Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So I'm working in my backyard today and two men come walking up.
They were selling siding.
One of them said they liked my sign on the front door
which reads: "No One gets in to see the Wizard. No Way, No How."
I wanted to say "And yet, here you are" but instead I just kinda smile.
My dogs were going crazy in the enclosed patio area.
One of them asked if he could go over and pet Blue, "If he's friendly".
I say "He is, but the border collie will rip up you."
They both looked over towards her and she wasn't barking but just watching them intently.
The other guy said  to him "Yeah, don't go over there!"
Sigh, I REALLY need to get my privacy fence put up and
I think I need another sign that reads
"Solicitors will be Shot"
but in the meantime, Thank God for Nora.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I need to write a post......
I have so many things swirling in my head
and don't know where to start.
I've just been thinking about so many things.
About... life.
About how I spend my time.
About my level of Happiness.
How I have such a list of what I want to do
and NEED to do.
And I always feel guilty if I don't do all that I need to do.

Spring was arrived.

In little bursts of warmth
but the nights are still cold.
But soon I can start building my fence!
I'm not sure where to place it... but that's for a different post.

So anyway,
I had breakfast with a friend
The one that accomplishes so much in a day
and she shocked me when she said she was tired.
Tired of doing it all.
That she just wanted her life to be simplified.
How she wouldn't mind moving from her home to a smaller house or
possibly even a condo with no yard.
Her house is so pretty and her yard landscaped perfectly!
I was so surprised.
She said she was tired of spending so much time on it.
I told her how I too thought that I resented working out in the yard
because it took time away from all the other things I needed to be doing and creating.
But I said that I also found it incredibly calming.
Like meditation.

But even if I was working hard outside, I felt stressed that I should be doing something else.
She understood but said that she didn't enjoy it at all.
So I could see why she would want to move.
We got to talking about how we used to shake our heads at people who hired others
to do their cleaning and yard work and home improvements
and how we never understood why someone would spend money when they could do it themselves.
Both of us have always scraped together our pennies for everything but
suddenly we understood why others did it...

The other day a tornado touched down, not here
but not far from here either.

We have warnings every Spring but we are almost always lucky.
They kept showing photos of the destruction that the high winds had done locally.
There was a storage place where units were knocked over and blown about.
I couldn't help notice the one that was mostly just knocked off of its footings.
You could see the contents still inside.  
It was packed to the ceiling.
Not in some orderly boxed fashion but stuff just jammed in a huge pile.
I thought about how someone was paying for all that STUFF to just sit piled up in there.

And why do I have STUFF in my basement? Still!
Furniture, wood, things I'm going to USE someday.
Things I'm going to paint and improve and make BIG money on... someday.
And things in Rubbermaid containers that someone will want to buy... someday,
in a shop online that I have never opened
or in a garage sale that I would dread having.
I'm no better, not really.
I mean, OK I haven't rented space for my STUFF and it's more organized but....

Then they showed where the tornado had hit.

People devastated over their destroyed homes and lost belongings.
I can't even imagine how horrible and tragic that would be. 
My house means the world to me
and my home has so many things that have deep meaning to me.
Things my nieces have made me and a few cherished items from my past.
They talked to a man who said at least everyone got out alive in his family and how
that was the important thing
and he's right.
Two people in the town lost their lives and many were injured.
If a tornado were to ever hit my home, my animals would be my only concern
I would not be worried about anything else inside of it.

Then they talked to a woman who looked to be about my age.
She was saying how devastating it was and how thankful she was that no one had been hurt.
Then she hesitated and said that it was kinda "cleansing".
To be rid of everything.
I'm sure that many people would be very critical of her words, but I got what she was trying to say.

A while back I was watching "The Talk" and Marie Osmund was a guest.
Somehow they got onto the topic of having a lot of STUFF.
She said that when her parents had passed, she had put everything of theirs into a garage to save.
One day the garage caught fire and she lost everything they had left behind.
The ladies of The Talk started to offer her sympathy and she shook her head.
She stated that the fire had done something that she was unable to do herself 
and therefore it wasn't necessarily a bad thing...except for the photos.

The other day I was standing in my kitchen trying to FINALLY decide whether to paint my red china hutch white or black.
A long time ago my kitchen had a lot of red but not any longer.
I decided that black would probably be the right choice.
It would balance with the black shelf above the sink
and the black framed photos resting on it
and the dark clock above it.
I stood back and stared at the shelf and other things.
I was in deep thought about it.
My house is a 100 years old and the walls are plaster and lath.
When you drive a screw or nail into them, you can hear the plaster fall behind the wall.
The shelf has always be a precarious thing.
So I stood there and suddenly for no reason,
Ghost leaping onto the edge of the sink and knocked the shelf off the wall.
(Ghost on my red china hutch)

The little ceramic leaf that also sat on the shelf and held some jewelry fell and broke.
I gathered up everything quickly and turned and looked at the space.
Suddenly it seemed clear and clean and more spacious.
I looked over at the china hutch, maybe I could paint it white!

So... I don't need a a horrific event like a tornado, a fire or 
even my sweet cat to change things in my life.
Maybe I need to stop looking at everything in my life as what it COULD be
and just BE.
And stop focusing on the money I spent in the hopes of bringing in more.
Or creating/ painting with an eye always on how to make some cash.

I know that the Law of Attraction is that if you focus on something it will happen.
If you think it, it will be so.
They say if you keep thinking "I won't be late, I won't be late"
The Universe will just focus on the "being late" part, and you will be late.
If you instead think, I will be on time, then you will be on time.
It's the focus on the good positive and not the negative.
Which I think is the answer whether you believe in The Universe and Law of Attraction or not.

Sigh, I don't know.
I'm just thinking out loud or rather blogging out loud.
I've talked about this STUFF so many times
and I'll probably change my mind again tomorrow.
I frustrate myself.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks,
but we all know that's not true.
It's just finding the energy to do it all.
(Blue is exhausted too.)

Sunday, March 29, 2015


A day off.
and here I am, wasting it on the the laptop
and taking photos with my phone.
Chatting on Facebook
and Instagram.
I need to get off and be productive.
House needs to be tidied,
Laundry caught up and 
Art to be created.
I'll leave you with a Sunday photo.

Hattie, my piebald Dachshund stealing Blue's "bed"
whenever he gets up.
I think she likes the warmth he leaves behind.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I've worked there for 13 years!
and in 9 more years I can retire....

In other words, I better get to work on my paintings!

Monday, March 23, 2015


I think....
the worst is over.

Well, for now anyway.
Working every single day was getting to me not only physically
but mentally.
So much so that I...
Lost it.
I won't go into it here but I went into HR's office
and kinda let loose with everything.
About how I felt and blah, blah, blah.
I couldn't shut up because I was so emotional.
Anyway, there's definitely much more to this story but I will 
just say that it has been said that my schedule will change and they will be hiring more help.

Other news, a week ago last Sunday the weather was beautiful.
(Today there was icy/sleet/rain)
But a week ago it was gorgeous outside and after I worked the morning
I called my niece Lily to see if she could come help me prune a tree.
I have an Apple tree in my front yard that I planted when I moved in 
almost 23 years ago and I've tried to trim it now and then 
but it was now towering 2 stories tall and had large limbs extending over my yard,
across the driveway and up near my front porch.
So Lily came over and I had my trusty Sawzall out (a reciprocating saw).
I tried to cut a limb above my head, I've done this before but this time I wasn't able to hold the saw above my head for that long.
All my energy was gone.
So we carried out my extension ladder and propped it against the tree.

I have a fear of heights but I didn't have to climb too high.
Lily told me to get down. She has the same fear but up the ladder she went.
I made sure the ladder was on solid footing and then I handed her the saw.
I told her that she wouldn't fall but if she did, the most important thing to remember was to throw the saw as far away from her as possible.
I said that I didn't want her cutting her leg off.
Then I told her that if she had to throw it, not to throw it towards me.
She gave me a "Lily look" and I said that I was serious and
that I had climbed up on the ladder in the backyard a few years back and the ladder started to go over and I threw the saw.
I said I had bent the blade but still had all my limbs.
Lily told me to hold the ladder tight.
So she got up there and cut down a good size branch.
Then I unplugged the saw and had her hand it down to me and held the ladder as she inched down.
She had cut the branch that had stretched across the front yard.
I started to move the ladder and she said "Now what?"
I told her that we had to cut the one across the driveway!
It had grown out so far that it was scraping against the roof of the van.
So we did the whole routine again.
Then I stood back and looked at the tree and said "It's lopsided!"
"No it's not!" Lily said and I called to her to walk down to the front of the yard and look.
She walked up to me turned and frowned.
Then we walked back to the tree and moved the ladder again.
"Do we have to do this NOW?" she asked and I said "Yes!"
I told her that now was the time that trees were "dormant" or something like that and we had to cut them before they "bud".
I said we had no time to waste.
So the ladder didn't seem to have a sturdy footing so we started to move it again.
All of a sudden the neighbor man came out.
I told him were either pruning the tree or killing it.
He said we needed a rope but I didn't have a rope so he went to his house and got us one.
He had to go to get dinner so he left and Lily and I tied up the big limb brushing the front porch.
She got up the ladder and I told her to remember to throw the saw
and I walked back and pulled hard on the rope.
Down came the huge limb.
Then I helped Lily down and we cut it and the others up into manageable pieces.
Then we walked back down the driveway and looked at the tree again.
"Now it really looks stupid!" I said.
It had three branches left.
They shot up towards the sky and at weird angles.
I said they had to go too.
I told her they were longer than they looked and we had to make sure they didn't fall and hit a car passing by.
So we cut two and then cut them into pieces and dragging to the big branch pile.
That left the last tallest one.
I told her to move her car over in front of the neighbors house and away from mine.
I backed my van as far back as I could into my driveway/lawn.
Then we tied that thing around and around.
I put the ladder so it was wedged hard in the remaining part of the tree and over a fork of a limb so that there was no way for it to fall.
All the other limbs had been cut to the point where they would start to slowly crack and crash in slow motion to the ground.
Not this one.
I pulled on the rope and I could see that dang thing coming at me.
But like I had told Lily, they are longer than we realize.
I tried to move fast but I wasn't fast enough and I didn't want to hit me in the head
so I put my arms over my head and it hit me hard on the wrist.
I gotta say, it hurt so bad that I thought it was broken.
Lily kept saying stuff to me like "Can you move it?"
and "If you can move it it's not broken" and "If it's broken you couldn't stand the pain"
And I was saying stuff like "shut up!" "Shut Up" "SHUT UP!" and
"Just be quiet a minute" and "I need a minute to deal with this!"
I was bent over in pain and I just needed some silence.
She stepped back and forth over the branches and came up to me.
"I told you not to come down off that ladder with the saw!" I moaned.
"I'm just checking on you! and if you can move it, it's probably not broken".
I practically yelled at her that "I broke my arm when I was five and went a whole day with it broken before I told anyone and I'm sure I moved it then!"
Then I wiggled it a bit and she looked down at it and said
"You need to put some ice on it or some vegetables".
"Vegetables?" I raised my eyebrows
"Frozen vegetables I mean" she smirked.
I wiggled it some more and then said "Let's cut this thing up before it's dark, it will be dark soon".
It won't be dark for a while" she said.
"It's getting dark NOW" I said.
Lily looked up at the sky "No, it's not getting dark, it's going to rain" 
I looked up and said "They didn't forecast rain, it's just getting dark!"
We just looked at each other for a moment and then started cutting the limb into pieces and dragging them to the branch pile.
When we finished Lily looked at me and said "You need to go put some ice in your wrist"
and I said "OK. I will, and thanks honey for helping me"
"Sure" she yelled as she went down the driveway.
"Love you" we both yelled to each other.
and then I said "Be careful driving the dark"
and she gave me that Lily look again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Today Jimmy is SEVEN!
Minor miracle that he's made it to this age. I've wanted to wring his neck so many times.
Before I rescued him, I had rescued my little grey poodle and named her Vera Wag and I said that if I ever got another boy dog, I'd named him Jimmy Chew.
So when I went with a friend to look at a different dog at the shelter and I walked by him, sitting so sweetly in his kennel run, I couldn't believe he hadn't been adopted! He was only 8-9 months old.
Why would anyone get rid if him?
OK, I have had a lot of incidents with this little terror
where I was ready to ship him off but... Those are tales for another day.
He's made it to 7 and he's still living up to his name!
Be careful what you name a dog!
Happy Birthday Jimmy! Ya damn little crazy bugger.
(Doing this blog post from my iPhone while I'm at work, hopefully this works and doesn't post weird!)