Saturday, September 27, 2014


Uh yeah, So that blog break lasted much longer than I had planned.
Actually though it wasn't really planned at all.
I kinda lost the drive to write after that whole back stabbing lying ordeal
and then it was so busy at work and it still is!
Usually it slows down when the kids go back to school but people are still traveling.
I guess I shouldn't whine about keeps me employed.
Then just when I started to feel like blogging again I started having computer problems.
I also had my oil light come on in my vehicle so I took it in for an oil change
and of course they found I needed shocks and struts and a serpentine belt.
So I charged that and then the next week I couldn't back out of the driveway.....
Long long boring story but MAJOR repairs to brakes and things that added up to BIG $$$
More credit card charging.
And then my laptop went black and never came back.
The good news is I found this great company that sells refurbished laptops at very reasonable prices 
(more"cha-ching") but I finally have a working laptop and so far it appears to be a step up from what I had!

So I'm back!
I have a lot to write about but not sure where to start.

I did try to read blogs on my phone but I have a horrible time trying to comment,
Finally,  I just didn't.
I lurked.
Facebook was easy to do, so I spent a lot of time over there and
I do LOVE Instagram, it kept me in touch with the world
and I now have quite the collection of boarding pets photos that we've posted on our vet clinic's FB page.
And if I say so myself, I'm kinda proud of them and the reason why is because
we had a professional photographer come in and take shots of our own pets and then she enlarged them onto canvases and hung them around the clinic.
Most of us were extremely unhappy. She cut the ears off of almost every pet and some she cut their noses off!
A few turned out nice but on the average I was really surprised that they weren't better since they are "professional".
I'm not one to usually blow my own horn but my phone photos at least got the pet's whole head and captured their personality.
So I will share some of those photos... but not today.
Instead I'll share a painting that I did.
One of the veterinarians asked me to paint her dog and you all know my bad experiences in the past
but she had found my blog and read about it and reassured me that it would not happen with her.
And really, she's one of my bosses LOL! so of course I did it.
So here's the photograph of her dog:

and here's the painting I did:

She was SUPER HAPPY, which made me SUPER HAPPY and she paid me.
That always makes me happy. 
She had told me no rush and of course that made me drag my feet but then I felt bad about doing that,
so I also did an illustration of her little dog too.
Something she could keep on her desk.

This is what I truly enjoy doing.
The illustrations.....which yeah, I'm still not done with my Kanga book.
Actually haven't worked on THAT at all while on the blog break.
Instead I was very busy with another activity...

But now I'm back!
I will try to get into the swing of REGULAR posting
between doing  the house and yard and work and life stuff
But truly, I've missed you all and I hope you are still out there reading!