit sassy.
That's a good sign, I guess, although I'm not to let her stress herself too much.

But last Tuesday night she wasn't stressed at all.
Just standing by the water bowl 
and suddenly she staggered and fell over.
I picked her up and held her, slowly cleaning her face as I talked to her
and her eyes slowly came back into focus and she was back.
I set her down and she walked off like nothing had happened.
Then the next morning, I noticed that her front feet were kinda curled
and she was standing on her "ankles".
But then, after a bit, she was again walking normally.

I think about what the different vets and technicians have told me.
Lots of information and details.
I think about statements that have been made to me 
and me with more questions and they with more answers.
It's like standing in a forest and all the questions and answers are the trees crowded around me

and if I step back
the real answer is like seeing the forest from a distance.

I'm finally thinking with clarity.
She's got a heart condition.
She's on medication for it.
They will only work for so long and then they won't.
and that's that.
I realize now that I've just kept asking questions
Because I've been hoping for a different answer.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I've been sick all week long.
Finally I had to go home sick on Friday.
I've got Bronchitis. 
All I've been doing is coughing, taking medicine, sipping tea and trying to nap.
and now it's snowing again! 
and apparently I'm not the only one who feels like curling up in a ball
and sleeping until it's Spring.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Sweet Story and a Gift-Card!

I've been a bit...I don't know,
not blue or sad exactly...
Definitely not depressed
but kinda exhausted I guess, worried about my Ruby
and then due to current events
I'm in the RED.
The other day, I was going through my purse
which is a mess of receipts and things
and I came across a gift-card that I've been carrying around since the Christmas
before LAST.
It's a Marshall's gift-card.
I admitted to friends on FB that I had never been to the store
and I instantly received so many shocked comments!
Apparently I have been missing out on something Grand.

I got this card from a client whose little dachshunds I take care of in my boarding kennel.
She told me a story about her little ones.
Evidently there are three words that can not be spoken to them at her home or they go crazy.
Those words are:
Treat, Walk and Cindi.
She said she will usually let them out her front door and they will run for the car
without a leash.
So one day she was leaving the house with them and as they were running across the yard towards the car they suddenly saw the mailman across the street.
She said they turned and started to run towards him and she was so frightened that she screamed the first thing that came to her mind.
and they stopped and looked at her and she called out to them again-
"Let's go see Cindi!" and they ran to the car.
She told me that the mailman was chuckling and came over and said
"I don't know who this Cindi is but she must be something!"
and she told him that I was.
Isn't that just the sweetest story!
How kind of her to tell me that. It makes up for the not so fun days.
Then she gave me the gift-card.
That's how I had a card to a store I've never been to.

So I drove over there and walked inside and looked around and thought "WOW!"
I saw so many things I'd like to have.
I walked past some bright fun tennis shoes
and then over to the cooking/dish area.
There was one of those big cast iron "French Oven" things, Le Creuset?
that was the color of my kitchen.
It would look so nice displayed on my white rack.
Then to the bath and bedding area.
Thick luxurious towels in the turquoise blue color of my bathroom
by Ralph Lauren!
and stacks of white rugs
and then I spied a duvet cover and spams
in white with touches of silver grey and dashes of light yellow
and finally white ruffle pillows that would be perfect against my black sofa.
Oh! what to buy?
I walked up and down the aisles and suddenly I saw it.
My decision had been made.
A HUGE memory foam dog bed
for Blue's old joints.

I am very Happy to have gotten that gift-card!
and Blue will be too....

as soon as Hattie gets off of it!