Saturday, September 24, 2011


I thought I was prepared but I wasn't.....As many of you know, I've been "writing" and "working" on several book ideas.
Of course, ONE of them is ALL about BLUE.
Of course.
When I first brought Blue home I only had one of those disposable cameras. I would take a photo and have no idea what it would end up looking like. They seemed to all just be "puppy blurs". I was upset that I didn't have any good shots of the PUPPY YEARS and then I remembered how I took him over to my sister's house all the time when he was small.
The first time I took him over to introduce him I thought at the time that my brother-in-law would probably have some comment ready about me acquiring ANOTHER dog.
We walked into the kitchen and when I told everyone that he was DEAF my brother-in-law let out a exclamation of
"He can't HEAR????"
then he ran across the room and scooped him up.
It was Love at First Sight.
He carried him into their living room and got down on the floor and started playing with him.
My sister and I just stood there looking at each other in amazement.
We talked and she cooked dinner and when we walked out into the other room to set down the meal, we found Blue and his "buddy" laying on the floor watching the TV.
After dinner, the two of them got down on the floor again and played some more. Later they were both laying on the rug, SPOONING as they took a nap.
My nieces were asking "What is the matter with Dad?"
That night as I went to leave, he asked "Can he spend the night?"
I was so surprised. I looked at my sister and she was shaking her head, rolling her eyes and smiling.
"Sure" I said.

So I got to thinking. My brother-in-law probably had some puppy photos of Blue!
He has documented every stage of his daughters lives and he's a camera buff.
So I called my niece. I asked her if she would see if there were any photos of Blue on her Dad's computer and send them in attachments to me. She emailed me back that she would check and see.
The next night there was an email from her. She had found TWO.
So I knew they were of Blue but I guess I wasn't prepared for the puppy cuteness.
They made me CRY. I had forgotten how small he had been.
OK, he was never REALLY small. He was 20 pounds at 9 weeks but.....

Yep, I'm tearing up again..... he just grabs my heart.


sassypackrat said...

Awwwwwww look how little! What a sweet pup he was!

Robin Kent said...

So nice Blue had a loving extended family. Didn't know he was deaf. (Haven't read enough, I guess) And his name and markings are so unique. What a special dog he was.
I'm a big fan of Rolling Dog Ranch, now called Rolling Dog Farm, a disabled animal santuary, where I learned their 'smeller' is the most imporant sensor, and they can easily adapt from the loss of other things. They do a great job on their blog, too. You have a lot in common - you'd like them!

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Jennifer! I had forgotten how small he was when he was little! :)

Robin, Thanks! he is unique! from your comment I'm assuming that you might think he's passed. Boy, it was hard typing THOSE words! Nope, he still here and the best mannered dog I have. When I talked about my "will" he's the ONE dog that I know EVERYONE would love to take home. (Hopefully I won't need a will any time soon but...)
I forget that he's deaf, it's such a non-issue. He actually "listens" to me more than the rest of the gang! :D
I'll check out the Rolling Dog, but I have a feeling that it's the place that a blogger friend of mine had a "run-in" with. Maybe not. I'll go check....

Anonymous said...

Soo cute :-) But they were small no matter how big they were and my dogs are still just as small i´n my eyes :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Robin Kent said...

My apologies! Glad Blue is still here...don't want any critters leaving any sooner than necessary! Their time with us is short enough.

yoborobo said...

Awwwwwwww. I love the one where he is all splayed out sleeping. lol! SO CUTE!!! I'm glad you found these. Pass the tissues. :) Xox Pam

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Oh...I can see how you could not resist him. 20 pounds at nine weeks! That is a big boy! I love boy dogs. Look at his big pink tummy! And those pink feet of his! What a darling! I'm so happy that your sister had some photos. Deaf dogs are so special...aren't they? No, no problem communicating with them. The only problem I had with Harvey was that he could not hear me say No as a puppy. So I had to physically stop him from doing whatever it was that he was not suppose to be doing. But he was a very very easy puppy to raise as I bet your Blue was too.

Georgina said...

Oh Cindi, he was an adorable little guy...well, maybe not so little!! Anyway, he's just one big hung of "precious!!" Love that Blue!!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh cindi...look at that sweet sweet baby...i know what you mean...i was looking at teddy's baby pictures just the other day...crying...this morning we were telling teddy all about the day we went and got him... i LOVE my teddy...i know just how you feel...

hugs to everybody...and how are louie and rosie you hear from nita...hope she is doing better

happy to stop by

kary and teddy

Sandy Mastroni said...

Blue Cute-ness
He is something wonderful Cindi !
glad you got some puppy photos

On another note >
I am STILL laughing ... I keep going back to my blog to read your latest comment
and I crack up all over again

I need a whole book to read ... by a writer named Cindi !

Garden Girl☺ said...

Those have got to be the CUTEST puppy pictures ever!!!!!! Thats just what Rowie looked like when she was a puppy. :) I think I still have some puppy pictures of her. Maybe I will have to post them! :)