Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's raining and quite cool!

I can't believe that last week everyone had their air-conditioners going full blast and now today I am thinking about putting on a sweatshirt! The weather report for tomorrow is back to the heat!
You know what they say about the Midwest, if you don't like the weather just give it a day!
I am uploading some of my photos today and I am having trouble with the editing! I am pretty new to everything in the computer world but last week I had to get the video card replaced and I am wondering if somehow my HP Photo Premier got messed up...
Anyway I came across the photo of my mailbox that I painted and I thought I'd show it (even though I couldn't crop it down properly!)
I painted it to look like my dog "Blue". He's a Great Dane mix (mixed with pony?) and he's deaf.
I have him and a small "herd" of little dogs and of course a few cats. Everyone has been a rescue.
But I'm not really sure who rescued who! They make me so happy and inspire most of my work!

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Danita said...

Hi there!
Thanks a lot for your comments in my blog :)
I love your dog mixed with a pony... you made me laugh with that one!