Saturday, June 22, 2013


Bare Naked Dogs
Summer Cuts
Do you even recognize Nora?
before photo

I was so startled when she was done being groomed
that I almost thought I would cry
but I quickly recovered and told her how "Beautiful" she was.
That's important to do.
Never laugh at a dog after a haircut!
When my sister and I were very young, we laughed at my Mom's poodle when he came home
with Pom-Pom hair and painted nails.
He immediately went and hid under the end table and refused to come out.
Speaking of Nora, here's an update on her.
She has put on some pounds. (That tends to happen in my home.)
She no longer needs her medicine. I'm doubting if she ever did and 
she now has good firm stools.
Yeah, I know TMI.
But that's what the expensive medicine was for, chronic worms.
By keeping her on regular Heartworm medication and good food, it's been taken care of it.
She is VERY protective. She goes crazy in the van at ANYONE she sees.
She bounces off the van windows and totally freaks out.
When she's at work with me, she will bare her teeth at some dogs until I tell her to stop.
Then she's OK.
She was barking at the neighbors over the fence where it is lower
but I told them to just call her by her name and then she stops.
Apparently she realizes that if you know her name, there must be 
And... she has taken to herding the little dogs.
Especially Mimsy.
Nora "nips" her on the back and guides her through the house.
I was feeling very sorry for Mims but then I took Mimsy to work with me and let her run full out in the big grassy play area.
Mimsy was racing around, and suddenly I think she felt overwhelmed by it all.
She ran to Nora and sat close to her, pressing her body against her.
So, apparently all is well between those two.
I just wish Nora wasn't SO protective.
She never acted like that when she used to belong to those other people and would board with me.
Everyone thinks that she's just so bonded with me that she's ready to defend me no matter what.

After getting Nora shaved down for Summer.
I decided to do Jimmy myself.
The groomer doesn't have a lot of patience and while I knew Nora would be good and just sit there
I wasn't so sure about my Jimmy.
Being a terrier he can be frantic.
But he sat quietly on the counter and let me buzz him.
I think I actually did a very good job!
I'm proud of myself.
So I came home and shaved little Ruby.
She has a very thick dense coat.
With her heart condition, she can't get over-heated.
I have never shaved her before and was worried.
The last two baths I've given her, she's twisted herself into a little mini-stroke!
She was bent in a weird angle and her tongue lolling out the side of her mouth and she was unresponsive
until I screamed RUBY!
and then she came back.
After doing that twice, I've just been wiping her down with a wet washcloth.
So....I shaved down Ruby

and afterwards set her in the pool and scooped the cool water over her.
She loved it.
Must have felt so refreshing.
Ah, Summer.... Life is Good.


Jan said...

No I didn't recognize Nora! She IS Beautiful. All your dogs are. I'll bet they are very soft to pet now, not that they weren't before. Little Ruby looks like a Mogwai now. Like Gizmo. Adorable.

sassypackrat said...

I've been thinking about having Lita shaved. She has this weird very long cotton type fur on her legs that gets all matted and she freaks when I try and clip them out. She has a hard time controlling her temperature so when she's hot she's really hot. Now that I see Nora shaved I'm thinking maybe I should have Lita done. What do you think Cindi?

Anonymous said...

I've never shaved any of my dogs, it rarely gets that hot up here so they need it. But Hector and Orvar thinks that if it's not freezing cold outside its too warm :-)

Have a great day!

Nita Stacy said...

Look at those funny haircuts. I loved Jimmy's punk hair in the before. Nora has such a pretty face. A friend of mine is taking her dog into be shaved on Monday. I don't really think its necessary in his case...he's inside most of the time. I could never shave Violet....I just keep the house cool for her. I keep the house colder than I like just to keep her happy. Always love seeing your dogs. Ruby is sooo cute!

Pamela Smallcomb said...

They all look so cute! And I love Nora's pompom on the end of her tail. I think I should shave Sophie, she gets so hot, and I won't let her out in the heat of the day, but then someone told me I shouldn't shave a husky (she's a mix of who-knows-what and husky) because their undercoat cools them off?
She is going to get wet's bath time! :)
Happy summer!

Robin Kent said...

Guess its a good thing I have cats. You have a God given gift with animals that I so appreciate, and you should too.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love your furbabbies' summer doos! They are so cute!
Bonnie has an appointment at the groomer next week. She will be sheared, and I'll have to reassure her because she acts embarrassed! :D


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Your hairless babies will be more comfortable in the humid summer heat ...and easy to groom for the tick watch. Life is great in your summer house. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

leslie said...

what cuties. and so brave.

i probably would have shaved maisie if we were still in the old marina (hot in the summer) but am afraid she'd freeze in our new home. i do think about having her trimmed but find her scruffiness endearing.

An Urban Cottage said...

They all look so cute! I feel like doing the same thing after walking around Boston with temps in the 90s.

leslie said...

ok, i spoke too soon. heat wave. how do i trim maisie without botching it? tips?

Cynthia Myers said...

If you shave Maisie,with a clippers and there are different blades to choose from, pick a #10 or #7
I shaved Jimmy here at work but I shaved Ruby at home with clippers that I bought at Target for $25 I think.
I didn't buy the pet clippers, I bought the people "hair cut" one.
They come with attachable combs (that I could never get to work.)
So I just did it with the blade and it cuts CLOSE.
Ruby has an undercoat and it's thick so I didn't worry about cutting her skin.
I'm thinking that Maisie has wiry sparse hair and "Old dog" skin which means it's thinner.
If she do cut her with the clippers, put your hand flat on her skin and kinda slightly pull it out taut.
That helps to make a flat surface and less likely to cut into her. could use scissors but be very very careful. I did that once with my ancient Maltese I had and I cut her really bad and had to make an emergency call into the vet.
Yeah, I'd say, don't use scissors.
Or...take her to a groomer but only one that you can see what's going on.
Some place with windows into the work area, not where they take them into a back room.
(I have a story that you don't want to hear).
So...good luck.
your best and safest bet is going to PetSmart or someplace like that and buying clippers with attachable blades.