Wednesday, June 30, 2010


NO! I didn't forget! I just ran out of hours in a day! I've been so busy, busy!
So this is going to be a really quick tip but sometimes something simple and easy can save a life!
As most of you know by now, I have a small HERD of little dogs. I have a half-door to my laundry room and when I go to work, I leave my little ones in that room. I always say good-bye to them and sometimes I used to toss them some treats. SO...
One day I had some new treats, ( I won't say the company name. because I don't want to get sued or something) but the treats looked like little vegetables-
What happened next was as much my fault as the way the treat was made. I tossed several into the room and my little ones were jumping in excitement to get one.

My little Powderpuff Chinese-Crested, Mimsy. (A rescue dog that the owners didn't want because they said she was too needy and was always trying to crawl into their laps....????????????????) So my little Mimsy jumped up to get a treat and as she lunged up, it flew into the back of her mouth and she had it lodged at the top of her throat and started to frantically dig at her face! She was choking!

I ran in and scooped her up. I couldn't maneuver her around to the point where I could reach in and pull out the treat! It was really wedged in there. I was holding her and trying to pull down her legs and stop her from clawing at her face and she was totally freaking out. I was in the kitchen and pulled open a drawer. There was a wooden spoon!

I grabbed it and used the handle end to go behind the treat and flip it out. It was just a matter of seconds but I was in a panic!
So the moral to this is... and the pet tip! ALWAYS break up your doggie treats to LITTLE BITE SIZES!

And The Winner of the LAST Giveway in JUNE is.....

First, Let me say that I'm so sorry about being so late at drawing a name. My excuse is that I took the last 2 days off as vacation days and have been working out in my yard and garden. Planting and moving things around and also building a fence. I have been up early every day and going non-stop. But finally here I am! Meet this weeks official name picker! (Remember I'm at home so...)
It's RUBY!  

Yes, I know that I talk about Blue all the time but this little girl is actually the QUEEN BEE of the house!
Here's a photo of her from yesterday when we were in the backyard. Isn't she just the cutest thing! Sometimes I just have to pick her up and give her kisses. I even have a song that I have been singing to her since she was little. Now when I sing it, her little butt just starts wiggling! Oops! TMI! I digress-

So I wrote out the names-

Folded them up and called Ruby into the kitchen. Unlike the little boarding dog Honey-Poo, when I tossed the papers on the floor Ruby just dive bombed on top of them!  She had one in her mouth, which I grabbed.

AND then she promptly grabbed it back! This blur is me trying to take her pic and also trying get it out of her mouth!!!!

WELL! She eat the middle of it but I can still see enough to realize that the winner is!................

Congrats! Mariann! Please email me at with your mailing address so that I can send ALBERT to his new home!

And Thanks EVERYONE for stopping by and leaving comments! You all just make my day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Checking In and Be Back Later!

(photo from Corbin's southern home)
Just a quick post to let you know that I will (or one of my critters) be drawing a name SOMETIME today (hopefully) for the giveaway. I've taken the day off from my day job because I have vacation days to use and it's supposed only be in the 70's today! WaaHoo!
I have so much to do! I plan on pulling the annuals that aren't doing so well out of the flower bed between the sidewalk and the street and replacing them with moss rose -portulaca.
THEN I plan on cutting limbs off of my neighbors tree (refer to past posts about him!) and trimming his hedge back so that MY hanging plants can get some SUN! To be honest, I've just about had it with HIM!
His front lawn that borders my flowerbeds is overgrown with weeds...I think I will spray his yard with weed killer! I guess he doesn't noticed them because of all the cars parked on top of them!!! As you all know by now. I'm passive aggressive (but working on it) and I plan on throwing all the limbs and hedge clippings INTO his yard. In the past I've dragged them down to my backyard ravine area. NO MORE!!! That lazy A-HOLE! I have no idea how many people live in that house but judging from all the vehicles, you'd think one of them could come out and trim their hedge and mow the grass. (When they do mow it, it's always SO high that there's mounds of grass allover their yard and all over the sidewalk.
OK...I'm climbing down off of my soapbox now.
SO, I will do the drawing later today - OH wait, I do have my monthly dinner thing it COULD be tomorrow (sorry) but you will know the winner tomorrow at the latest!
So, I must run to the hardware store! I need paint for my picnic table (I want to paint it a BRIGHT GLOSS WHITE!) and I need bags of cement, I have these molds and I'm going to make a cobblestone area at the side of the house. I'll show pics later.........
I quickly checked all my favorite blogs (but left no comments, I'll be back to do that!)
but I'm so glad I did because one of the blogs showed this front porch of a house and I'm going to go get THAT color!!!! (OH, yeah! I am also planning on putting up shutters)
but take a look at that front porch! I'm going to try to make the front of my house look like that!
Well, I'm off! (hopefully I can get the weed whacking done while the neighbor guy is at work!) Otherwise it could get UGLY!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The cutoff for the GIVEAWAY of ME! is TONIGHT!

Remember to leave a comment on this post:
for a chance to win ALBERT! (unless you've already won this month!)
The cutoff is tonight at 8 pm CDT

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Welcome! I follow a lot of design and interior blogs and so many women showcase their homes and take you on a
Come inside! Have a cup of coffee!
Here's my kitchen! I love this painting! It reminds me of Blue! Meet my hubby! Isn't he so tidy and trendy. I adore him because he built this whole house with his own two hands. I also love that he travels a lot and sends me big piles of money!
Look at my cool floor! My dogs love it in here!

Isn't the view beautiful! Did you know I have an adorable little girl! I named her "Olivia". I took off her harness with the bungee cord attached,  for this photo. I don't want her falling off the deck!

Here's my bedroom!

And the guest bedroom...

My bathroom...

My outside bathroom....

My living room....
My foyer and staircase...

My back porch...

My pool...

Oh! and my dining room (I kinda look like Betsey Johnson in this photo, don't I!)

OK...seriously! I am procrastinating cleaning my house and just surfing around finding photos for my wish list and doing some BIG time wishing! If only I would win the lottery!

But since I never play, I doubt that it will happen....
I guess I'll go sit outside and grill on my porch while I listen to music -

Or maybe I'll look for my bike pump so that I can blow up my pool that i just got from Target.
(No, Really...I got a pool from Target)

DISCLAIMER: I might sound a little bit jealous or envious or bitter but I'm not really, I'm happy that somebody is lucky enough to have those rooms and a handy husband and an adorable little kid and that pool (OK maybe a little ENVIOUS) but...I just hope they are nice and love animals!) And if I ever do get BIG money, I'll make my new home look just like those photos!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Some People are So Thoughtless and STUPID!

There is a woman that comes into where I work. She is one of our clients. She has seen my dog Blue and apparently she used to have a white deaf Great Dane too. She always asks how he is doing, makes a little conversation and then always ends up saying something about how Danes don't live that long. Or asks if I know what the life expectancy of a Great Dane is?! I usually try to act like I haven't heard her or make some sort of comment about how Blue is going to live forever.
SO... Today she comes in with her daughter who is in her late teens, early twenties and asks if I'm working and do I have Blue with me? Well, of course I do. He's always with me at work. So she asks the girls in the reception area if they can come back to my area to see him. So they call me and I say.....................yes. What else could I say? So after visiting with him, the daughter says in this whiny voice. "Mom, I want another Great Dane!" to which she replies "Oh NO! They die too young! Ours died at 6!" then she looks at me and asks how old Blue is. (I just told her his age last month!) So, I say- "He'll be 5 in November" and she purses her lips and raises her eyebrows. At that point I pulled her head down by her bangs and knee'd her in the nose!
OK, I didn't really but I WANTED to. So...even though I know Blue has many many years ahead of him, asinine remarks like that leave me with a lump in my throat and my eyes blurred.
Well, my friends!  Anyone have a good retort for me to use next time?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


OK, This is an OLD photo! I got that chair with grand ideas on reupholstering it and ended up getting rid of it instead. I got a cool chair and a half that Blue has now also claimed. He has lost 13 lbs since this photo but we both have a long journey ahead of us!
I am always THINKING about getting healthy and losing weight. Also my Blue needs to lose more than he has, so I went looking for some TIPS for exercising with my dog. I found a great article written by Sarah Wassner Flynn on the She Knows Health & Wellness website!

Exercise for you, Exercise for Fido
The obesity epidemic is not limited to people only. Pets, too, are overweight -- especially dogs. According to experts, of the 41 million pet dogs in this country, about 17 million are either overweight or obese. Don't make your dog a statistic! Get Rufus running at your side so both of you can be healthy and fit. If your little Pookie is sporting a pooch or your Lady is getting lazier by the minute, maybe it is time to introduce your pup to a running routine. Here is some insight on how regular exercise helps your dog, plus some safety tips on keeping your puppy fit and happy.
Consider running with your dog a two-for-one special: Your dog will lose weight while lapping up the extra time outside, and you will stay fit as a result. In fact, a 130-pound woman walking her dog at about 2.5 mph (average) will burn about 183 calories in one hour – even more if you step it up to jog. And your increased activity can also reduce your risk of scary health concerns, like heart disease. According to a study by researchers at the University of Sydney, nine percent of the coronary heart disease among dog owners could be prevented if they walked their pups for at least 150 minutes a week – that is less than a half-hour per day.

Has your dog gone wild? Many vets recommend curbing pet behavioral issues with a regular exercise regimen. Bruiser can expend his extra energy and the mere routine of it will keep him on task – without him having to resort to destructiveness as a result of boredom. So before he chews up yet another pair of pumps, reduce your stress and his boredom by taking him for regular runs.

If you have a teacup Chihuahua, a mile on your legs is like a marathon for his. Do not expect canines with short legs or stocky frames to keep up with your mileage. Do your miniature pooch a favor and slow down your pace – go for a short walk instead. Breeds like pugs, boxers and bulldogs are also at a disadvantage thanks to their smooshed-in noses or muzzles that make it harder for them to breathe during heavy exercise.

On the other hand, lithe, long-legged dogs like labs, dalmatians and most retrievers will have the stamina and energy to keep up with you on any run. If you are thinking about getting a dog or just wondering if your pet is a runner, the Dog Breed Info Center has a complete list of ideal running dogs.

You make it a priority to run in the right shoes, wear the right gear, and only go out in the right weather. So shouldn’t you be just as cautious when you have your dog in tow?
To keep your pup safe while exercising, consider these tips from Run the Planet
1. Start younger, middle-aged and overweight dogs on a moderate program of walking 10 to 15 minutes once or twice a day.
2. Be careful and watch for traffic. If you are on a street, have the dog by your left side and move against the traffic.
3.Keep in mind the type of surface you are jogging on. In the summer, asphalt and concrete become very hot, while grass and dirt stay relatively cool. To ensure your her longevity, be sure to keep your dog safe from the heat. Also, harder surfaces such as concrete could cause damage to the pads of a dog's feet if you do a lot of heavy running, so grass might be better for jogging. In addition, if you enjoy running in the snow and cold, consider that Fido’s pads are directly exposed to the frigid terrain. You may need to invest in some dog booties to prevent frostbite.
4. Avoid jogging if your dog has any pre-existing health problems, such as a heart murmur or heartworms. Also, some dogs can overdo it, particularly older dogs, so take notice if your pooch appears to be getting tired.
5. During hot summer days, take water along, or jog by places where drinkable water is available.
6. Go out early in the morning or late evening when it is cooler, rather than in the afternoon heat of the sun. Dogs do not get rid of heat as well as humans do. They primarily eliminate heat through panting, and they sweat only through the pads of their feet, so they can get overheated very easily.
7. Take safety precautions if you plan to jog at night. Wear clothing that can be noticed in the dark, and attach illuminated strips to your dog's collar.

I found these really cool blinking lights that clip to your dogs collar so that he can be seen in the dark! I think I might buy several! and even one for myself.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AND the WINNER of the THIRD GIVEAWAY IS!....................

But first, of course meet this weeks name picker! One of my boarders "HONEY- POO"! (I kid you not, that's her name.)
And Honey-Poo turned out to be a bit of a little pain! She refused to pick one of the papers!
She was like - What are you throwing those at me for?

I'm NOT picking one!
I'm not even looking!

I have my eyes closed!

Hey, What's that noise? A CAT?!

I said NO!

I'm not looking!

Those aren't treats!

Go ahead! Grab the one closest to me!

What did it say?!

and what exactly IS a Yoborobo?
(Boy, this one took forever, next time maybe a CAT would be quicker!)
Pam, please send me your addy so that I can mail out AGNES to you!
NOW, for the final giveaway for the month of JUNE.
Rules: 1. Leave a comment on THIS post!
2. If you won one of the other 3 kitties, you aren't eligible to win again (this month)
3. Leave the comment before 8 pm CDT next Monday.
The drawing is for the last little kitty who's not sure whether he's caught a toy or an appetizer!

And finally there's ALBERT - He's got a new toy to bat around for a while.....