Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the usual plus two

hate them.
they seem to be easily forgotten or end in failure.
why set myself up again?
but, ok...
here ya go -

figure out my future.
dust myself off from falling off the health wagon
and get ready to jump on the next one coming up the bend.
get rid of the junk in my house, i.e. organize.
finish projects.
do my art stuff.

learn to ride a horse.
I haven't ridden one in almost forty years.
when I was young and my mom was around, I used to get to ride on trails for my birthday
or on some special Saturdays.
now it seems like that never really happened, it's been so long ago.
like an old movie that I faintly remember.
I kinda just decided it would never happen again, too many things to do.
but why not?
yep, there's a resolution.
and one more....

that I REALLY don't want to do but
my niece is adamant about it.
to get over my fear of snakes.
Fear is not really the right word here.
what word describes paralyzing panic to the point of not being able to breath.
derangement: mental unsoundness ???
and it's not the getting "bit" part.
that doesn't even frighten me, I'm not scared at all about that.
I've been bit before, not by a snake but...
it's the slithering and winding and the wrapping around part.
I can't even post a photo, they bother me that much.
but my niece thinks I need to get over it,
that the "fear" is locking up more than I realize.
I don't like that anything could have that much power over me
and what if I was riding a horse and we came across a snake?
ok, so my usual resolutions plus two new ones.
did you make any resolutions?
care to share?


An Urban Cottage said...

That's a lot of resolutions it seems to me. I try to keep it to one so I'm not so disappointed when I fail. Better to keep expectations low.

Happy New Year!

yoborobo said...

Cindi, I used to be afraid of snakes (and I still don't like them a whole lot), but once I held one, it helped me not to be so terrified if I saw one. You won't see me getting one for a pet, however - lol. Resolutions...hmm. I want to work on friendships, and spend time with my family and the people who care about me. If I lost 30 pounds, that would be great, too - hahaha! xox

Anonymous said...

I never care about resolutions, I know I'll break them within a week or two anyway :-)

But I think that getting rid of the fear of snakes is a good thing to do :-) Good Luck on that one :-)

Have a good continuing of the new year!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Dear friend we all have fears that hold us tight...a 4 year old brought me a garter snake in the studio at Dawes...take one day at a time...and I want ride a horse too again. Happy Happy New 2013.... I love spending time with you. PEACE, Mary Helen

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I was just looking at snakes tonight at Petsmart. They have some pretty cute ones...although I'd rather have a little green lizard or a turtle. The turtle was very cute....$70 though. And dogs are better so why bother with a turtle. My fantasy is to have a big one living in my backyard...but I know that will never come to pass.

Thanks for your advice today.

Robin Kent said...

My resolution is the same one I hint at every year (still working on it). That is to make the most of the 'me' time. I feel satisfaction when creating and when I get stuck, I need to add extra time/energy to that project to puzzle it out. Not always possible. Staying organized also helps open up hidden 'me' time.

Robin Kent said...

PS Love horses and riding. Haven't done it in years. Poor snakes. They can use some compassion since they're missing the fur factor.