Sunday, December 29, 2013

For the Last Time, I'm Not moving but...

I've done a few Sunday posts on houses that I am NOT going to move into.
Houses that I wish I could, but I'm not able to for various reasons.
I've decided to stop this WISHING and just get to work on making my house into the home that I want...
UNLESS I could move into this house! LOL!

I got to thinking about what I hate about my house and what I love.
My dad always said that it you are struggling with a problem, to make a list
of Pros and Cons. 
So, here's the list.
I HATE that I live on a busy street and it's sometimes its hard to back out of the driveway because of traffic.
I LOVE that I live on a busy street that immediately gets snow plowed and if the street needs repairs, I don't have to pay for it like many other people do on side streets because I live on a main-thoroughfare.
I HATE that I don't live out in the country away from everything.
I LOVE that I live less than 5 minutes from a grocery store, a gas station, a library.
I HATE that I'm on a bus route.
I LOVE that I'm a bus route so when I get old and can't drive, I could take the bus if I needed to.
I HATE that my house is small.
I LOVE that my house is small. It's easier to heat and cool and there are no dark corners for monsters.
I HATE that my neighbors are so close.
I LOVE that my one neighbor is so close that he decides to snowblow my sidewalk too.
I HATE that the neighbors to the south have grandkids that bark at and tease my dogs.
I LOVE that the neighbor to the north has a cute little grandkid that yells "Hi Neighbor" when he sees me.
I HATE that there's no privacy in front of my home. Everyone drives or walks by and sometimes leave cigarette butts and trash.
I LOVE that when I'm gardening in the front of my house, the elderly neighbor with her Schnauzer stops to talk.
And the lady with her Shih-Tzu tied to her walker stops, pulls down a seat on the walker and sits to chat
and the woman who jogs with her Pitbull shouts out a greeting and compliments my yard
and the retired man with his St. Bernard nods and randomly gives an observation.
I HATE that my yard is long and narrow and mostly in the back of my house.
I LOVE that my yard in the back has a lot of room for my patio dog area and a separate area for my picnic table.
And a sloping landscaping and a spot at the bottom of the hill for a garden shed and maybe someday room for a handmade greenhouse.
I HATE that I don't have a garage.
I LOVE that it leaves me more room and not having a garage keeps my property taxes lower.
I HATE that I have a gravel driveway.
I LOVE that I was able to incorporate part of the drive by raking it out and seeding it
and therefore giving me more yard.
I HATE that I don't live close to work.
I LOVE that I don't live close to work.
And it's nice living minutes away from my sister.
I HATE that I'm haven't been able to be just be Happy with my house but 
I LOVE that this list has helped me realize all the good things about my home.
I HATE that I will probably still have days where I pine for something different but
I LOVE that by looking at other homes, I can find inspiration for my own.


Anonymous said...

So it isn't the house itself You hate/love that much :-) It's Your neighborhood :-)

To be honest, I think You actually love living where You do :-)

Have a great day!

leslie said...

i LOVE this.

lynn said...

I think I would love your house.

Georgina said...

Great advise from you dad...making a pro and con list works well. Love what you did.

Happy New Year, dear lady.