Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I got a new battery for my laptop.
I guess that was part of the problem but
this new battery doesn't seem to hold a charge for very long.
and I've noticed that the bottom of my laptop gets really HOT sometimes,
so then I freak out and shut it down.
But I wanted to get a post out and let you all know what's been going on.

But now the news of Cecil's murder has left me feeling....
Sad, depressed, angry, outraged, grief-stricken
and filled with hate over such brutality and cruelty.
Watching the News and reading Facebook tells me that I'm not alone.
This horrible event has left so many others devastated too.
What is wrong with this world?
How can people be so evil, selfish and lacking in compassion?
How can anyone find joy from taking a life?
It just breaks my heart.
Some days it's really hard to be positive and happy.
Some days I feel like just curling into a ball and crying...

and now they say a dominate lion will probably kill Cecil's cubs now that he's not there to protect them..
That his lineage will be gone.
(shared from Moomah magazine)

.... I think I will end this post here
and go back to working on my Art.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Today is my birthday.
I'm 58.
How can this be?
I don't feel that number.
My soul feels young,
My body not so much.
I've started to write a post several times.
But each time I'd stop and save it on my laptop for later.
Today my laptop just up and died.
No clue as to why.
So I doing this post from my phone and I seem to be having trouble with this thing too! 

I'm still working a lot.
No short days as the people who said they'd help cover haven't...but I don't care because soon I will have weekends off.
I have lots of creative projects going on right now but nothing finished that I can show. I'm just doing bits and pieces in between work and sleep.
I've been thinking about taking a break from blogging for just a bit. Just long enough to finish some things.
Now I apparently am being forced to.

I want to come back and have some good photos to share.
And some good stories.
I will still be haunting around blogs.
Reading on my phone as the dogs potty most likely, but I'm not so great commenting with the phone.
( this post has already taken twice as long to write! Lol!)
See you soon, when I get some things done and the laptop fixed!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


You might need to sit down for this!
I hired someone!
I interviewed a girl on Monday and she seems very nice and very mature.
I think she must be in her early twenties but she possesses a sense of calmness and confidence,
She came in and I showed her the place on a Monday while it was still a mess from so many dogs going home.
Dirty kennels, dishes in the sink and laundry going and also in a big pile
and she seemed to take it all in and be fine with it.
She's going to work Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings!
That's right!
I will have weekends off once she's trained.
I tried to remain cool and collected
But inside my head I was screaming and jumping up and down in JOY!

I then called the high school girl that had stopped in the end of last week.
I was hoping to have her cover a few evening hours when the other girl (who's given me so much trouble), ends up quitting.
Unfortunately the high-schooler said she already found another job.
I'm not so sure if I believe that because of the way she kinda hemmed and hawed but that's OK.
I'd rather her realize that she doesn't want to do the job before she starts
than have her train and then a couple of months in, quit.
Now with this new Hire and my other new perfect girl....
things will eventually work out.
It's a good thing because this last weekend about just did me in.
I was there forever trying to get it all done and I never got to leave on schedule.
Then this Monday rolled around and I had so many dogs that were going home and yet more coming in
that I felt like I was mentally going to lose it.
It was just too much for one person.
My friend from Sweden, Christer, had let me know that it's illegal in Sweden to work all work every day,
even if it's not a full day of work, without getting a full 24 hours off at some point.
So Monday when there was a bit of a break in the action I went up to the lab room where the vet techs were gathered in a group talking.
One of the head techs was standing in the group so I walked right up to her

and I said - 
"It's ILLEGAL for me to work 7 days a week, I need some help, I need a day off, so figure it out!"
and I walked away.

So now I will have Wednesdays off for a while.
Later I interviewed this girl and suddenly it looks like things are going to finally fall in place.
Then I got a call from my temporary Saturday night help.
She had needed this coming Saturday night off and was wondering if anyone had volunteered to do it.
Of course no one would work it for her so I said I'd cover it, (although I already work Saturday morning).
She felt bad that I would be doing a double shift so she volunteered to take my Thursday this week!
That's right!
I am currently having 2 days off in a row!

Yesterday, Wednesday, the first thing  that happened was that the power went out.
A transformer blew a few blocks away and 1800 people were without power, including me.
So I started cleaning house and rearranging furniture.

I got A LOT done.
I moved almost ever piece of furniture in the house and it looks like a new floor plan.
All my art supplies, table, shelving and desk are on the main floor.
Most in the kitchen area but some in the living room area.
I don't care that it's not traditional looking.
I don't want to have to pull out my supplies from upstairs, carrying them downstairs
 and then worry about putting them away so that every thing appears like most homes.

My Art isn't going to be something that I TRY to find time for.
It's not going to be a hobby.
It's going to be a major part of my life
and taking center stage.

Finally the power came back on and I was able to go outside and cut the grass
(I have an electric mower)
Then of course I started transplanting some flowers and I planted a tree that I had found on big markdown.

Then I came inside and made everyone dinner and started laundry.
I still have housework to finish but I spent a big part of time catching up on blogs.
I'm feeling EXCITED
and I'm going to go full tilt on creating.
Paintings, prints, cards, calender's and COLORING pages!
(More on that later). 
and Halloween and Day of the Dead pieces.
So many things to do! LOL!
But I'm pulling out of this funk and remembering that my job is not my life,
it's just my job.
I will always worry about my boarders but once I get the right people in place
I can relax and just go crazy with my Art.

And finally, I must say how APPRECIATIVE of all the support my blog friends here have given me.

Your invisible hands have held me up when I've been so tired
and your positive energy has cheered me on when I felt so beaten down.
Thank you so so so much!
You will never know how much I value your friendships!
Thanks for being there.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday photo

Another post from my phone!
Still at work, it's a full house here.
I got the radio turned up and the fans on high to block out the fireworks that are going off all weekend. 
Seems to have worked as everyone appears calm and relaxed.
(Except for the ones that are always hyper.)
If I have to work this weekend, at least I'm with dogs!
I'll leave you with a photo of Gracie the Golden Retriever that I took out in the play yard.
Hope you are all enjoying the 4th of July weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2015


Just a super quick post from my iPhone.
I'm at work, crazy busy.
Tons of pets coming in.
One crazy cat just bit it's owner and will have to be rabies quarantined.
I was super depressed the beginning of the week, so I decided not to do a downer post.
Feeling much better now though.
Hopefully I can catch up on my blog reading tonight!
I've finally decided to get the ball rolling to get the Hell out of here, details later.
Must get back to work.
Remember to keep your pets safe and secured inside during the fireworks this 4th of July.
and here's a photo I took of Blue the other night as he lay on my (HIS) window bench.
I was so tired that I just couldn't fall asleep.
Does that make any sense?
Anyway.... my boy is always watching.
Love that dog.