Friday, September 4, 2009

Kinda Scary?

I've been working on my garden a lot this year. I have a tiny front yard and it is all flowers except for a couple of stone paths that I have created. On the one side of my house is a long dirt gravel driveway that I have lined in flower beds and towards the end I have enclosed it in hostas, roses and birdbaths with a bench at one side and a table grouping in the middle. I have enclosed the backyard with a wooden privacy fence (for all my little doggies to play in) except for a small section that forms a pathway that leads down to the bottom of the yard which has become an overgrown wild place! I had ventured down that path in search of some painted terra cotta pots that I had once used to line the fence. I made sure to wear my jeans and shoes (not crocs) because I am terrified of snakes and whatever else might be down there, anyway I dragged up a pot and set it down and discovered that most of the paint had weathered away, just leaving traces. Then I noticed that the remains of paint appeared to spell out numbers!? I don't know but it sort of creeped me out, my niece said I should go play the numbers in the lottery. (I never play) anyway... just kinda scary? What do you think?

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Chantel Star said...

Oooh weird... I think it looks like a date. 14/9/95. That's how we would write it in aus anyway, DD/MM/YY, over there you probably would write 9/14/95? Don't know about the extra digits at the bottom. Perhaps it was written on the pot before it was painted, and the paint just adhered better where that writing was? Either way its very interesting!