Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cool Lazy Sunday

It's a cool 67 degrees outside and sunny.

"Twinkle" has just woken up from her late morning nap while I've busy cleaning house and rearranging furniture. Then I need to spend some time outside - whacking some weeds and then come back in and work on some of my paintings I've started. I wish I could take a "nap" but my mind won't let me! Too much to do!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Weekend All to Myself!

I've been working a lot at my "pay-the-bills" job, I think it's now been over 2 weeks since I've had a full day off. I'm not really complaining even though it sounds like it. I'm very lucky to finally have a job that I love to go to. I've had several "careers" where I felt that the my life was being sucked out of me.
The worst was probably the "bank" job were I was the head of the Research Dept. which was a fancy title since I was the only one in the Dept! It was in the upstairs of an old bank along with the Accounting Dept. and none of us were allowed to pull back the heavy draperies that covered the windows because the view would cause a distraction. But hey, I had a great health care plan! Of course I felt sick everyday that I had to go to work. But back then I moonlighted at a popular bar&grill place so even though I worked constantly, the 2 jobs were so extreme that I was able to handle it. But I was never REALLY happy because I never had time to create.
After those gigs, I worked at a very SNOOTY high-end Department store. I ended up being a area sales manager who was VERY UNHAPPY. It was such a stressful job, meeting with the buyers, supervised the sales staff and having to meet sales quota every month. I felt like such a phony especially when I liked to haunt the Goodwill stores by night and here I am selling $75.00 blouses by day!
Then I jumped out of the frying pan and into a fire. I accepted a position as a office manager at a Humane Society. After a few years of having my heart broken so many times, due to the cruelty of humans against defenseless animals and to say nothing of the fact that I took several needy ones home.
I resigned and took a position at veterinarians office. And that is where I am now.
I have worked in the office, assisted in surgeries, and worked in the boarding area. But I am now the Boarding Manager at the new faculty that was built 2 years ago and I LOVE it. Sometimes it gets very hectic, especially in the summers and over holidays. But most of my clients are repeat customers and I get to spend my days with my "extended" family. So many of the pet owners have remarked how happy their pets are to come to the clinic and laugh as I take their leashes and the four-legged children scamper away with me to go play!
And on the slower boarding days, the vet lets me paint around the clinic! Here are a few photos of things I've done. These are all in the "cat room" except for the little owl who watches them take Xrays!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Why is it when I have a MILLION things to do I feel the need to work on something totally unimportant!

I need to clean and organize the home, start working on my dolls, finishing some of my paintings, weed the garden, pop in the "sale" perennials I bought and finish painting the bathroom but instead I am on the computer and I look outside and see the birdbath that I painted pink, that turned out "hot" pink. which is driving me crazy to look at! Soooooooo I repaint THAT and even take time to paint a couple of little rocks into little birds! AAHHHHHH! I think they call that procrastination! OK! I HAVE to go and accomplish something of IMPORTANCE today!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'LL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU -Ovarian Cancer fundraiser

My step- Aunt Diana passed away 6 months ago from Ovarian Cancer. She was one of those brave women who had a lot of determination and spirit. She was sure she could beat it. She had a great sense of humor and would wear a button that read "Cancer Sucks". Unfortunately the cancer won out. Her daughter has sent out letters trying to get donations for the 9th annual "Silent No More" walk fundraiser sponsored by Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance.
Diana loved Butterflies and Elvis (and since I don't dare try to paint Elvis) I have painted a mixed media painting entitled "I'll Always Be With You".

I painted the butterfly a teal blue because teal represents 'Ovarian' cancer.

I have listed it on Ebay and plan on donating 100% of the sale to the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance. I hope the painting gets some bids in this hard economic time!

Please take a moment and check it out! Primitive Mixed Media White Cat & Butterfly Painting 320410961488