Sunday, August 28, 2016


Sorry that I'm so late on posting what happened with Blue.
And sorry for the length of this post.

It's been an exhausting few days. 
I brought Blue to work on Friday and he had finally pooped!
I was so happy but when they did another X-ray, while it showed that the barium had finally made its way into the intestines (It shows up white on X-ray ) there was also a big white blob still in his tummy.
The techs said to try to feed him and see if it would budge.
So he finally ate some canned food, the first food in a few days!

He went potty again, not much and it was runny.

Doc looked at the X-rays and there's definitely something that you could now see an outline of.
Maybe a wash rag or something is what he said.
He wanted to do another X-ray at noon, since Blue just had some canned food and then diarrhea.
To see if it moved any more.
He didn't want to do surgery quite yet since there's been a little bit of movement.

I tried to be calm but inside I was freaking out!
The night before I kept waking up and then I'd have to make sure he was ok.
In the morning, driving him to work, I totally lost it when he suddenly leaned his head over from the passenger seat and rested it in my shoulder.
I was having a really hard time being strong and thinking positive.

(Blue, resting between X-rays)

So after the X-Ray at noon, where they could see something in his belly but entering into his intestines, the 
tech said if Blue would eat, then see if maybe I could get him to eat enough to push it through.
So I gave him canned food and squirted cheese whiz on it and he ate quite a bit.
He seemed to be in good spirits and Doc thought we could give him the weekend to see if it would work it's way through.

It was really busy at work because on Fridays there are only two vets so Doc was double booked while the other vet, was doing an emergency exploratory surgery on someone else's dog. She started surgery at 1:30 and it wasn't finished until 4:30. They weren't sure what was inside the dog and it took quite a long while.

SO, about 3:30 or so I took Blue outside again to see if he'd poop.

He was walking slower and getting into the position to poop but nothing.
I could see his stomach ripple and kinda tremble.
But no poop.

I went in and told Doc and he was frowning and thinking and then said to take another X-ray.
So we did and it was obvious that Blue was in distress now.
He was breathing heavy and quivering.
The X-ray showed no change and Doc said Blue needed surgery.
We agreed to do it and not wait. 

Doc finished his appointments and the other vet finished up her surgery.
I helped the girls as they prepped him and when Doc came in, I left.
I've been in surgeries before but I couldn't handle seeing Blue cut into.
Lily came in to help.
So in 40 minutes. Start to finish, Doc cut him open, cut out some fat, cut his belly and pulled out a huge woolen thermal winter sock.
It was so big that it would never had gone through his intestines.
I was shocked.

Some of the other techs and the other vet started to make jokes about how socks disappear in the laundry and that's when it hit me.
I'd been so confused as to how he got socks when I haven't worn any since it was cold out.
But when my washer quit and I pulled it away from the wall, a lot of stuff had fallen behind it and there was some old dog food under there so I had run and got a dust pan as I shoo'd the dogs away.
I didn't want anyone eating that icky stuff.
I remember rags, wash cloths, and stuff and I bet there were socks!!!
He must gave gobbled them up as I shoved the washer out the door and down the steps!!!!
So I think that solves the mystery!

I must say that Doc can upset me at times, but he knows his stuff. I don't think Blue could have lasted 3 hours on the table.
Lily said it was the quickest surgery she's ever seen.
She said Doc just went in there and got it, double checked that there was nothing else, flushed it out and closed him up!

I couldn't take Blue home that night because he was out cold (and too big to carry although he's 
down to 140lbs) but I would get him in the morning.

My friend Katie, the vet tech, went in that night  to give him his injection, pain medication.
And to check on him.
She lives minutes away and I'm across the river in Illinois.

So she sent me photos while she tended to him.

Here's where he's just awake

and then another where he's turned around and he has an e-collar on.

I asked if he hated the collar and she replied that he was already snoring and the walls were rattling!
That's my boy!
So I went to bed and slept very restlessly.
In the morning I hurried downstairs to let the dogs outside to potty.
My cat Harry was in the kitchen.
I don't write as often about my cats but I have so many stories about Harry.
I have had him longer than any pet ever.
He is so special and I've tried to explain to people that he's not really a cat at all but a person trapped in a cat's body.
People always give me that "you are crazy" look but then they meet Harry and fall instantly in love.
You'd just have to meet him in person to understand but he's super important to me and I've had him for 17 years.

So this morning he was crying loudly and walking wobbly.
I ran to the basement for a cat carrier and scooped him up and rushed to the clinic.
I sent a message to the tech that was working that I was on the way with Harry.

I have to drive over a bridge to go from Illinois to Iowa.
I got to the Government Bridge and it was blocked off so I had to turn around and head for the Centinnenial Bridge.
Traffic was lined up because of a big tractor going across.
Apparently they were having a Tractor Show in the East Village.
So as I drove behind this tractor going 20 miles an hour, I lost it.
I was just sobbing.

Finally I arrived at the clinic.
We did several X-rays of Harry.
Luckily we found nothing.
Nothing broken.
No mass inside of him.
He wasn't blocked.

So they drew blood and while they ran his blood work I went back to Blue.
He had an accident over night and they had cleaned him up.
He wouldn't eat breakfast but that's not a surprise. 
I took him outside and he moved very slow and his back was hunched.
He was really sore.
I cleaned his bottom up and his tail.
Then I took him back to his run and gave him his pills.
Because of his size, he's got a handful of them.

Then I went back to check on Harry.
His bloodwork was fine.
The vet couldn't find any bruises or wounds and she checked him over thoroughly.
Doc stopped in and we asked him to give Harry an adjustment while he was there.
He said Harry's neck was really out bad.
He said it would be sore for a while after the adjustment.
The other vet had the tech give Harry a time released pain injection and then they gave me more pain medicine for him to have at home.

I loaded up Harry in the car
And lined the passenger seat with bedding and went and got Blue.
He got into the car like an old person and I buckled him in.

When we got home, Blue took the 5 steps up to the house very slow and gingerly.
I guess we will be sleeping in the living room for a while.
He's not ready for all those steps to upstairs.
When he got inside the house, he just went and laid down in front of the fan.

I brought Harry in and he hid for a while but then came out and I held him as we all took a nap.

I must say, this has been an exhausting few days.
Usually I feel physically exhausted! LOL!
But now it's more mentally and emotionally.

Sorry for such a long post.
I just wanted to share what happened and get it all out of my head.

And finally,
to everyone who sent positive healing thoughts and energy out for Blue.
And thank you for so much more than that too. The emails and the support and the HELP.
Truly, I'm blessed. 


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I don't know how you do it. So many lives depending on you. Your art needs to take off and bring you financial rewards, not for yourself but for the expenses involved in keeping your family going and in good health! I am amazed at all you do and will be sending thoughts up to bring down blessings on you and yours. You deserve a huge amount of happiness and good fortune and it's time the tide turned as they say.

tammy j said...

I lost my comment.
so if you find it and there are now two...
you are amazing.
you have the strength of ten thousand!
and never apologize for the length of the posts. to see what you live through is incredible. and it makes us feel closer to you.
you are so loved by us all.
and bless doc.
he DOES know his stuff!
to know that blue and harry are with you and getting better... it's gold.
pure gold.
rest dear heart. try to rest now.

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! Please send good thoughts! LOL!
I need to have things slow down just a tiny bit so I can get creative.
I guess that's the problem.
Sometimes if I have a few spare minutes, I find myself either doing things that need to be done
or doing nothing at all.
I know that even if I'm not in a creative inspirational mood, I need to just START doing it and it will come.
That's what I need to do.
Thank you!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you for those kind words.
It truly helps me so much to know that I have friends that are out there, supporting me and sending out good thoughts and energy when we need it.

You are so right, Doc does know his stuff. I try not to think about how he will be retiring in 5 years or so...
Last year when I made the remark that Blue was going to live to be 20, he said 20?! I can't be working that long! and laughed. So he knows.

I need to work on some Halloween stuff and then I'll rest, but Thank You!

Janneke said...

Pffffft, so Blue had together three socks in his tummy, poor dog. Can imagine you had some heavy days, I hope Harry is better now and I suppose Blue will recover soon too, considered his age he is a tough boy.

Cindi Myers said...

Harry seems much better.
I can't believe it was just his neck but evidently it was!
Kinda wish we tried that before the blood work and x-rays! LOL! Groan.
Oh well... at least I know he's healthy even if it keeps me broke.

And Blue, he finally ate a little bit! I agree, he's one tough boy.
That's what had me so worried. His age.
Everyone keeps reminding me that he's already past what some Great Danes live to.
Of course that makes me mad. but... yep, once again he defied the odds!
But I really believe all the good energy coming his way helped tremendously.
Thanks again!

Connie in Hartwood said...

Sending a big hug to you, to help you get through this latest stressful time with Blue and Harry.

K and T said...

Oh my goodness. I cannot imagine the stress you have been going through with Blue,and then Harry. I am so glad they both seem to be doing better; 3 socks? Good grief those pups can eat anything :). You have amazing strength to get your family through this - your boys have some strong wills to want to stay in your wonderful family. When Sammy recovered from surgery last year (at 12 1/2) he looked rough for a little while but made it. We had to resort to chicken and rice to get him through the antibiotics, and then endured a hunger strike when we went back to kibble, but he is doing well now. All worth it! Blue is a lucky boy.

Take care.

CheerfulMonk said...

Plenty of good wishes coming from here! I hope you have a chance to rest up --- you've just been through the wringer. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much!

Cindi Myers said...

K and T,
Thank you for your kind words and for commenting!
I must admit, Harry about sent me over the edge.
I'm so lucky that they are both doing well.
How wonderful that you did surgery for your Sammy at his advanced age.
I know some might have questioned me doing so for Blue but for me, there was no question.
Blue has to eat soft canned food for a week and today he ate a little bit of it but Harry came in and ate some of it too! LOL!
I think Blue was lucky to have Doc doing his surgery and that with me working there, we could do it right away!
Thanks again!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you SO MUCH for your support and HELP!
It helped take some of the stress away.
You are right about resting, I'm kinda running on empty
but hopefully this week will go much smoother!
It has to! LOL!

Elle Clancy said...

That is wonderful news, on both Blue and Harry! I swear Blue reminds me of my Spenser....he used to eat everything and anything, no matter how closely I watched him. They are very clever at snatching things, aren't they? I am so glad both your babes are feeling better!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes! the very best news!
I do have to watch Blue as far as paper towels and such.
He always tried to swipe them off the counter but
I never had to worry about socks before!
I am going to be hyper-careful now!
Thank you for your kind words.
I'm so relieved that they are ok too!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

All I can say is I second what everyone else said. You are an amazingly strong woman and you deserve every happiness. Thank goodness Blue is going to be ok (and Harry!).

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!