Sunday, December 8, 2013

I'm Not moving but....

once again,
not moving

I live in the Quad Cities.
The cities that make up the Quad Cities are in Illinois and Iowa and they all border the Mississippi River. The four cities that have been called the Quad Cities since the early 1960s are Davenport, Iowa and the Illinois cities of Moline, Rock Island, and East Moline. Bettendorf, Iowa grew large enough in the 1970s to be included, but the name change to the Quint Cities never caught on.

In my personal opinion, Bettendorf is definitely the most properous and nicest of all towns.
And they have a VERY low crime rate.
Of course, each city has it's on unique "vibe". 
I love Rock Island because I grew up here and because it's the rebel.
It doesn't have all the ordinances that the other cities have.
Some cities you have only hours to shovel your sidewalks and in Rock Island you can wait days to shovel or stomped it down with your boots.
Of course you can be sued if someone falls and the Postman can choose not to deliver your mail if they want. 
And couple of years ago they finally banned leaf burning, something the other towns had enforced for years and while many people were happy, many were NOT. 
There was an elderly man who kept burning his leaves and the fire department came out and put it out and he just light it right back up.
Of course the firemen came back. 

Also in Rock Island, there is not a pet limit but rather you have to have your dogs current on vaccinations and rabies and cats are not allowed outside. If they pick up your cat, you will get a ticket unless it's declawed. If it's declawed, they figure that it must have slipped out accidentally, or this is what I have been told.

In Davenport and Moline there is a limit of 4, but no more than 3 of a species.
so you can have 2 cats and 2 dogs or 3 cats and 1 dog or 3 dogs....well, you get the idea.
and Bettendorf has no limit either but I understand they are less tolerate.
If someone complains, you are in trouble. Or so I've been told.
I of course think that a limit is asinine. I have seen a single dog, tied outside huddled under a porch and have been told that as long as there is some sort of shelter and access to water that there's not much that they can do about it in any city.
I know this because I have called in the past, repeatedly.
Yet, if someone has 4 dogs in some of these cities, they could be fined and forced to get rid of one of their dogs.
How crazy is that?
When there are people like me and most of my co-workers who dote on their pets and provide for them before they care of themselves.
I understand this is to discourage hoarding but I think that hoarders are going to hoard no matter what. 
They don't care what the law is.
So why deny a home to an animal that might be euthanized otherwise?
I just think it's too generalized and actually can hurt more than help some animals.
This is THE reason that I live in the city that I do.
I do know that if I moved to Davenport, across the river, the town that I work in, that I could apply for "an excessive pet" permit and they would come out and inspect my home yearly to make sure the conditions are what they should be for multiply pets. 
I could easily do that without any worries because it's pretty evident that everything I do and buy, I have my pets in mind.
I know that I treat my critters way better than some kids are treated but I just don't like that thought of anyone having that kind of power of me and mine.
I could of course lie but I worry about everything and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

But...some days it would be nice to drive to work in under than 10 minutes, and not to battle the bridges.
I would love to be able to come home everyday for lunch and let my little ones out.
So yeah, some days I do think about moving across the river and where property taxes are lower.
Also I don't know Davenport like I know Rock Island. I'm not sure what neighborhoods are "Safe".
But I do have friends that could guide me on that.
There is ONE neighborhood that I know is very nice and I found a little cottage tucked in between the other larger breath-taking homes.
No worries of any kind for me as it's already sale pending. 
It's 8 minutes from work and 6 minutes from my best friends house
So, here's my latest crush, it's in Davenport- What's your opinion?
OK, obviously I am wanting a home with a fireplace.
All the little extra furniture of course would not be there.
I would have fewer but bigger pieces in this room.

Here's the view into the next room,
Which I would have as a dining room.

The next room is a three season porch!
(Another requirement of mine.)
This would be fixed up with a couple of BIG comfy loveseats and the TV.
In other words, this would be the DOG room

Oh, and inside the front door, a foyer
(I love the window bringing in lots of light.)

and the kitchen-
OK, I don't what's going on with me but lately I'm loving GREEN.
I never was that big of a fan of it before, but suddenly I am.
I ADORE the glass fronts of the upper cabinets.
I know that most people would want to update this kitchen but not me.
I could be very happy with this.
A window above the sink!
Yep, I'd be Happy Happy.

Basic bathroom.
I'd paint in here
and get one of those white ruffled tiered shower curtains from Target.

OMG! a Linen closet.
Just lovely.
I've always wanted a linen closet.

Hmm. This color might go with my things. Hmm.
I think my painting from my bedroom has that color in it!

Art room

Cute backyard, easy to maintain.

I LOVE this little garage. 
I don't have a garage. it would be nice to have one.

and space for additional parking
I like the arbor and fence.

well, I'm NOT moving, is still out of my price range.
But I wouldn't have to do very much to this place.
It makes more sense to buy a place "done" than a cheaper place that needs money poured into it.
and it's already Sale Pending.
Oh well, I'm not moving...but HERE is the full listing.


An Urban Cottage said...

I think it's very cute. I don't like those arched doorways; I'd cut those out square put casings around them. Kitchen is very cute. Love the cabinets. The linen closet is awesome. Seems like a good price but the taxes seem high.

By best friend's sister lived in Davenport for years. She just moved to Sioux City but I could find out what she thinks are the good and bed neighborhoods if you want.

Nita Stacy said...

Lots to love in this house. I love the little entry way. I think I'd like that at my house. Of course I love the kitchen. I'm not a green I'd have to paint. I love the linen I wish I had one...I need one so badly. A little jewel of a house. YOu know I don't even know what the rule is for number of dogs in my city. It might be three!