Tuesday, July 14, 2009

REAL friends are hard to find!

Some people think they are good friends if they met you for lunch and gossip.
If they call you and chat about the latest. If they can squeeze you in between all their activities to met for dinner. They tend to be the same people who are so busy chatting with other people while you are on the phone with them and you get the impression that they haven't heard a word you've said.
REAL friends are the ones who encourage you when you feel scared.
Tell you that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to and are able to list off your past accomplishments.
They remember you had a doctors appointment and ask how things went.
They are the ones that actually remember what color you where going to paint something and what your latest project is and will call with ideas or to share some new info.
They love to brainstorm about their projects and get excited talking about it with you. They can envision exactly what you are trying to describe to them and give honest input.
They make you happy and inspired!
They are there when you need someone to lean on.
I am so blessed to have some REAL friends in my life!

Here's a little story about my 2 dogs who are REAL friends to each other.

Blue, my big deaf Dane mix and his buddy, my little Chihuahua "Twinkle". (Twinkle was abused when she was just a puppy. An Animal Control officer was pulling into a parking lot just in time to see a man throwing the little puppy across it. She luckily survived but obviously had suffered prior abuse - very thin and hair missing. He released the puppy to the shelter, was fined and sent to Anger Management classes. Then the Humane Society called me! I had rescued a few dogs already from them and they knew I'd be willing to add her to my family.)
She ADORES Blue and follows him everywhere and waits for him to lie down so she can clamor up on top of him. It's real sight to see when he rolls over, she runs on top of him like she's rolling on a log! He's so gentle with her. When he eats (his bowl is up on a bench) and as he gobbles it up, food drops from his mouth and she eats it up! He doesn't care for any of my other dogs. Just her. When Twinkle hears something she runs in front of him and barks. I don't know if he feels a vibration or just sees her mouth going but then he starts barking. Talk about REAL FRIENDS!!!


Mundo Mundaca said...

Sooooo beautiful your dogs.!CUT!

yasmin Mundaca

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

This is so adorable! I love love so much.
Thanks for your sweet words and inspiration!!

Tara Ross Studios said...

So sweet, and I love their personal story. Thank you for sharing.