Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm calling her that now.
At first it was Poptart and then Idgie as in Idgie Threadgoode (thanks for putting that in my head Steve!) I will probably some day rescue an old frail thing and that will be her name.
But I kept saying Poppy.
Don't really know why, but just seemed right.
So that's her name.
She is now running around the house without hesitation.
She doesn't like to use the "outside" to potty, she prefers the potty pad and it's really no big deal seeing how it's the size of a SMALL Tootsie roll.
She waits until everyone has run outside ahead of her, then she puts on the brakes and walks over to the pad.
So we have a routine in the morning.
I let everyone out, flip on the news as she's doing her business and go upstairs.
When I come back down, she's usually sitting up in the corner of the sofa.
I swear she looks like she's watching the news.
She still hasn't started playing with the others yet.
Once in a while they will play "pounce" at her and she will stop and look at them and then look at me.
It's like she's saying "Why are they doing that?"
She does like to play with me though. I will run my hand like a spider at her and she attacks it, bouncing around.
I think it's just a matter of time until she figures the others out.
Then the other day I caught her "entertaining" herself.
The next time she did it, I caught it on camera.
Here's a little video....keep in mind, that I'm still learning how to make them!
Here's Poppy playing!


yoborobo said...

Hahaha! How adorable is THAT? Poppy is a good name for her. What a sweetie! xoxo

An Urban Cottage said...

I'll never look a Tootsie Roll the same way again.

I like the name Poppy. It seems to fit her. And I'm glad to hear she seems to be settling in.

Anonymous said...

Nice video :-)

I've never had a dog that chased its own tail :-)

It may take some time but I think she will start playing with the others in the end :-)

Have a great day!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Poppy is adorable. I'm so glad she is having a grand time living there. She is a sweet little one isn't she?

carla ( said...

Aw!!! So cute and sweet!!! I think Poppy fits her well!!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Poppy is ready for the big screen! I am hoping the tree problem has been totally resolved now and you are safe and sound! Happy Labor! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Robin Kent said...

I hope you have warm fuzzy feelings about rescuing her and making her so happy that she can play! I know I feel that way for your good deeds. Nothing so rewarding as seeing her happy and chasing her tail!