Monday, November 29, 2010

HE'S BACK ! ! ! !

I knew that eventually he would come back. He's returned for the last two winters.

It hasn't snowed yet. The sky had started to get dark and eventually it was just cold rain. But he's back.

Sitting there, waiting. Sometimes he will bring a friend or two. Or maybe they aren't friends at all, but competitors. Waiting for a small animal, a little mouse or rabbit to run across the field. So he can SWOOP down and grab his meal with sharp claws!

 Or maybe a little dog in the play area?!!!!
That's why I always stand close to the little ones and never leave their side.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm about 99% sure that....

it's Pam's BIRTHDAY today! -   
OOPS! was that supposed to be a SECRET?! Stop over and wish her a Happy ONE!
(I think that she's 29 again.)


XOXO - Cindi
and Second,

We all know how hard it can be to resist those begging eyes and that furry face you can deny nothing on any given day, and on Thanksgiving – with the fragrant smell of that really rich dinner swimming throughout the house – the temptation can be that much worse. But this year, do your dog a favor and keep her away from the items listed below. Pookie Dearest might be miffed for the evening, but her stomach will thank you the next day.

1. Turkey Skin – On its own, turkey skin can be fatty and hard to digest, but on Thanksgiving it’s particularly bad (just think of the butter, oils and spices rubbed into it). If you must share the turkey with your dog, do peel the skin off and cut the meat up into bite-sized pieces. And consider choosing the white meat over the dark for your pooch – it’s a little blander and easier to digest.

2. Cooked Bones - Whether your bird is duck, goose or turkey, do not give the bones to your dog. Any dog cartoon features Fido carrying a bone around in his mouth, but the reality is that a cooked bone is often brittle and sharp pieces can get lodged in your pet’s intestine. And bird bones are hollow and break easily.
3. Gravy/Buttery Side Dishes - This one goes hand-in-hand with the turkey skin. Fatty foods and trimmings can cause pancreatitis in dogs at worst and diarrhea or vomiting at “best.” suggests substituting gravy with a little turkey broth if you really want to give your pup a treat.
4. Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap – Dispose of these when you’re done with them. There are two risks here: one, your pet will be licking the fatty substances off the wrappings, and two, swallowing these can cause an intestinal obstruction.

5. Chocolate - Not that we think that you would intentionally feed your dog chocolate (which we all know can be toxic to our canine friends), but since candy is often left out on tables for guests during the holidays, it made the list. Be sure to keep bowls filled with chocolate out of reach.

6. The Garbage Pail – A frustrated pet who can’t get a scrap out of his usually-generous parents may be tempted to dig around the trash bin and find a good number of the items listed above.

7. The Kitchen – Thanksgiving can be the busiest day of the year for the kitchen, and you’ll want to keep your pup out of there. With hot dishes being whisked from one counter to the next, there’s a chance a dog that’s under foot could be burned or cut if something were to shatter.

8. Holiday Plants – Sure it’s Thanksgiving, but a good number of people have already decked the halls with holly by this time. Know that Poinsettias, holly berries, mistletoe and Cedar Christmas trees are toxic to dogs.

9. Decorations – Glass ornaments and candles are just begging for trouble. Like the chocolate, keep these out of reach.

10. Guests Who Mean Well – Educate your less pet-savvy visitors (and hey, maybe even send them this list). A child may accidentally feed a dog some chocolate and your great aunt might think she’s being nice by sharing her turkey skin.

By: Janine Kahn from

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lose a few pounds BEFORE Thanksgiving so you can eat without guilt!

That is what some skinny woman on a Morning Show was talking about the other day. I thought to myself - SHUT UP ALREADY! but she does have a point. So here's a fun way to "exercise" some of that weight off...

and now of course I want a wienie dog for Xmas! LOL!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today, Saturday is the Christmas Open House at the mall where I have my booth. I've been busy adding things. I would like it to be a little more sparse than this but apparently you have to kinda cram it full to get sales. So here it is, crammed full:
I have a TON more things at home but I felt that I had to STOP or some of my "treasures" would get lost in the chaos.
Yesterday as I was putting in the finally items, the guy at the register gave me my total sales for the month so far.....I need to sell $40.00 more to make rent for this month, but as he said, I still have 10 more days and hopefully the Open House will help.

I've met a couple of the ladies who have their booths near mine. The one right next door to me was very complimentary and said she likes how bright it is. She said that we have terrible lighting in the mall and my booth looked very nice. I thought that was sweet of her. She said she shares her booth with 2 other ladies and she works part-time and that it's a lot of work. I agreed and said that I work full-time and I have to run out on the two nights that they are open until 6 and add and arrange things.
The other lady that I met as I was carrying in things asked which booth was mine. I told her and she just said "Oh". Later, after I had gone back outside to get my camera, I came back to find her in my booth checking it out. She just said "I like your fireplace" and then she left. I realize that everyone can't like my style. One of the girls at work looked at my photos on my blog and said "looks like one of the hardware stores is probably out of white paint now....." and my other co-worker said "you had ALL that in your house!?" Anyway....
I'm hoping that my big ticket items sell. Then I would make rent and hopefully make a profit.
My big ticket items are the typewriter:
The ironing table:

The birdcage:

The wagon and the folding card table and chairs:
I also added a couple of my art/craft creations:
I also put some LED flickering votives in the little mercury glass candle holders and a couple of the blue Ball jars:
Wish me LUCK!
XOXO - Cindi

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Here's an update on Button.
Her right eye is healed. Well, as much as it is going to heal. Doc thinks she sees some light and dark and I agree. She RUNS around with the big play area and seems to have no fear, I almost thought she was seeing but then she ran right into the back of Blue.
Blue doesn't pay her any mind. Just stays his distance from her.
Her left eye is still healing and will have no vision and is going to permanently look to the side. But she has adapted so well and runs and plays with the other dogs and maneuvers around objects very well....

This accident could have been so much worse. It could have been fatal. I feel extreme sadness for her. But she seems to have just accepted the blindness as a new way of life. It's amazing how she still runs around and follows me and the other little ones. She demands to be up on my lap and if I don't reach down immediately for her, she jumps up and worms her way in without any help. She's always has been impatient and bossy! Not much has changed except she wants to be carried down the flight of stairs (but always runs up them on her own.  She is a fearless little one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I will get all wrapped up in silly things and worry about dumb stuff. I will be bummed out and have tunnel vision.
I need to be more like my dogs.... shake my head, run around the yard and look up and enjoy the day!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


First, Thanks SO MUCH for all the kind comments from everyone on the Sneak Peek Post! Those words of encouragement make me so HAPPY!  I took several more boxes full of "stuff" into my booth today. I realize that in order to sell enough to make my rent (and hopefully a profit) I need to add more.

 I think now all I need to do is add some more paintings on the pegboard and hang some more things from the bar that runs across the space. Also I have some Christmas wood cuts out that I can hang on the backside of the pegboard. Of course I want to repaint them and make them silvery and aqua blue. The thing about this mall is that I am not limited to just antiques. It can be anything except clothes. So I am re-doing and "upcycling" most of my things. I found some ceramic birds that I spray painted white and then painted with Mod Podge and then covered in white glitter
 The photos don't really do it justice. It's much more "sparkly" in person. I owe this idea to Nita. She is the Queen of Sparkle and Glitter as far as I'm concerned. I LOVE her blog!  The girl has a beautiful home. Great ideas and ADORABLE wiener dogs! I painted wood bowls either Turquoise or White and then sanded them a bit to make them more "used". I put one of my glitter birds in a bowl with some straw from my Halloween decorations and clippings of my catnip plants.
The booth is really reflective of my home. The painting above the fireplace was in my living room.
 The birdhouses had been sitting outside on a bench in my garden and I shook them out and sanded them a bit and wipe them down and repainted them a bit. My favorite one has a very rusty roof....I tell you, it's kinda hard to part with this "stuff" but I'll be thrilled if it sells!
 The fireplace a long time ago used to be in my kitchen area. It originally was several shades of brown but of course I painted it white. I had moved it outside because it was eating up space in my tiny house. I had backed up a table to it and put a triangle piece of moulding on top to make a potting bench. So I scrubbed it down and repainted it. Right now I am using it as a prop and it's not for sale. One of my friends said that I should put some outrageous price on it and if it sold, it won't hurt so bad.
 I hope that the table sells because I have a mirror on a stand and an old antique wooden wagon that I would like to put in that space. I'm holding back on bringing those out because I think that it will begin to look "cluttered"! You can see in the background some of the other booths... So, I'm off to glitter a big grapevine angel! Thanks again everyone!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I started to set up my booth up Friday afternoon. After putting up some of my"finds" I was able to see all the spots that I needed to fill. I've spent today painting birdhouses and picture frames and going through my stuff and washing, polishing and tagging. Everything that I have collected are items that I myself would want in my home. I want my booth to eventually look like my "shop". I've noticed that most of the booths are a hodgepodge of things. I want my booth to have a distinct style. I am so happy that the booth opposite mine is very industrial and primitive. I think it plays off well of my booth. Light/Dark, Elegant/Primitive...
I don't understand why some of the booths have items stacked and piled. But I'm crossing my fingers that my style will appeal to people.

Tomorrow I will go out to my booth with about 40 more things and I will take some more photos! I have so many ideas and plans. I want to do a lot of painted pieces of furniture and I would like to also do some pet theme items. I'm excited! (Exhausted! but Excited!)