Saturday, August 17, 2013

A couple of reasons why I needed a break

Do you remember why I was able to have my Hattie?
Her previous mom had several dogs, all older than Hattie and her husband had retired and she would be retiring in a few years herself and they hoped to travel. They thought it best to find Hattie a home so when their "seniors" passed, they would be able to come and go without worries.
Yep, that was the story.
A little more than a week ago, the office girls at work told me that this woman had an appointment for one of her dogs....
and her two NEW puppies.
I stayed away from the receptionist desk during the time that she was scheduled to come in.
Later I walked up and said "OK, just tell me. What did she bring in?"
The girls shook their heads and told me that besides her "not that old" Shih-tzu, her new puppies were a long-haired dachshund and a lab.
I just don't get it.
I'm happy that I have my Hattie...but why?

Then last weekend there came a knock on my front door.
I walked out and there stood a woman that I haven't seen in almost 14, maybe 15? years.
"Hey! Do you remember me?" she asked.
I did. I actually had first met her at her garage sale when she talked me into taking a cat that she had been feeding, (long story that I won't go into here.) and then one day she called me at my work and asked for me and asked if I would take her mothers dog.
Her mom had died and her grown daughter had taken the dog but it wasn't fitting in with their lifestyle.
So, I took the little tiny TEN YEAR OLD Maltese and said I'd try to find it a home.
I fully intended to look for a home because at that time in my life, I only had large dogs.
I had my Golden, a Chow mix, a Newfie mix and Deaf Boxer.....and cats.
I took that little terrified thing home and she instantly bonded with me.
She was glued to my side.
The woman called me to see how she was doing and then told me how the little dog used to wander down the front yards at her daughters home and that she would furiously go after her and then kick her all the way home.
I was sick.
I changed the little dog's name from Angel to Vivian.
I wanted her to have a brand new life.
My niece, Lily the one that works with me, was just a little kid at the time. We would take that little dog everywhere and slowly she came out of her frightened shell. One Spring, Lily and I took Vivian to the Easter Parade with a homemade bonnet and we dressed her up and made her PINK using Kool-Aid.

Vivian was so happy and trotted proudly around the park in the parade.
Another time I made an "Nemo" outfit for her and Lily walked her down the runway at a Halloween contest. 
We three had some much fun together and so began my love of little dogs.
I had Vivian for 6 more years and I sobbed when the day came to let her go to Heaven.
So, this woman asked if I remembered her and I said "Yes".
"Do you still have Angel?" I just looked at her and slowly said "No....she passed away YEARS ago, when she was 16."
"Oh! yeah, she was OLD! anyway, I've got a problem. My daughter has this 10 yr old cat and her husband just told her if she doesn't get rid of it NOW, he's going to take it out and shoot it tomorrow. Can YOU take it?"
She continued to ramble on and finally I said that if her daughter would bring her to my work, I would try to find her a home but I could not personally take her. That I have enough pets to care for.
So, she took my number and said she'd have her daughter call me.
About a half hour later the daughter calls me. I won't go into the entire conversation but basically the cat had NEVER had any vaccinations in her life and this woman refused to help in anyway to pay for anything to get her updated on her medical stuff. I told her that I couldn't find this kitty a home without it being current on vaccinations. That was met with dead silence. Then I asked if the cat was peeing in the house? There was another long pause and then she said No. That he husband was just tired of her. Finally she got very abrupt and said she would just take her to the shelter!
Then she ended to conversation by asking "Do you still have Angel?" 
I told her no, she had died years ago. 
I could still see little Vivian's face in my mind and felt my heart hurting.
Then this woman added "Ehh! I could never stand that dog!"
I am not a violent person but I felt such anger that I'm glad she wasn't standing in front of me.
Instead, I just said "Good luck with your cat and hung up"
So you see, I've been kinda mentally exhausted,
and physically too.
Last week was a nightmare because everyone was boarding their dogs for that last vacation time slot before school starts. 
Now things have come to a screeching halt because everyone has gone back to school but it will begin to pick up after everyone gets into their daily routine and then the Holidays will be upon us.
But last week was just CRAZINESS and I came in on Monday to find a boarder, an elderly poodle who had been active and spunky on the weekend, laying in his kennel losing his bowels.
I ran him up to the lab area and the vet looked him over and took some blood and his temperature. 
I took him back and gave him a bath, he was a horrible mess.
(this is not the boarder but he bears an uncanny resemblance.)

He was almost lifeless and I carefully towel-dried him and then carried him back to the lab area to leave him in the hospital area.
Suddenly he started having a seizure.
His blood-work had printed out and his white blood cell count was through the roof.
The vet thought it must be a cancer.
Then the little dog had another seizure and the vet called the owners.
No one answered so he left a message. Then there was another seizure and then another and finally the owners called and said to release his tired old body from his suffering. Apparently he's had issues before.
It's been a NOT fun week or so and that's one of the reasons I needed a break.
That and I have so much to do here at home....
and I haven't even told you about the deer yet. 
That's for another post.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You work with your pure heart...I adopted a kitten yesterday ...well paid for the adoption ...someone had abandoned over 40 kittens and they were we had operation Whiskers today to have many of them adopted! I love you so...I wish you Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Robin Kent said...

I wish every pet that was abused, ignored, or somehow demeaned could have an aura shield around them to keep them safe from all those inhumane people. I'd wish the same shield for you, too.

Jan said...

Sorry so much gets thrown at you but also so grateful there are people like you out there. I do hope the nasty ones get their just dues. Take care of yourself.

An Urban Cottage said...

You're doing God's work. I'll never understand people. I think I would have punched the bitch in the teeth (sorry). I don't know how you do what you do but there'll be a special place in heaven for you and the all the sweet animals that you help. That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it just becomes too much and then a break is necessary.

But I do wonder why on earth she got more dogs if they were planning on travelling?? Some people never stops to surprise me.

Have a great day!

Cute deer :-)

Nita Stacy said...

This post hurt to read. But it started with cute little Hattie's face. She looks like she is a little mess like my Sally. Sally has been doing great by the way. But oh...all these stories make me so sad. People make me sick. I wish we could watch over all the animals in the world. I wish all dog and cat moms were like you.

How lucky Vivian was to have you. pretty she was!

I can't imagine seeing the things you see all the time and staying upbeat. I could never work at a would have me crying all the time.

Love you my have such a big kind heart. Your babes are so lucky to have you as their Mom.

leslie said...

There are no words. My God, you are amazing.

Gillian, @look_mama said...

I agree with Leslie, you are amazing!

Hattie is adorable, Vivian was adorable... both so lucky you rescued them.

What crappy owners. Some people are total deadshits.