Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've tried over and over again! I'm supposed to "select"  an account such as Google.
I do.
Then it takes me to the LOG-IN screen. Then it says INVALID PASSWORD, then back it takes me and goes back to the comment and then I try to post and then it says ANONYMOUS
and then I hit POST anyway and back to the LOG-IN screen. So I went to Blogger HELP and left a message along with a 1000 other people...
SO, I'm reading your blogs, and laughing and agreeing and ooh and ahh-ing and I can't leave you any comments! AARRGGGHHHHH!
I'm going to bed.

Monday, May 30, 2011


and I am an addict.
I'm addicted to flowers!
I'm trying to be FRUGAL so when I saw an ad for a weed whacker at a special LOW LOW price I ran right over to the Hardware/Garden Center. My weed-whacker had bitten the dust last year and this was a Name Brand one with a 2 yr warranty and a 30 day guarantee. But after scrutinizing it carefully, I realized that the type of "line" it needed was not so easy to get. They carried everything for all makes and models except this one.....
Hmmm, I thought to myself that they are probably going to clearance it out in another month and then it will disappear and I will be left with a "problem". So I decided against it. (I will make sure to scour the Estate Sales for one.) This was obviously not meant to be. I walked away sad, thinking about how I would have to hand pull all those pesky weeds. With head hung low, I walked out through the Garden Center.
I felt the warm air on my face and the blood rushed to my head.
I felt like SKIPPING.
My weed whacker money was burning a hole in my pocket!
One 2.5 gallon Yellow Rose marked down to $15.50 , 2 white rose bushes at $3.00 each and 2 phlox reduced to $1.00! How could I NOT?!?
As I drove home I stopped at another Garden Center. I couldn't stop myself!
I bought teeny tiny perennials for my Fairy Garden that I want to create...for $1.00 each.
Then a couple of 4pks of annuals to fill in some spots.
Then I started to feel guilty. This wasn't just Weed Whacker money....
now I was dipping into lunch  money, which made me think of food.
So I bought 2 tomato plants, a watermelon plant and a white pumpkin plant.
I'm broke. I'll be taking cheese sandwiches to work for lunch this week!
I wonder if there's such a thing as Flowers Anonymous?


Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Photo for Mod Mix 2

Sometimes I am on someones blog and I notice an interesting photo on their blog roll or an intriguing title for a post and then I wander over to THAT blog and while cruising around I see something on THEIR blogroll and venture over to the next blog and I might see an image of something that I save for "INSPIRATION". The problem is that I forget to take note of where I got that image. But I just plan to use it for my own personal inspiration so I don't worry about it. Until now. Now that Nita's started her Mod Mix Mondays and I find I have images that I want to use! So! Here's an image that I  love and I have no idea where I copied it from! I'm will gladly give credit if anyone recognizes it.
I love Black and White and I really love the black painted floors. The rooms look very cool and modern and I LOVE the black Retro Fridge!
Now I'm off to link up my inspiration image that came from someones beautiful blog!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Duane Hoffmann / msn.com
Well, it looks like things might be getting better at my day job. A few days of being really short-handed  and a couple of people quitting seems to have made all the difference! I have also made it known that I want to be back working with my "dogs". I know that most people would rather sit in the air-conditioning and not have make-up run down their face. They would rather have their hair stay stylish than to have it frizz and twisted up on their head.
They would rather have their padded rolling chairs than to be out in the heat scooping up poop. But that is not for me. I've had jobs like that before and I always felt like I was playing a role. I need to be true to myself, but I also need to pay my bills.
So I've decided to start "Frugal Friday!"
Every Friday I want to give a frugal tip and/or ask for frugal tips.
Or maybe I will find a Frugal Blog and talk about that.
But I hope to make it informative and REALLY helpful.
I see SO many tips like:
Stop getting Speciality Coffee on your way to work or
Get rid of Cable or
Buy in Bulk.
These are no help to ME. I don't ever get drive-through coffee and I don't have cable and I am only one person so buying in bulk isn't always the solution.
To me being frugal doesn't mean to go without the important things in life. Things like Art, Pets, Flowers.
I think it's better to buy one delicious cookie than a whole bag of funny after-taste off brand cookies.
I think it's silly to cut the pocket off of a pair of old jeans and make a handbag with a piece of discarded ribbon as the handle....
unless you are really into that style. I think it's better to haunt the garage sales or Goodwills in the "rich" neighborhoods and pick up a beautiful crafted discarded handbag for $1 or 2.

I mean REALLY, when you figure the amount of time spent making your jean bag, well..... don't you have better things to do?
Suddenly the FREE homemade bag isn't so free anymore.
And then there's price comparison deals. The other day on a morning show they were talking about bathroom scales. One was over $60. and the other one could be found at a competitors for $20! Such a deal! Or as my Dad would have said..."What kind of deal is that!?" He would have said, "What do you need a scale for? Are your jeans getting tight?"
"Then cut back on the food! What do you need to see numbers for? Look in the mirror!" Yep, my Dad was very frugal. He had nice things and he believed in buying quality items that last. He didn't hang on to much but he used everything to it's fullest.
I remember when he got new carpeting. There were left over pieces and he cut it up into smaller pieces. He lined his toolbox and his tools didn't rattle.
He lined the shelves in his work room and I came home to find he had stopped by and lined my dog's kennel with a piece. And then he discarded the the rest, he wasn't a packrat. He was a frugal tidy man who grew up in the Depression. He would use the card board roll left from a toilet paper roll and fold up his extension cords and slide them into it.
Nice and tidy. Everything in it's place and not much wasted.
I think that I rebelled from that upbringing because he got rid of so many of my things. Now I find myself hanging on to "things" and spending money on silly useless items. I think that after all these years of living paycheck to paycheck and never having enough. Always needing more money...
I think that I need to try to be even more frugal than I have been. And that's why I'm starting Frugal Friday!
So? Do YOU have a frugal tip to share?!?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reminds me of Ralphie!

The other night there was a program on TV which was having a "contest" between USA and the WORLD commercials. The one that won was very cute but this was my favorite!
 (BIG SURPRISE that it has a dog as the main focal point! LOL!) Anyway, I loved how they showed how their car could SET YOU FREE to be YOURSELF and to find your VOICE to SING!
He's so cute! He reminded me of my Ralphie. When he's in the car or in his yard, he's
Ralphie up a tree
but he's kinda scared sometimes around people he doesn't know.
If I didn't have my van, I'd think about getting this CAR!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sometimes you made me laugh
and sometimes cry,
sometimes I was envious,
and sometimes jealous
and many times enlightened.
I love what you love
and I'm frustrated by many of the same things
but I was always so glad that you were there.
Yep, you will definitely be missed.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


is happening over at Nita's at Mod Vintage Life.
I LOVE mixing Old and New, MODERN and VINTAGE.
I just sit and stare at my "FLOR" catalog and just drool. I love the styles and I want some FLOR tiles!
Someday, I hope to be able to order a "rug". It's not really expensive but it is to me right now.
What's so cool about them is that they are so durable and if there's an accident, you can just pick up that "square" and rinse it off! My animal friendly lifestyle really needs something like that! LOL!
But right now I mainly just use their catalog for INSPIRATION. Like the photo above. I want my kitchen floor to look like that dining room. I love the black and white on a diagonal. I love the Modern look of the room with the Retro chairs! I just adore it!
So I'm linking up to her Mod Mix (hopefully I will do it right! Ha!)
So stop over and see the other mixes.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Oh wait, I just got back from one!?
Yep, one week, That's all it took to get back to square one.
My vacation started on a real roll. I cleared my side yard and filled 15 tall leaf bags FULL of limbs and yard waste and TWO van fulls of branches.
I sorted through all my STUFF and got rid of SO MUCH of it.
I pitched furniture and doors and old bikes and that little trampoline!
(Don't worry! Most of it was carted away by pickers!)
I worked in my garden transplanting my daisies and catmint that is now growing EVERYWHERE.
And I gathered together my art supplies and got them closer to my work space where I can begin to CREATE. I felt HAPPY and SURE about how I wanted to LIVE my LIFE. I would not let my Day Job cause me stress any longer. I would put in my time and FOCUS on my time at HOME.
I felt at PEACE.
Then I went back to work.
After several months of everyone covering for people who were gone on maternity leave, working various hours and overtime in a team effort for the good of the clinic we have been told that our hours will be cut from 40 hours to 35.
That's 10 hours off of every paycheck. Most of us work paycheck to paycheck. Those 10 hours is what pays for gas and groceries.
Oh well, I wanted to lose weight and
I wanted to have more time to work on my PASSIONS.
I have to remember that "when one door closes, a window opens"  (Is that right?! or is it another door? Hmmm, anyway....)
I wish that window wasn't so damn high.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm a little bit ANGRY.

I just spent ALL evening trying to get into my blog.
Every time I would enter my blog address I would get redirected to a message that said :
URL Too Large 414 error.
So I typed in some of my favorite blog addresses and when I tried to comment I got:
URL Too Large 414 error
After whining about it in a phone call to a friend (who had no answer) and after HOURS of trying to figure it out, I walked away.
Then came back and finally after much Googling, found an answer from someone who had the same problem.
This is what you do: Tools, Internet Options, then - Delete Cookies.
So Simple, So Easy, So Quick.......So Maddening!

Monday, May 16, 2011


when my alarm went off this morning.
I stumbled to the bathroom mirror and realized....
My vacation is over and I must go back to work.