Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was such a lazy day.
We just had no motivation.
I still had my commissioned pumpkins to do but I just couldn't get started.
We just sort of wasted the day away.
I felt guilty....
But not enough to get started I guess!

I had been given these plastic pumpkins back in February and told that she didn't need them until September.
So being the Queen of Procrastination, I've of course put if off until the last minute.

This morning I sat down at the table.
Blue came over and laid under it and my chair.
Moral support?

I spent the entire day working on them.
If I had been able to paint "whatever", I could have just whipped them out
but of course I agonized over them.
I have one more promise of a commission, one that I made a very long time ago.
So I need to get that finished and then 
Wahoo! I'm free to do what I want.
So here's the photos I had to work from and here's the pumpkins.

I'm glad to done with them.
They have been nagging at me forever.
I really don't know why I'm like that.
I MUST stop putting things off.
Anyway, I hope she likes them.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


I got to thinking about how I post to Instagram all the time and then many times I don't post any of those photos here.
I take the photos with my phone and then after I post to Instagram,
I'm able to share to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr with a click of a button and I do
but then I forget about it and never share here!
So, I'm going to start posting them here too!
(Not every single photo but most.)
That will mean more frequent posts.
Yep, some days it will be just random photos with a brief description or thought
and other days I'll be writing and rambling like usual.
Most of my photos are OF COURSE of the dogs I care for at the kennel
but every once in a while it will be something else.

Here's Maggie. One of my "Boarding Buddies".

She's a Sheltie. 
Very shy and timid and really likes to run.
Whenever I take her out to the play area I know that she will spend some time running around and around.
When it's time to go in she won't come to me right away.
She'll get closer but then she'll run.
That's kinda typical of a Sheltie.
To get this photo I had to sit down on the ground and wait for her to come to me and investigate.
Most times I just start walking back inside and she will either follow or if not, she eventually come in
if I will leave the door open to the building and her kennel door to her run open.
Then she will appear in the doorway and walk slowly across the laundry room floor and into her run.
I always pretend to be busy washing dog dishes or folding dog towels
because if I turn towards her, most times she'll run back outside.
That's just how most Shetland Sheepdogs are.
It's just better to let them do their own thing and NEVER try to chase them.
She's a beautiful girl and actually very easy to care for.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


This might be a first for me, to do TWO posts in ONE day!
But I posted this over on my Facebook account and thought I should share it here too.
Vera Wag... a little poodle who I adopted years and years ago and I never seem to talk about her here.

"National Dog Day....
Sometimes when you live in a family of several dogs and you are a perfect dog who never does anything wrong and you never get into anything and you are just quiet and very sweet... Well, you don't get talked about as much. Because of this fact, today Vera Wag is getting her photo put up for National Dog Day... AND she was adopted from the shelter folks! Proof positive that there are WONDERFUL dogs waiting for homes. It's not their fault that they had stupid original owners. I'm so lucky to have her in my family."


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Awesome Surprise

I remember always having something in the mailbox.
Nowadays most of my correspondence is done online.
I get my bills online.
I pay online.
I got most off my birthday greetings online.
Unless I've ordered something I usually expect to find the mailbox empty.
Last week I ordered some dog belly bands for Squeak and Louie.
Squeak had been leaving little spots of urine around and most likely it's all related to his bladder stone issue. It's not like he's taking a full potty, just a sprinkle but now I think little Louie is coming behind him and sprinkling over it. I find myself running around with a damp mop non-stop and before Jimmy decides to mark the sprinkles, I've ordered belly bands.
So I went to the mailbox to see if they had arrived and found a soft package.
Then I noticed that it wasn't from the belly band place.
No! It was a surprise gift from my blogger friend Jan!
Something that she created, which made it all that more Awesome!
Different dogs stitched all over it!
The back looks like this -
There's a place to slide a rod in and hang it.
I plan on using a tension rod and hanging it in one of the windows of my front porch.
Probably the side one so that the sun doesn't fade it.
Yep, TOTALLY made my day!
Thank you so much Jan!

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I had hoped to sleep in.
I actually had the day off.
But sadly the dogs had other ideas.
Very early they started barking.
I think Ping saw something out the bedroom window.
It faces the street and since we are upstairs, they have a good view of it.
Most likely someone was walking down the block and they must have had a dog with them
because suddenly the room was loud with barking.
I yelled at them to "SHUT UUUUUUP!!!
and covered my head with the comforter.
But they wouldn't stop, in fact they were whipping themselves into a frenzy.
I sat up and noticed that Squeak had gone over to Blue and sat close to him.
(I sleep with my phone close by so I snapped their photo)
Seems like Squeak does that a lot,
that he goes to Blue when things get out of hand.
It's nice to have a friend to lean on when things get crazy.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grace Ng Dung

Is one of my most favorite of artists.

This is a recent self-portrait.
She also happens to be my eldest niece.
I just had to share her creation. 
I'm amazed at how she was able to capture herself.
Here's a photo of her. 

Didn't she do a great job!
She is super talented.
She's written and illustrated a childrens book but still trying to find a publisher.
It's all about trees.
She's very much about Nature, the Earth, the Universe, Energy and Good Health.
She's very laid back and has an old soul.
I'm very fortunate to have three amazing nieces.
Each very unique and different and I love them all dearly.
So just had to share!

And now for an update.
I finished the signs.
It's sort of embarrassing to show them here after Graces creation
and added to the fact that I once again did not take proper photos but here they are:
The "Dogs at Play" one was done years ago
and I just basically repainted over the faint faded words and dogs.

This one is the commissioned one with the Basset Hound on it.
I definitely do not think this is my best work
but it's in keeping with the "Dogs at Play" sign so I thought she would like it.

The lady was very happy with them. 
In fact she was "Over the Moon Happy" about them,
especially the "Welcome" one and if she's happy, then that's all the matters then.

Update on the Booth.
I've added more and I'm still working on it.
I'll save the details for another post.

Another update.
Squeak is doing well.
He's lost weight because of my measuring out his special food
and also because he suddenly has become very active.
Yep, he's on the go all the time now.
At first he'd lay on the floor and just watch the little dogs play.

Then one evening he just got up and ran to them and started playing!

This makes me so happy, to see him happy.
Once again, sorry about these blurred photos,
I just snapped them with my phone as it was happening
but you get the idea.
Life is Good here.
and... I've been reading your comments from my last post again.
Over and over.
Lately I've been thinking about ALL the comments.
Especially about taking action and making it happen
but deciding first just exactly what it is that I REALLY want to happen.
Like me pining away about living somewhere else.
Would I really want to move away from loved ones?
Home is where my family and best friends are.
(Although my best friend lives in Iowa and now LILY too,
is moving across the river to Iowa.
Hmmm, LOL!
So...I'm spending time walking around the play area with dogs at work
and pondering so many things.
One thing though, that I do know for SURE is that
I can't express again how much the friendship I have HERE in blogland means to me.
I'm blessed to have REAL friends out there taking time to comment and support me.
Yep, truly. I'm blessed.
I need to remember to count my blessings.