Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Being Healthy

Last Tuesday made 7 weeks since I started eating Healthy.
NO Saturated Fat
NO Trans Fat
No Cholesterol
I do eat a little bit of Cholesterol.
I have chicken breast grilled in my George Foreman and there's some in that.
I snack sometimes on lean oven-roasted deli turkey meat.
and I have Fish. Tuna, Salmon and filet's of some sort.
I forget what kind but the cholesterol was low.
I read the cereal boxes and eat things like Shredded Wheat with fresh berries.
I snack on rice cakes, pretzels and prunes.
I LOVE prunes. I know that it's the sugar from them that I'm craving but they have become my ice cream, my chocolate chip cookies.
and Fat Free Fig Newtons!
I roast brussel sprouts with mushrooms, I microwave sweet potatoes.
I eat light Progresso soup for lunch or a can of beans.
I'm not walking much after work but I will work on that. I'm thinking that maybe I just need to do it very early in the morning. Get it over with and out of the way.
Early, when it's quiet, when there's not a lot of other people out walking. And of course it would be easier to walk Blue then.
Less dogs to encounter, less people who feel like they need to cross the street in fear and less kids who run full force at him.
I got one of those pedometers to wear at work.
I read that I need to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.
The first day that I forgot to put it on until I had been at work for an hour, but by the end of the work day I had walked just under 15,000 steps.
So I'm feeling a whole lot better.
 No more nausea, dizziness. No more aching all over.
I have so much more energy and while I'm doing this for my health and so that I don't die soon,
I'm also doing it to get my weight down.
The first week I lost 8 lbs. The next week 3 more, bringing it to 11.
The week after that the scale teetered between a 12 and 13 lb loss. and the next week a firm 14.
14, it stayed there for a couple of weeks and FINALLY it's 16.
16 in 7 weeks and I haven't cheated once.
How can I cheat?
I'm not on a diet. I'm just trying not to DIE.

Then I worked all that overtime and didn't get enough sleep.
I didn't take care of myself.
 I tried to rest on Sunday and I did sort of.
Just cleaned the house a little and caught up laundry.
Then it's been back to craziness at work again.
I truly think that if I hadn't been so careful with my food intake,
I would have crashed and burned.
I just have to get the rest of my fence put up this weekend and lay those paving squares and spray the bottom of the ravine with brush killer and cut the limbs up for the garbage pick-up and then I will really rest.
and start painting!
I have SO many ideas and techniques I want to try.


Sandy Mastroni said...

wow Cindi .... that's GREAT
VERY inspiring .... I may come back and read this everyday !
I just can't get started ... well ... maybe I did ...
I've started drinking lots of water , then at night all I do is 10 minutes of exercise , but I guess that's better than nothing

sassypackrat said...

Glad to hear you are doing well and feeling so good!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Wow! You are doing so great. I know if I eat high fat body feels all stiff the next day. I quit drinking Dr. Pepper when Shelly quit drinking it when she was soooo sick. But then she started drinking again and so did I. I've only drank about 1 a day at the most...whereas she would drink like 5 a day. But after she died it sickened me to think about drinking it. First, because I don't think it did her cancer any good. The fact that she practically lived on the stuff for most of her life. She was unlucky in that she stayed thin drinking the stuff all day long.

Anyway...after Newman died and her ...I just didn't care about it any more. Plus I didn't care about any food at all. My appetite has returned in the last couple of months...but I don't want junk food. And I'm alone so much...I can choose when I eat. When I'm with others I eat too much because they get hungry more often than I.

So...I have lost 50 pounds since Newman died. Unfortunately, I'd gained so much that it's not that noticeable. My friends have noticed but I really need to start on the next 50 to feel really good.

Of course this wouldn't have happened if I was still at a desk job.

So happy you are feeling better. I live on edamame, brussel sprouts and diced tomatoes. Salad too of course. Lots of ice tea.

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

Great! I'm impressed!

I'm also glad to read that You did nothing on Sunday :-)It is so important to have days when one just relax, well some cleaning is allowed I think :-)

Have a great day!

An Urban Cottage said...

Good for you! I was doing well but I kind of fell off. It all revolves around how busy and/or stressed I am at work. If I didn't have to work, I'd eat really well and work out all the time. It's so hard to find that balance.

You've given me the motivation to get my act together again...this weekend.