Saturday, August 15, 2009


Why is it when I have a MILLION things to do I feel the need to work on something totally unimportant!

I need to clean and organize the home, start working on my dolls, finishing some of my paintings, weed the garden, pop in the "sale" perennials I bought and finish painting the bathroom but instead I am on the computer and I look outside and see the birdbath that I painted pink, that turned out "hot" pink. which is driving me crazy to look at! Soooooooo I repaint THAT and even take time to paint a couple of little rocks into little birds! AAHHHHHH! I think they call that procrastination! OK! I HAVE to go and accomplish something of IMPORTANCE today!


Anonymous said...

procastination is my middle name - i totally understand your need to do something other than "important"!

Sarah said...

Me too-well done! This sounds a very familiar story-but I think that out of procrastination spring creative things like your bird bath!

yoborobo said...

Well, I think painting your birdbath was very important. The birds did not like the other color, and told me they love the new one. LOL! So happy to meet someone else who works the list backwards, or doesn't work the list at all! You can't help it, you're an artist. :)