Sunday, November 6, 2011


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Alternative forms

  • alot widely considered as an incorrect/nonstandard spelling of "a lot"
a lot
  1. A large amount
  2. I have a lot of things to say.
  3. Many things, much.
    A lot depends on whether your parents agree.

    Translations: a large amount many things
a lot
  1. (idiomatic) very much; a great deal; to a large extent.
    Thanks a lot for listening to me.
    It's a lot harder than it looks.

  2. (idiomatic) often; frequently
    I go swimming a lot.

  3. I use the word alot, a lot. Spellchecker always turns it YELLOW. but I ignore it. After all it turns my own name YELLOW. But finally, I decided to double-check and WHO KNEW!?
Probably everyone, but NOT me.
So from now on it will be A LOT.
(FYI :Good-bye can be hyphenated or not.
Either is correct. Good to know.)


An Urban Cottage said...

It's okay. Alot of people do that.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Who cares...I love the glasses!!! Peace, Mary Helen

yoborobo said...

I get 'a while' and 'awhile' all mixed up, not to mention "in spite" seems like it should be "inspite". Then there's 'effect' and 'affect'. ACK! Thank goodness for my friend, Ms. Spellcheck and her pal Ms. Grammar. ;) Xox

Garden Girl☺ said...

Thanks A LOT for the info! I appreciate it A LOT ! haha. :) hmmmm.... now that I think about it, I dont know which one I use! From now on it is going to be a lot. :)

Robin Kent said...

I do alot as well and my computer calls me out on it. Awhile is another one. I'm sure there's more, I seem to use certain words often (alot?).