Friday, April 5, 2013


This post might run a little long but it might be a while until I post again, so here we go.
First. What's on your screensaver?
For the longest time I had an illustration of an old black scrawny mean black cat.
Go figure.
Then the other day, somehow I accidentally replaced it with a different photo.
I assume it happened when I was "saving" a photo.
While I liked the photo, I didn't want it for a screensaver.
So I sat for a while and thought about it.
I put up a background photo of a wide open plain with a horse running across it.
It wasn't right. I wanted something inspirational, something to motivate me every time I sat down to the computer.
I finally found the perfect photo. It motivates me and it makes me feel good.
I actually stop for a moment each time and just stare at it.
Beatrice Wood.
What could be better for me?
A beautiful artist that enjoyed life and created Art.
She didn't worry that she was too old. She never worried about retirement.
She just kept going, well past 100.
Here's more about Beatrice.
So, What's on YOUR screensaver and Why?

OK, the second thing.
I got an email for a Call for Entry. I'm not even sure how they have my name and email but....
I would have less than 2 weeks to have something ready to submit to them and I don't want to slap something together.
But that's always my story, never ready for when opportunity knocks.
And if I enter something, I want to be happy and proud of it, not just lukewarm.
I need to have Art ready and I don't.
I have so much on my plate right now and I guess that I always do but my Art always gets shoved to the back-burner.
Spring of course has added to my MUST-DO List.
So something has to give and I guess for a while it's the blog.
I'm not going to disappear completely, (sometimes I truly think my blogger friends are the only people keeping me sane but...)
I just don't have enough time for it all.
I will continue to read all my favorite blogs,
I plan on doing that on my coffee/non-cigarette breaks at work,
but it's hard for me to "comment" while at work.
WordPress loads slowly for me and Word Verification on Blogger stalls me and I can be in the middle of a comment and get called away or get caught when SOMEONE comes walking through my area.
So, yeah. I'll be lurking but not always sending out my thoughts.
Just so that you know, I'm still here, silently reading.
Same thing with Posting. I have a few posts that I've been working on, things I wanted to share but never finished, that might get published at some point but other than that, I will be missing in action.
I DO want to try to post my current Artwork but even that will be short and sweet.
I also check Facebook in the mornings before I leave for work, so you can always send me a message or whatever HERE.
I have to check in daily with Facebook just to share Cat photos and Inspirational or Sassy quotes and stay in touch with local people who don't have time to actually TALK to me.
and so...
This where RERUNS come into play.
I don't know about you but sometimes in the summer I watch the reruns of shows that I don't watch during the regular TV season and I find that I was indeed missing something.
On some blogs, including my own, there are links to past posts to read...kinda like "reruns".
There are many blogs that I Follow and I will happen to read a post that was written before I discovered them and then I'm so glad that I did.
So I will do RERUNS of some of my old posts.
Not actual new posts but a link to a past one that I liked writing or that was, for some ODD reason, popular.
Some people never watch reruns so I get it if this isn't something you will want to bother with.
But I thought it could be a way for me not to be completely forgotten.
So what will I be doing when I not glued to my laptop any more?
Well - Finish the remodeling I'm doing
on my bathroom
and my bedroom
and the spare bedroom
and the kitchen
and the laundry room
and the stairs
and the living room
and landscaping the yard
digging up flowers, moving flowers, putting down grass seed.
putting up more fencing.
terracing the back yard
and painting...
the address sign I'm making for my house
and the front steps
and the shutters I got from ReStore
and the picnic table and
oh, my ART
to sell at the Farmers Market.
and in case someone else sends me a Call for Entry.
and to finish my illustrations of my book about Kanga
so that I can start the one about Blue.
and of course....working at my day (and sometimes weekend) job.
Oh, I need to fit in walking too, with my dogs.
When I finally CATCH UP...
I'll be back in full force. Posting and commenting.
it shouldn't take me too long, right?


An Urban Cottage said...

That's the longest I'm-taking-a-break post I've ever seen. It should keep me busy for a good long time while you focus on exciting and important things. Go for it. We'll wait. Right here.

An Urban Cottage said...

No, really. I'm not leaving.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Go to it girl! I'm glad you posted this so I won't be worried...I'll just know you are busy, busy, busy. I promised myself no blogging till I get the outside cleaned up some. Big trash day is this week...and I have so much that needs to be hauled off. That is my plan for tomorrow and then work in the evening. And here I go thinking I cannot live another moment without painting my living room and dining room when I still have rooms in my house that I never painted. It is crazy. I'm going to work hard on my list too.

thecottagebythecranelaketwo said...

I change background photo every season, right now I have one with Doris the Doe by my pond.

It's always good to take a break every now and again :-)

Have a great break!

sassypackrat said...

Whew you are busy! Getting out of bed every day is my biggest achievement lately. I've let my blog slide too. There is only so much you can get done in a day so I understand. Enjoy the time away!

Georgina said...

Love your post, Cindi! I don't post much nowadays, but when I do, they're usually long ones too. As for reruns, I love them too. Last night I did something I've never done before, I changed the channel from a "Big Bang Theory" to watch a movie I hadn't seen in a while...another rerun!! LOL

My screen saver is one of the most annoying things lately. When I purchased this PC last year, it came with it's own screen saver and I can't seem to remove it. If I'm busy reading something, the stupid thing pops up...hate it. I'm hoping my little brother can come over and fix that, since he'll be in town for a few days...he's a computer whiz...that's his job too.

My wallpaper is something else, though. I have a pic of two of my grandchildren, 10 year old Ry and 15 month old, cute!! LOL

Have a great weekend and don't work too hard, lady...take lots of time to create your adorable little animals...blowing kisses to Blue.


barbandemily said...

I'll miss you - but I'll know what you're up to. Go for it!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

What a great post...but I will miss you..until you return. Beatrice Woods is my heroine...she lived long, proud, loved good chocolates and young men! You are loved! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Jan said...

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Blogging takes up a lot of time so go do the things you really want and need to do and I've got you on my blog list so hopefully won't miss any reruns and since I've only been following you for a short time they will likely be all new to me. I went for 6 months without a new post nor a rerun. Then I couldn't stand seeing that same old picture on my last post so finally created a new one. Take care and be well.

yoborobo said...

I think we all need to take a break from blogging now and then, and everyone understands. We're all too busy. Just enjoy the Spring and planting and your furkids, and we'll all check in with you now & then. :) xo

Jan said...

I had to come back because I forgot to follow your Beatrice Wood link the first time. I was not familiar with her, what a fascinating woman. To think of having the last 25 years of one's life to be the most productive and those years being after age Thanks for introducing me to her.

Sandy Mastroni said...

whatever you do Cindi ... have fun , enjoy it all !
I'll miss your posts , I'll be thinking of you !
hope you post still once in a while to show us what you're up to !