Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesdays Helpful Pet Tip #4

I can not believe it's already Wednesday! I'm really getting behind on things around here! Maybe I need to have my tip ready beforehand and then I can post it on Wednesday mornings. That would mean I would have to stop procrastinating on ONE thing. I get so irritated with myself! I always wait until the very last moment! But hey, I'm ready! Here's my tip!
seriously, that's my tip. A few years ago I found this absolutely fantastic book! (Someday when I'm being interviewed by Oprah's magazine and they ask me to name the top five books that have made a change in my life. Well, this will be one of the books that changed my life! LOL!

before this book I was like a lot of people. I would try to decorate and pick out colors that would HIDE the pet hair and paw prints and ETC. I loved this book because it shows apartments and houses of people that have clean, almost spotless homes that are so beautiful decorated.  It showcased modern decor and homes with antiques and beautiful art and well, everything I love! And all of these gorgeous decorated homes had one BIG thing in common! Pets! and usually a lot of them! Now I find that it's been my experience that if you admit to having more than 2 dogs and a cat, well... people immediately start thinking that you must live in a flea infested, poop smelling hole. We have all seen those horror stories of  animal "collectors" living in squalor with opened cat food cans and animals poking their heads out of odd spaces and litter, trash and poop all over the floor. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww! This book discourages using dark fabrics that make it hard to see if "something's" on it. I mean really, it IS kinda gross to be sitting on something and not be aware of what's actually ON it. Now I have always LOVED the color white (if it is a color!?) Anyway her idea was to use white in decorating.  She pointed out that if you had slipcovers in white (and a spare one on hand) you could throw it in the wash with a splash of bleach and since it's not a color or pattern, you have to worry about fading so you can just throw it into the washer as often as you want.

Now I admit, most of my furniture in the livingroom is really just covered in white sheets ( I have like 20 of them) but I have the fabric and the book from the library and as soon as I stop procrasting on that, I will be making slipcovers. She also suggested white or light floors. I have white painted floors in my bedroom and I plan on eventually painting all the floors in the house (except the laundryroom/mudroom, I'm not completely insane but...) I just love the clean look of it and the fact that if someone coughs up a hairball or has an "accident" I see it immediately and can clean it up (rather than walk into it in my stocking feet.)

I know that white's not for everyone, most of my family and friends disagree with me but...

I think it's easier and I love the way colors POP up against it!

and I love black on white,
and my black cats look stunning on it!
(But that's not why I have black cats, I mean I'm not color coding my animals...
OK, well yeah I DO have some all white cats too, but
that wasn't on purpose....
OK.. I'm not even mentioning Blue,
( I got him because he was deaf and needed a home!)
it had nothing to do with being white...

(I gave that chair to Salvation Army...I should have just slipcovered it in white!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Griffin the Raccoon

OK, He's not really a raccoon, he's a Shih-Tzu. Maybe he's a raccoon trapped INSIDE a Shih-Tzu body? That's what everyone that knows him thinks. He's my oldest dog and and the one I have had the longest. (I have also inherited a senior citizen dog or two) but I brought Griffin home 10 years ago. At the time I was the Office Manager at the local Humane Society and one morning when I walked in the door I was greeted by BOB, the guy that took care of the dogs. He told me that "we got another one!" We were always finding dogs and cats tied to the building or left in boxes or just running loose around the building. Once someone drove up to the door and THREW a dog inside. I got up and ran around my desk and the car is speeding down the road and this dog was just sitting there staring at me.
I tell you, that was the most emotionally draining job. I was crying all the time or else enraged at people.
So THAT morning I asked Bob where this one was found and he said the "dog yard". The dog yard was an enclosed grassy play area. The dog-runs had doggie-doors that were pulled open and the big dogs took turns racing outside and running and playing in that area. The whole area was enclosed by a 6 foot fence. Bob proceeded to say how lucky it was that he had gone out there before opening up the dog-runs because someone had "hurled" this little dog over the fence. He went on to say how if he had let some "particular" dogs out, that they would have 'torn up the little guy". So he goes out and comes back with this scruffy little dog.
The veterinarian said he was AT LEAST 2-3 years old. So Bob took him in the back and set up a kennel for him. From my desk I could see that little dog, just sitting there, watching me...long story short, I took him home.
I named him Griffin. Griffin is not a fluffy lap dog. Oh sure, I get him groomed up all cute and stuff and then I bring him home and he goes out into the yard and rubs his head on the ground. He likes to lay out in the yard, not on the raised beds I have out there, but a nice cool DIRT area. Someplace where he can just watch what's going on outside. He doesn't bark at anything but just watches and takes it all in.
Inside he likes to lick things. I mean THINGS. Like a table leg. Not chewing, just licking. Sometimes after all the dogs have been fed, he'll lay there and just "lick" the remaining food. Not eating it, just licking. Sometimes he'll just lick the empty bowl but not like he's hungry, it's just something to lick. Once he actually just crawled into the bowl and went to sleep. He's such a strange dog. I remember this day, I had been pulling up all the tile off the laundry room floor and I turned around and there he was - in the bowl!

I like the next photo, it has Twinkle in it. I think that Twinkle is trying to say
 "What's this DOG doing in our BOWL!"

He also likes getting into the garbage. He was always knocking it over and I'd come into the room and see just his butt sticking out of the can. Even if I didn't catch him in the act he would give it away because he was the only dog that got up when I walked into the room and ran under the table!
I bought a big heavy wooden trash can where you put the bag in and over the edge and set the heavy wooden top on it. But he found if he could get a hold of the edge of the bag, he could pull on that and tip it over.
Then there are the cat litter boxes. I think he thought it was kitty granola because he'd sneak into that box and come walking around that corner like "What!?" and there would be litter all over his face. GROSS!
I remember the time I bought a bag of flour (for paper mache silly! ya know I'm not "cooking" or "baking"anything) and I set the bag on the kitchen chair and left to run another errand. I came home and found white flour ALL over the floor. I screamed "GRIFFIN!" I had only been gone for a half hour! When I finally dragged him out from under the furniture, he had the hair around his mouth and under his chin "pasted" together. Then one day he discovered how to open the lower cupboard door. I now only store canned goods down there but at THAT time I had some boxes of MIXED BERRY gelatin stored there. I came home and was picking up the pieces thinking what IS this stuff? And he comes strolling into the kitchen like "Hey, What's Up?" and his face is colored blue...
He's getting older now and he has a hard time with the stairs. He doesn't try to go to the basement anymore and the cats I believe are very relieved. He loves those cats...maybe too much! If he comes into a room and a cat is laying there, he will run up behind it and try to "violate" the kitty. Most of my cats are male and pretty big kitties. They will usually look at me like "Get this damn DOG off of me!" and then they will turn around, bat him in the head and shake him off.  He will stand there looking after them as if to say..."But I LOVE you!"

 He usually makes it up the stairs to the second floor fairly well but the other day I called him up and he ran all the way up except for the last 3 steps. Then he stopped. It was like he was out of steam and just didn't have the energy for the last 3 steps. So I urged him on but he turned around and went back down and then ran and tried it again. But he was still a few steps short. I was yelling to him to "Wait" but back down he ran again, so I had to follow him and carry him back up.
Sometimes he still runs and jumps with no problem. My veternarian is also an Animal Chiropractor, so I take him in for adjustments.
The other night was a DARK one and as I called all my little dogs inside (I count heads as they troop in)and I was missing one. Griffin. I called and called. So I got out the flashlight and and scanned the yard.
Back and forth, back and forth. THEN suddenly I saw him, I shined the light on him and he was frozen like a raccoon caught in the act!

Then he RAN for it. OH, I forgot he also likes eating Dog poop! He was running like his life depended on it...with a piece of dog poop in his mouth!
That brings me to the BAD breath problem. I mean when a dog is eating shit, it's going to smell like it.
Last year I had a "dental" done on him and a couple of bad teeth pulled. I stuck my head in the operating room as my Vet was about to start and joked "Hey, take good care of that old dog, that's Lily's favorite!"
Lily is my niece. She just turned 15 last week. She's a dog nut just like me and Griffin has been around as long as she can remember. She adores him and picks him up and carries him up against her when ever she comes over. He adores her right back. I always warn her to WATCH OUT, if I'm not sure if he's been licking or eating something gross. So, anyway he's in for this routine dental and I have my good friend who happens to be the Head Vet Technician  in there assisting the Doc. Later, I asked how it went and she hesitated and said fine.
I ask why the hesitation and she said "well, he wouldn't come out of the anesthesia and he stopped breathing and we almost lost him but Doc got him back". I guess there was a few moments there where she and the Doc apparently looked at each other and said "Shit" and went into action and got him back.
I always worry about EVERYTHING and the one time I don't... I never told Lily about that.
So I take my stinky gross old dog into the Vet Tuesday because he is limping again. Apparently he has Arthritis now and I have him on a joint supplement and daily pain meds. While we were waiting for the Doc, Griffin just pees on the floor! This is NOT something he does. The urine looked very dark and I had them test it. They found a bad urinary infection and "crystals" in his urine. So we did an Xray and he has this BIG bladder stone in the middle of his bladder. The good news is it appears to be the kind that can be dissolved with prescription food and medication. As long as it doesn't move and block the flow of urine. Since I work at the Vet clinic, I keep him in the back with me. He's peeing- everywhere and it's bloody pee but Doc said that's part of the process and as long as he is peeing, there's nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesdays Helpful Pet Tip #3

(this photo is from Design*Sponge)

One of my daily morning blog visits is to Design*Sponge. She is always showcasing beautiful homes or great before/and after projects, clever crafts, floral creations, tasty recipes, cool design ideas and so many other fun things.
I remembered a post about  (check it out - very cool) that she did in July of last year. Moomah had a cute and EASY project where you can make an awesome cat toy with just a piece of fabric and a pair of scissors!
So, here's the link to that cool cat toy!

I found it's better when I used a soft fabric (like felt) rather than cutting up a hand towel (which I did first and had little "pieces" everywhere! Dah!) I also grow my own catnip so I sprinkled some on the fabric before rolling it up and the kitties were in Heaven!
Have Fun! Sorry this is so late in the day, I'm really dragging! I'm glad that is will soon be bedtime!

            I wish I could just lay in the sun all day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Garden Decision has been Made! Thanks to Silent but Deadly!

First I thought I would show you some Pretty things! This is MY Crabapple tree, the right side of it anyway. I had to cut several large limbs off of the left side of it last Fall so that I could get my neighbors Huge tree limb and branches off and out of it. I had hoped he'd come over and get it out of there but NO.
Here's a better view of it, you can see how there's nothing to the left of it. Luckily there are little green shoots coming out this Spring so one day it might look less lopsided. To the FAR left is the gnarly old tree that's grown up through his fence and is split now between his and my property. It's Dead. The green that you see behind it isn't part of THAT tree, that is just a random wild tree that's in his yard.

Here are some tulips that are growing up in a flowerbed of mine.
I didn't plant then there...I think the squirrels did it.
I have hostas lining the driveway and then they circle the garden in the back. I need to pull the weeds and work that soil so that I can plant the annuals soon! You can see a tiny bit of my new gravel that I put down.

This is ONE of the truck tire ruts in my neighbors yard. Notice the "nice" hedge that I've been talking about.
This is right next to my flowerbeds that border my driveway.
(You thought I was exaggerating didn't you! LOL! But wait it gets better...)

Here are just a small shot of the masses of wild violets that are growing at the far end of the garden on the side. My sister said that they are "weeds" and that I should dig them out...but I think they make a nice groundcover.

This is a cute little table that I got from Goodwill for $5.00!
I love how it's all weathered looking. I plan to put a big pot of flowers on it with flowers and greenery cascading down the sides.
and now for the
Pièce de résistance
I am working out in my garden yesterday, raking, weeding, moving things around.
I had planned on making a big potting bench with a table and old bench and a triangular piece of molding that I got from the Restore. I have a silver tinpunch double hanging basket, a metal silver garden "pouch" and some vintage metal towel bars. I was going to paint the whole wood structure white and have everything silver including the metal vintage buckets, trays etc. that would surround it and be filled with flowers.
As I'm working, I hear something. The neighbor is outside, hanging something from the corner of his house. After a bit, I look over. It's a clothesline running from the house to the garage.
I decide to go in my backyard and start digging up my patio blocks, (the dogs need more grass and I'll use them in the side garden area.) I work for a while and turn around. Apparently he's been out again and has hung some laundry. I look over.......I walk inside, get my camera. This is not to be believed! I must document it or everyone will think I am making this up! I walk between my fence and his chainlink one and take a photo.

First notice the Hot Tub. That is what prompted me to put up my privacy fence in the first place. I would be in my backyard and look over to see this fishbelly white object climbing in and out of the tub at all hours!
Then notice the dog kennels, I must say, the dogs are actually pretty nice. They like to lounge on top of the kennels and sun/shade themselves. But the sight of them doing this sent my little dogs into a frenzy. Blue, my Big Deaf guy, would walk up the the fence and stare at them, which sent THEM into a because of this, I put up MY privacy fence about 6 feet into the property. That created a wide walkway down to the bottom of my OWN overgrown yard. I also must say that this view affects my motivation to go around over there and work those areas. Also notice the truck topper. Apparently the Hot tub no longer works but has now become the perfect storage spot of truck accessories. Finally notice the clothes hanging on the line...all underwear, boxers and undershirts. Let me zoom in a bit so that you can read what I can see!
Yes, from MY fence I see the printing on the black pair "Silent, But Deadly!", the red pair has some Christmas saying and the end pair that's flapping in the wind says something about a "Long Weiner"!
REALLY!  I'M NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am planting TREES between the fences and I am putting up a fence down next to the bushes so I don't have to see any stinking boat.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thank God for my Blog Friends!

                      (Grant Wood's American Satire " Daughters of Revolution")

Ya know, they are some people in my life that I love dearly (and some that I don't) but they just don't "get" me. They only halfway listen to me. Or if they do listen, they give me this look like...What? or Why? or the worst...Oh That's nice! (then a smirk followed by exchanged glances)

WHAT are you making?
WHY did you buy that?
WHAT are you going to do with it?!
WHY would you do that!
WHY did you get another one?!
WHAT were you thinking!
Oh That's nice! I'm sure someone will like it.
Oh That's nice! If it makes YOU happy.
Oh That's nice! if you like that kind of thing...
Oh That's nice!- WHAT is it?
Oh That's nice!...I think, I just never had time to look at it...

Thank God for YOU! my blogger friends!
WHY do you BLOG?
WHAT is a blog?.....................aaarrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday's Helpful Pet Tip #2

Well, I am sick with the flu and my brain is addled with NyQuil and Diet Pop. But I must have a tip, so today is a simple one. Always check both your washing machine and dryer before starting! Cats and kitties love warm towels and clothes in a dryer (this is my cat "Ghost" as I was folding the "doggie" towels)... and they have even been known to investigate/snuggle into a pile of clothes in a washing machine....
Yes, unfortunately I DO have an tragic story that I could tell you about that involves a big front loader washing machine and a kitten...but since I 'm sure that everyone who reads my blog has a vivid imagination,  I will not elaborate any further except to say the woman had to be given tranquilizers to calm down.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garden Dilemma

OK, This is NOT me. Try to imagine a chubbier woman with little dogs following rather than ducks. And also I would NEVER be wearing black socks! but I like the rest of the photo, the yard with the greenhouse and the deck...
Here's my problem. I've been working like a crazed person since last summer in recreating my yard/lawn garden. I live on an unusual size type of "lot". My front "yard" is VERY small with a walk running up the middle to the front steps. On one side of the walk it measures maybe 4 ft x 8ft and the other 8ft x8ft. Then there's a strip of grass about 3ft wide that runs straight across next to the sidewalk. After my lawnmower bit the dust 2 summers ago, I decided to rip up the grass and plant flowers, mostly perennials. I have stepping stones (mainly so that the mailman can walk on them because otherwise he WILL walk on the flowers) and I have landscaped with edging and stones. The strip on the other side of the sidewalk is mowed by my neighbor's (on the left) grandson because it's connected to their strip of grass and because they are NICE.
On the side of my home is my driveway, which was mainly dirt and a few stones. It is VERY wide and very LONG. So on either side I created flower beds surrounded by stones. The beds have perenniels and annuals and one has a birdbath and another a stool with a planter, well, you get the idea. At the end of the drive, next to my house, I dug everything up and enclosed it in a circle of hostas and climbing roses. In the middle I have put my vintage garden chairs and my wonderful picnic table that I got at an estate sale for $15.00! The wood has been sanded down so that you never get splinters! A wonderful place to sit and "work" on stuff. Towards the back, on the top of my backyard, it is enclosed by a privacy fence for my doggies enjoyment.

 I have a cute little dog house that I got from Target on 75% clearance (but was still $50.00!) that nobody uses. Oh, once in a while they'll stick their head in there like "What IS this Thing!?" anyway, I digress. To the other side of this enclosed area I have a wide path, about 6 ft across that leads down to the bottom of my yard which I will admit is in total disarray. (It is my project for THIS summer) the bottom area is really quite large and has a gradual decline on one side but drops off dramatically on the far side. In the spring, at the very bottom, it gets a little bit swampy so I'm scared to go down there (don't snakes like swampy?) and since my dogs aren't in that area...well.... and then in the summer when it's dry, the grass gets kinda high (and don't snakes like high grass?) so I, with head hung low, admit it's an overgrown mess. It also has the castoff trees and branches from my neighbors(on the right) hedge. You see, I got frustrated with it being such a wild and overgrown thing. It was so bad that I could barely see to pull out into the street (and I live on a busy one) that last summer I cut JUST the wild trees out of it. This action on my part caused my neighbor to scurry out while I was away at work and hack down the hedge to about 3 ft in the back and 2 ft up front....(I can't fathom why he wouldn't do it all at the same level!) SO, the next time that I'm outside he comes over and apologizes about the hedge being so high and I said, no that was fine, really - no problem. OK, YES! I admit it! I am passive-agressive! But I will save that for a later post. I do point out that it will grow back and when it does, would he mind if I kept it trimmed? Of course he doesn't mind! He tells me that he might someday rip the whole thing out and put up a nice white vinyl privacy fence. (Yeah, Right!)

So as the summer progressed, the hedge grew and I trimmed it. All summer long he had his truck and at least another car or two packed on the his front lawn. My sister (who is NOT passive-agressive, just very Assertive!) came over once at exclaiming "What the Hell! That looks like a F*#!ing  car lot!

( I hissed under my breath - sssh their windows are open!) Of course she replied SO! and Good!-Who Cares! They need to Hear!
So, this Spring, they have HUGE ruts in their yard from the truck and it looks horrible. So last week I am outside shoveling my truck load of new white shiny gravel around my drive, carefully placing it around the beds and being generally anal about the whole thing when my neighbor comes out. After some chit-chat he starts talking about the hedge again, and maybe he'll pull it out. I told him that I had cut the dead wood out of it a couple of days ago.... and then he asks if I mind if he just yanks it all out. So, I saw  - Yeah That's fine! (secretly hoping for that big vinyl fence and telling myself that it would be ONE less thing for me to take care of) Boy, did I walk into that one! Because then he said he was going to lay down some railroad ties and put down some gravel and park his boat there........................

I had nothin', I couldn't think of a thing because of the screaming in my head. All I could envision was this ugly brown fishing boat..................
So, Now. Do I put up a fence?, build a garden shed and plant small trees?,

 construct a beautiful greenhouse with imaginary money?

or just wait and sister says he's too lazy to pull it out but I came home the other day and one shrub was pulled out with a some roots sticking out of the ground and new truck tire track ruts in his yard. I don't know exactly what I'm going to do. I'm researched a lot of things on the web. I kinda wish he'd read this post...but that would be the Ultimate in Passive-Aggressive Behavior, wouldn't it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday's Helpful Pet Tip!

Ok, I noticed that on many blogs on certain days of the week are dedicated to special topics. My blogger friend Jennifer over at (great blog!) has Tuesday Treasures and it got me to thinking about doing something similar. So, since I am a dog/cat NUT I decided to post "helpful" pet tips and/or  info on Wednesdays.
Some info will be on serious note but a lot of the time, I hope for it to be fun and frivilous! I also hope to get some helpful and create comments! So here it goes! drum roll please!
the  first of Wednesday's Helpful Pet Tips!and I'm starting on a serious note:  
the reason that I decided to start with this is because a Great Dane "Gunnar" that I have taken care of in the past, died suddenly at home on the weekend from "gastric torsion" also known as BLOAT. He was only a few years old and this really hit home for me because my Blue is 4! I have always feed Blue on an elevated little table because I had read that it was easier on them to eat this way. After this horrible incident I started to do some research and I am now no longer feeding him this way.
A good friend of mine, Amber has two rescued Mastiffs.
They are just big sweet puppies but when it comes to their food they just enhale it! She has researched into ways to get them to slow down in their eating and she found special bowls with a molded raised area in the middle that forces them to eat around it and slow down some. But of course being a frugal pet-owner like myself, she found an alternative to the expensive pet bowl! She went to the Goodwill and purchase a couple of bundt cake pans for her big boys and it's been working great for her big boys! So that is the tip of the day! - Bundt Cake Pans!

Disclaimer alert: I am not a professional of any kind, just a dog lover who has done research over the internet on my own. If you have any questions, please consult your veterinarian for accurate and professional advice.
So here is what I gathered take from it what you will:
Bloat is a very serious health risk for many dogs, yet many dog owners know very little about it. It is the second leading killer of dogs, after cancer.
1. Be aware that this condition can be fatal.
2. Know your dog's risk: The condition is most common in large and giant breeds.
3. Help prevent bloating and torsion by feeding your dog twice a day.
4. Avoid vigorous activity 1 hour before and after a meal.
5. Be sure to always have water available for your dog, but prevent your dog from drinking large volumes immediately after exercise.
6. Take your dog to the veterinarian immediately if within hours of a meal she is salivating, wrenching, vomiting and appears to have an enlarged stomach.

Typical symptoms often include some (but not necessarily all) of the following. Unfortunately, from the onset of the first symptoms you have very little time (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours) to get immediate medical attention for your dog. Know your dog and know when it's not acting right.

Attempts to vomit (usually unsuccessful); may occur every 5-30 minutes This seems to be one of the most common symptoms & has been referred to as the "hallmark symptom"
"Unsuccessful vomiting" means either nothing comes up or possibly just foam and/or mucous comes up
Doesn't act like usual self, perhaps the earliest warning sign and may be the only sign that almost always occurs !
 There are reports that dogs who bloated asked to go outside in the middle of the night. If this is combined with frequent attempts to vomit, and if your dog doesn't typically ask to go outside in the middle of the night, bloat is a very real possibility.
Significant anxiety and restlessness
One of the earliest warning signs and seems fairly typical
"Hunched up" or "roached up" appearance
Lack of normal gurgling and digestive sounds in the tummy. Many dog owners report this after putting their ear to their dog's tummy.
Bloated abdomen that may feel tight (like a drum)-but despite the term " bloat",
 many times this symptom never occurs or is not apparent.

More symptoms:
Pale or off-color gums
Dark red in early stages, white or blue in later stages.
Unproductive gagging
Heavy salivating or drooling
Foamy mucous around the lips, or vomiting foamy mucous
Unproductive attempts to defecate
Licking the air
Seeking a hiding place
Looking at their side or other evidence of abdominal pain or discomfort
May refuse to lie down or even sit down
May stand spread-legged
May curl up in a ball or go into a praying or crouched position
May attempt to eat small stones and twigs
Drinking excessively
Heavy or rapid panting
Shallow breathing
Cold mouth membranes
Apparent weakness; unable to stand or has a spread-legged stance
Especially in advanced stage :Accelerated heartbeat
Heart rate increases as bloating progresses
Weak pulse

Reducing the chances of bloat are:
Avoid highly stressful situations. If you can't avoid them, try to minimize the stress as much as possible. Be extra watchful.
Do not use an elevated food bowl
Do not exercise for at least an hour (longer if possible) before and especially after eating
Particularly avoid vigorous exercise and don't permit your dog to roll over, which could cause the stomach to twist
Do not permit rapid eating
Feed 2 or 3 meals daily, instead of just one
Do not give water one hour before or after a meal
It dilutes the gastric juices necessary for proper digestion, which leads to gas production.
Always keep a product with simethicone (e.g., Mylanta Gas (not regular Mylanta), Phazyme, Gas-X, etc.) on hand to treat gas symptoms.
Some recommend giving your dog simethicone immediately if your dog burps more than once or shows other signs of gas.
Some report relief of gas symptoms with 1/2 tsp of nutmeg or the homeopathic remedy Nux moschata 30
Allow access to fresh water at all times, except before and after meals
Make meals a peaceful, stress-free time
When switching dog food, do so gradually (allow several weeks)
Do not feed dry food exclusively

Breeds most at risk according to the links below:
Afghan Hound
Airedale Terrier
Alaskan Malamute
Basset Hound
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bouvier des Flandres
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Doberman Pinscher
English Springer Spaniel
Fila Brasileiro
Golden Retriever
Gordon Setter
Great Dane
German Shepherd
German Shorthaired Pointer
Great Pyrenees
Irish Setter
Irish Wolfhound
King Shepherd
Labrador Retriever
Miniature Poodle
Old English Sheepdog
Shiloh Shepherd
St. Bernard
Standard Poodle

Friday, April 2, 2010

OK, So Today I took a Vacation Day...

because it was supposed to be beautiful out and it is. But the REAL reason I took it was because I was having gravel rock delivered today for my driveway, which has turned into more of a dirt/mud driveway.

It's a cool 71 degrees with a light wind, perfect for manual labor of spreading the rock...well, THEY still have not come with the rock, I called and they gave me a lame excuse and said that it would be here between 3:00 - 4:00!? I hate being bitchy but I told them that I had specifically taken the day off for this project and that they were pretty much blowing my day. They said that they would try to be here was soon as possible.

Well, it's supposed to rain tonight and I need to get that spread out before it's a mud pit again. So I am not too happy. I've been cleaning house (that doesn't help my mood) and I don't want to be all worn out before the rock comes. So whine, whine, whine. I'm taking a break now, going through my photos of my paintings. Looking at them to see if they would make good prints. Sigh.....and then Blogger started acting up and it took 1/2 hour to load my pics! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

And I can't forget the dog prints...

here is a dog painting that I have done that might work as a print too!
and this one...
or maybe without the text...
and then the King Charles Cavalier---
or the Saint Bernard----
or the Westie---

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I see where all lot of artists have prints for sell. Hmmm, I need to look into that, maybe.

I wonder if MY printer would make nice prints? Or do I need to take them to a "print" shop?
I need to find out what kind of paper to use...and prints of what!?

I went back to a painting that I had done that had several cats in it and I edited it down to individual cats.
I suppose that might be an's just something I'm thinking about.

Maybe I could print them out and mount them on wood. I'm still thinking....