Tuesday, September 6, 2011


How was YOUR Labor Day Weekend?
Mine was pretty good. I got more of my fence done.
I ran out of wood and I need more exterior screws.
On Saturday I broke up a fight between Ralphie and Jimmy.
They almost knocked my TV over, but ended up just unplugging it. Later in the evening, I was watching a DVD. There was a moment where the plot thickened and I sat down on the edge of the sofa to watch. Suddenly right in front of me, they were at it again.
Of course it was Ralphie starting it. I raised my hand, not even putting it between them, but somehow one of my fingers got bite right next to the nail. That really hurt. I was furious but after breaking them apart and taking them outside, I decided not to think about it.
That works for me.
Then on Sunday as I continued working outside. I was taking pickets off the old fence and re-using the screws.
The dogs were laying in the sun mostly, except Rosie.
She prefers to sit in the doorway of the house and watch.
Sometimes I will go get her and bring her down but while I'm working, I'd rather she just stay up there.
Louie was rolling a river rock the size of a big egg around the yard and sometimes stopping to chew on pieces of grass or little upshoots of wild trees that are always popping up in the yard. After he does this, he will stop and gag and spit out the grass. So I'm using my drill to unscrew the old screws and I notice him gagging again but with his mouth open wide. I set down the drill and pick him up.
He's got a piece of little tree stuck at the top of his throat. I was lucky and was able to put my finger down into the back of his mouth and flick it out. I hold him up to my face and say "Stop eating stuff!" and he looks at me, like "What?"
I put him back down and he dances off to his rock again..
I got quite a few screws salvaged and as I was wrapping up my extension cord, I could hear the neighbors behind me having a get-together.
I can't really see them because of the old fence and the overgrown trees and the distance between our yards but I could hear a dog barking and then another, louder and more high pitched. Almost a cry. This caused several of my dogs to start barking. Ralphie was really barking hard when I saw Vera walk up besides him and join in. Suddenly and for no reason, Ralphie turned and jumped on Vera and started to attack her.
Vera Wag
Several of the little ones ran to her defense and I used my foot to push Ralphie away.
Luckily Vera was alright, just frightened.
If he had grabbed Rosie or Louie or Claude,they are my tiny ones......

Today I took Ralphie to work and he's staying in my boarding area.
I hope to find him a new home.
I'm never bringing him back here.
And I'm fine with it. He made the decision, not me.

Years ago, when I worked at the BANK, I had a roommate.
One evening I came home with some chips and dip and a magazine.
I sat down and read and ate and my roommate asked me what was wrong?
I was surprised. It had been an awful horrible day but I hadn't said anything about it. So I asked why she thought something was wrong?
She replied that she noticed whenever I had a bad day, I would stop and pick up a magazine and chips and dip.
I sit here, trying to write a post as I eat my chips and dip.
Maybe I'm not fine with it.  But I will be.


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh..hate to read this....I had a long email to you ...that I never sent because I was just going on and on.... Tonight was rough...still having a very hard time about Newman. I'm ok...if I am talking to someone or helping someone but as soon as I am alone...all the pain comes back. I'm just not getting over it. I'm hating everything.....I hate my house... I hate everything in my house.....my backyard is such a sad place now. I don't know what I'm going to do.

sassypackrat said...

I know you've gone back and forth on this but it sounds like the right decision. All the other dogs deserve peace and safety. Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of one, or something like that, you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

It is always sad to part with a friend but Ralphie needs a home where he is the only dog. I don´t think he would work with bigger dogs eather since he wouldn´t understand how badly they can injure him. I do hope You´ll find him a nice home soon!

We don´t have labor day over here but we have May first instead. They have put all our holidays in spring and winter so we won´t have any here until christmas.

I can´t stand chips thankfully, I eat almost everything else instead :-) :-) But I do buy a magazine and chocolate when I´m down :-)

Take care and have a great day!

yoborobo said...

Pass the chips, sista! And Ralphie seems to be needing an "I'm an only animal and king of the roost!" kind of house. I am betting he would get in fights no matter what other animals were around. I think you've been struggling with this for a long time. I will keep my fingers crossed he finds a home where he can be DA BOSS. ;) xox Pam

Robin Kent said...

I think you made the right decision, too. Leaving, no matter how, is so hard. Maybe think of it as giving Ralphie a chance for a quieter home. (That episode sounded like he was getting over-stimulated.)
BTW, how's Rosie doing? She looks so cute warming up!