Monday, September 2, 2013


I don't know why really, but this weekend I have done a lot of reflecting back on my life and in turn, looking forward.
Maybe it's because I've been watching a marathon of the TV show "Six Feet Under".
Maybe this show about funeral home directors has me analyzing my life.
I'm not thinking about dying. I'm thinking about just the past few years and the ones to come.
So I went back to the beginning of my blog and read my first post:
I wanted a place to connect with people who love art, cats, dogs, flowers and all things that make me happy! I wanted to be able to show photos of my work and get input and constructive comments. I wanted to be able to ramble on about things that make me happy: the smell of just cut grass, birds splashing in the birdbath, "lightning" bugs (fireflies), my dogs racing around after each other playing and my cat sleeping in the same dog bed with my old dog. So I hope to make some great new friends who share my interests!

OK, surprisingly I have done that. I've found kindred spirits.
People who I connect with that share some invisible thread of thought,
although we have never met.
And that makes me happy.

My second post was about Ghost.
How very ironic.
Just this morning as I stood at my back door, feeling the cool air and gazed at the Morning Glories and being so thankful that the temperature has finally dropped.
I thought to myself , too bad that the cats can't go out and experience all this breathtaking nature.
It's a very quiet morning and yet I can hear several cars swooshing by the front of the house.
Suddenly I realize that they are headed for the Labor Day Parade that travels just a few blocks from my home.
Then I remembered. It was Labor Day weekend that Ghost became lost.
That Friday evening when he timidly ventured out with Harry and Fagan and didn't return for a month and 3 days.
Wow, that happened 6 years ago.

Some things have changed since then but so much has remained the same.
I feel like I'm on a merry go round, happily riding up and down, safe and content.

But what if my carousel horse magically broke free and we flew into the unknown?

Would it be a grand adventure? or regretful journey that would put everything at risk.
and...haven't I been THERE before?
Haven't I learned anything. 
Jeez, what is with me today?
Maybe it's just because it's the end of summer
and the beginning of Fall is just around the corner
and that has me thinking like this.
I do love Fall.
I think I will go to Menards (home Improvement Store) and buy some edgers for my front yard.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love you more with each post...and just the way you are. Your love for animals and well me renewed HOPE for today! Happy Labor Day! Happy Happy Happy!!! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

An Urban Cottage said...

What's with you? This is New Year's shit.

sarah @ homeologymodernvintage said...

i love seeing your artwork! and that's a mighty cute cat by the way ;)

Jan said...

So do you still have Ghost? I hope so. My neighbors had a cat that disappeared for a year and then came back on Christmas day. It was like a miracle!
I'm happy to have met you and your blog.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes Jan, I still have Ghost.
The first photo of him was taken 6 years ago and the second photo was just a couple of weeks ago.
and I'm glad to have met you too!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we need to think back sometimes to be able to move ahead? I've done much the same this summer but I have moore been thinking of old friends and a lot of my old grandma. It feels like I was visiting her just yesterday but it's almost twenty years since she passed away.

Time flies and tomorrow the old boys will become ten years old! Wasn't it yesterday they were crawling around on my kitchen floor :-)

Have a great day!

Nita Stacy said...

Just saw this post....having a hard time keeping up of late. I am so glad you blog because I wouldn't have you as a friend if you didn't. I just wish we lived close to each other. Sometimes I feel I'll go crazy...because no one understands. But you do. I remind myself of you...and that you go around and around on a merry go round too just like me. I watch other people's lives change drastically and mine stays pretty much the same going round and round. I have to be grateful that it's not a roller coaster...and that I can fling me and my horse off into an adventure if I wish. I guess.....

Love your blog....keep going.... Love that you show the dogs a lot these days....