Saturday, March 31, 2012


So... working in a vet clinic, you see a lot of animals and there is a percentage that need homes.
Sometimes it's people with a litter puppies.
Or an unclaimed sick or injured animal from the Humane Society that the Doc does "Pro-Bono" care for that needs a home.
Sometimes clients just want to get rid of their pets. My Rosie was given to me when she was 12. Suddenly she was just too much work for the lady.
My Louie was going to be put down at the age of 3 because he had thrown up one too many times. (He no longer throws up).
Right now, there's an adorable little pup that just got hip surgery that reminds me of Ralphie but much more well mannered, and one of the techs is adopting him.
Another person had a litter of purebred puppies and one of the pups had a blaze of white that would disqualify him from being able to be a "show" dog and they would have given him to me for free but I said No.
Yep, I have turned down quite a few.
I say my plate is full. I also would never get a BIG dog while I have my Blue and some days I don't think I will get a BIG one again even when Blue is gone. Not that Big dogs aren't Good's just that as I get older, I'm thinking I will stick to Small. Small is easy to carry, Small is easy to feed. Small is easier to pick up after.
So the other day, a rare day when it wasn't crazy busy. I was up front helping cover the receptionist lunch hours. I was chatting with the other receptionist about someone we both knew. We were talking about how all of us have multiple pet households and how this woman we knew had dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and a horse. She had not ridden her horse at all last summer and would sometimes go a month or more without seeing him and yet she wouldn't sell him to his caretaker. We just couldn't figure out what was going on in her mind. Why have pets if you didn't spend time with them. Eventually the conversation came around to our own crazy households. She asked me if I planned on getting any more dogs and I said NO. I was perfectly happy with the status quo and I would never go hunting for a pet like the woman we had been talking about.
We talked about our favorite breeds and I joked about a quote I had once read that went something along the lines of "I regret that I only have one lifetime and won't be able to have every breed of dog that I wanted." We laughed and both said - Why couldn't you?
So she kept putting the question to me and asking if there wasn't some type of dog that I would break down and take home someday. I told her that while I love Goldens, I truly thought I'd never get another because no one could compare to my Maddie that I had for 12 years. The perfect Golden.
But she pressed on - "Come On!, there must be something that would make you change your mind."
So I told her there was one type of dog that I thought about but I had a lot of restrictions concerning it.
I said that someday I would like a Dachshund.
But not a big long one, more of a mini.
And I would never get a puppy, it would have to be one that needed a home.
And also a female dog. I am tired to male dogs wanting to raise their legs. Yep, definitely must be female.
And she couldn't be bossy, not the type that would get in Blue's face.
And she had to get along with cats.
Lastly it had to be a Dapple or a Piebald.
She laughed. She said it was like I making a list of stipulations so that I won't be tempted.
I just smiled and said, "Yeah, my NEXT dog has to be ALL of those things.
I felt pretty safe that a dog like that wouldn't just drop into my lap.
Not even ten minutes later a client walks in for her appointment and the receptionist calls to me to look at this woman's dog. An adorable little piebald mini-doxie. After the client came out from her dog's appointment, she asks if anyone would hold her dog while she paid her bill. So I held her little dog, who snuggled her face in the crook of my arm and then gave me kisses.
I laughed and said - I'm going to run out the door with her! she's just SO sweet!
The client said "Go ahead, I'm trying to downsize". I laughed it off and told her she would regret it. She nodded her head and said "Maybe, maybe not" and she would be "thinking" about it.
So fast forward about 10 days... guess who called me at work?!?!
She and her husband want to retire eventually and travel.
...and I have a new dog.
I sort of won my own personal lottery.
(Now I need to win the BIG money one.)
Her name is "Annie".
I'll probably keep that name....
although I've already called her "Petunia" and "Poppy" and "Daisy".
 Yeah, I know...I'm nuts. Crazy. Thank God I have my vet discount...and truly, there's no other type of breed of dog that I wished for. So, I'm done.
(She walked into my home and everyone had to give her a butt smelling greeting and then she instantly "clicked" with the problems, it's like she's been here all along.)
Careful what you wish for!


sassypackrat said...

I'd say she was meant to be with you! I got Lita kind of the same way. She was the only kind of dog I ever wanted if I even wanted a dog and it was love at first sight.

Anonymous said...

:-) :-) :-)
How many do You have now? Like You I've decided not to have any more until one of those I have goes to the big field in the sky.
But I did get Nova anyway so I'll never even think of another dog until that day :-) :-) :-)

But when that day comes I hope it'll be a fairly big one. One that doesn't die if I walk on it in the dark :-) :-) :-)

Good luck with the new one, she's adorable (I love dachshunds).

Georgina said...

Cindi, she's adorable!! I had a friend who had an adorable dachshund,and he was the most loving animal I'd ever known, except he hated mailmen..don't know why, but he did. Once he was able to break out the front door and nipped the guy in the cheeks..ya know which one's I'm referring too!! LOL

He had to go to doggie jail for a bit since the guy reported it, had to, but it never deterred him from going after postal types..he just hated them!! LOL

Just took my two dogs to the vet on Friday for a nail trim and Mr. Peanut has allergies...poor little guy, walked around for a week with his eyes closed...he's looking quite dapper now. I thought Maya was going to shake out of her skin...but that's what Chihuahuas do best, right??

Have a great weekend and again, you little Annie is adorable.


Pamela said...

I LOVE THIS POST! She looks like a sweetheart!

ODD imagination said...

Annie (Petunia,Poppy, Daisy) is soooo cute! I would have taken her too! You manifested her rather quickly as well. Within minutes! LOL
I want you apply that to money and think of your favorite kind of currency, and bring that home!

An Urban Cottage said...

I can't get over the fact that someone would consider a pet as part of their downsizing. It's incredibly sad.

Chris said...

Hi Cynthia, what a lovely story, she's delightful. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

denise said...

I can't believe it!! That is a great story. I love stuff like that. Funny how the Universe works. She's a cutie. The fact that she fit right in does mean it was just meant to be.

I agree with the sentiments of An Urban Cottage, and find it disheartening that someone would give their pet away due to downsizing. But, being in rescue, I see all sorts of reasons and in the end I've come to know that the dog ends up in a better life situation and gets incredible love. Unfortunately we live in a disposable society and some don't take responsibility for their choices because it's easy to find an 'out.'

You may think you won the lottery....I bet Annie feels the same way.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

OMG!!!! She is so pretty!!! I can't believe it!!! But she will probably be no trouble at all. She really has pretty markings. I always read your blog but just have not been commenting on anyone's blogs much lately. But I am thrilled that you got her. I have to know all about her.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

She is one lucky puppy!!!! Love to you and your family!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Debby said...

I am here from Nita's blog. I loved your story. I wanted you to hear's kinda long.
We found the nicest 4 week old puppy at the pound. She was an adorable springer spaniel. She lived 13 years and died of cancer. We were heartbroken. We waited about 2 months and got the urge to look at puppies, not really ready to adopt but knew if we found the right one we would. Hubby did not want another springer because of the memories. I wanted a small dog that didn't need haircuts. We also had a Yorkie. So one day we went to the pound. There was a sad dog that had just be rescued. We felt bad for the dog but we weren't going to take it. So we went next door to the Humane Society. They were closed for an hour. So we went to the pet shop. Of course, we loved all those but didnt want to buy one there. SO we went back to the HS. Walked out and my husband said he was so proud of me because I hadn't begged to adopt one of them. I told him I wanted to go check on that puppy at the pound to see if he was better. We walked in. Hubby was talking to the guy that worked there......I walked down a couple of cages. There stood a four month old springer spaniel that had just been dropped off. The lady that had brought him said he was walking down the street with a couple boys. So she stopped and picked him up and brought him to the pound????? Well I don't believe that. His paws were wet but so soft and clean. I didn't want a male dog........and he was a male. He looked just like our other springer. We waited four long days and no one claimed him. We adopted him and right away he had parvo. I nursed that little guy back to health. We love him dearly and he is one of the kindest gentle dogs ever. We will always wonder where he came from.
You new doggie is so cute and looks like an Annie.

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hi Cynthia,

I love her, love her big beautiful eyes. She is so expressive. Happy you took her. She belongs to you love.

My friend's dog died of cancer age 14 this week. It was sad, so sad to hear that Ben has left us.

It was nice to see you stop by hon.
Hugs from here.

Jann said...

She's a cutie patootie!!!! I love her coloring and her eyes.
You and Modvintagelife will HAVE to exchange "Doxzie" glad that she happened upon you.....: o)

lala said...

Oh my, how could anyone not fall in love with those big, soulful brown eyes!!! She is absolutely precious - and she was meant to be yours, you are both so lucky to have found each other.

Emma Green said...

Oh my gosh, that story is hilarious! Congrats on the new addition. She is a beautiful girl, and how amazing that things just happened to fall into place with her. I bet you and your other dogs will have a blast with her!

Traci said...

OMG what a cute story to go with a such a cute dog. I loved reading this.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Annie is adorable ...... congratulations
nice story