Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I hope not.

I've been working so much in my garden this year and I have finally made my way to the back next to the gate, so I decided to make a little pet cemetery. Over the last few years, because I had adopted several elderly and/or sick pets, I have ended up with several little urns of ashes.

So I took broken pieces of concrete and small rocks and built up a flowerbed of sorts. A while back someone had given me the sleeping angel cat stone and the big angel was from my mothers garden. I have photos of me as a baby in front of that angel. So that means it's VERY old! -vintage actually.It's one of the few things I that own of my mothers, who has gone to Heaven so many years ago. Then I found these little tombstones that are actually for Halloween decor but I love them! I think I want that quote on my own headstone! _"I'll Be Back"! Ha! no doubt as a black cat or a chubby Golden Retriever!

I had all these plants that I hadn't put in the ground yet and I think they worked out nicely. I plan to add a clematis next spring in front of the silver pole to hid it. I am also going to paint little stones for each pet that ends up resting there.

I like it, it's away from the street and private but I'm sure some people I know will be mortified.


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Blue Dragon Arts said...

it's a lovely spot and a wonderful way to show your love and respect for the fur children that were in your life.