Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm Back!....Let's talk about Online Dating.

I'm back to blogging.
I'm not done with my list but I'm to a point where I feel I can ease back
and write.
I have a lot of things to "talk" about.
But tonight I will just do a quick weird tale.

A woman I work with has started "online dating".
First she met this guy and they were exchanging texts and she would come back to my work area and have me read them.
She was gushing and giggling as I read what this guy had written to her.
My first response was to say - "Puke" but instead I just said -
"Ah huh, ok. I'm glad you're happy but be careful"
"What?" she looked disappointed. 
So I just said, "Don't you watch Dateline? This guy kinda sounds like someone off of that show".
She protested and I told her that she can do a background check online.
She just shook her head in protest.
She text me later that she might meet him and I said if she did and he tried to take her to a room covered in plastic, to turn and run.
She didn't think that was funny
and I told her I wasn't trying to be funny.
The next day she came back and read me more texts. 
I said to her "Have you ever seen Catfish?" 

So she rented to movie and it scared her but she still wouldn't listen to me.
Finally I said to her "Listen! if you call me from the trunk of a car, I will just scream I TOLD YOU SO! and hang up."
Ultimately she somehow got his drivers license number and found that the person he said he was, didn't exist.
I refrained from telling her, "I told you so!"

Now she's meet someone else. 
He's wonderful and they have talked marriage.
They've known each other for two weeks............

Today, after working all morning and into early afternoon at the kennel
I came home and dropped into a chair. 
The dogs ran around and played as I checked my Facebook page. 
On the sidebar was this dating site.
I thought, what the hell! and clicked on it.
It asked a few very random questions.
Mostly what is most important me in a "mate"
What makes for a good relationship.
Why I'm make a good partner
and what makes me not so good.
I was brief.
Mentioning the basics I'd want in a partner - kind, compassionate, hardworking and a dry sense of humor.
The not so good stuff about me - I hate Sports and I don't cook.
Then all these photos popped up with little blurbs.
I sat there sipping my pop and clicking through the images
and like most of my Internet searches about anything....
I got off track and went to another website.
Finally I found someone that seemed to meet my requirements.
I had drifted to Petfinder.
True Story.


Nita Stacy said...

Ha! He does look like your type. I'm glad you are back. But I have not been here much cause I'm working at the store all the time now.

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm glad that you are getting so many hours at the store Nita!
and sad that you are working so much.
Same here.
I had an exhausting day today. Memorial Day weekend and it's packed to the gills and I had to do it all by myself. Oh well, it's good exercise I guess!

Vicki said...

I smiled at your responses to your friend's relationship dilemma. Have to admit, I'd say the same things. Scenes from Dexter came to my mind. And, countless other movies/shows. Scary.
As for the first image in your post, ewwww. But sadly, true in many cases. Ugh, trying to erase it from my mind now. Ick.
I'm very suss of online dating. I know "some" have had success, but they don't tell about the failures... until you see the 6 o'clock news.

It's tough to meet the love of one's life these days. Even tougher for the relationship to last.

As for your perfect match... love it! Now that's a handsome dude ;)
I've always said, dogs are the best people, lol!

Sandy Mastroni said...

YOU are just too funny .... very wise , a little cynical and sarcastic { which I love } .... but very wise and FUNNY
Love you Cindi

Anonymous said...

I thought it was hilarious and I'm still laughing :-) :-) :-)

Marriage after only two weeks? Well they might be the odd couple that actually makes it more than two months after such an early marriage :-)

It is a wonderful dog but No, don't get it :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day and don't forget to relax!

tammy j said...

but you have blue...
and all the others!
i have a really dear friend who did all that. once she literally flew on a plane to the west coast to meet a guy. turned out he was an alcoholic.
talk about some scary stuff.
what in the world?
and yet... she kept on. she FINALLY met a really nice man and they started a phone friendship and he came to meet her.
luckily. . . VERY luckily he is a gentleman. they've been married now for 7 years. but what are the odds? still too scary.
i'm so glad you're back.

Cynthia Myers said...

I agree about this online dating stuff, obviously.
Sure, there are some success stories but there has to be a lot of scammers and lowlifes lurking out there. Sadly they prey on lonely people. The first guy told her that when he saw her photo, he knew God had planned it. How he felt dizzy and his tummy had butterflies because she was so beautiful.
I'm shocked at how gullible some people are. It's like they are desperate to find their "soulmate". I mean I absolutely LOVE "You've Got Mail"...but it's a movie!

Cynthia Myers said...

Hey! Long time no see! or should I say read! LOL!
Sarcastic and cynical?
LOL! yep, that's me....
at least when it comes to believing guys.
Don't get me wrong, there are SOME nice ones out there but I'm not really sure where they are!
(usually married to someone else.)

Cynthia Myers said...

Yeah! TWO weeks.
One week of emails, then they met and this past week made the second.
She's supposed to see him this weekend.....
I hope she doesn't end up hurt.
and don't worry, I was just bored with the online dating site and decided to check out critters.
I am NOT getting another big dog as long as I have Blue. So that should be another 20 years or so!
Fingers crossed. :D

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks! I'm glad to be back.
I have lots of stuff in my head that I need to blab about.
No, I will not be getting another dog. I really shouldn't go to those sites, I always feel sad and want to rescue someone. (a dog I mean! Ha!)
Your friend is indeed lucky. I'm happy for her. I have to tell you when I saw some of those questions and answers, OMG. I wanted to write that I DON'T like long walks on the beach, holding hands or quiet nights in front of a fire. I mean seriously? Almost every one wrote the same thing! It did make me realize that I'm happy with my current status. Alone but not lonely.

Jan said...

I'd give Viggo a whirl but I'll pass on the sweaty guy in the first photo. I hope your friend ends up as one of the success stories. She sounds rather vulnerable though. Personally I'll be hitting the Petfinder site for my match maker.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yep, I agree. I'm sticking with Petfinder! LOL!
Sadly my co-worker is very vulnerable...and just won't use her head, she's an over the top romantic I guess. She isn't willing to listen to reason. Hopefully she will prove me wrong and end up very happy.

Pamela Smallcomb said...

You crack me up. :) xo

leslie said...

c, your comment above about the guy saying god had planned it, yada yada yada, reminds me of this guy i met through friends. he became a tad obsessed, and it was scary.

online dating is awful. i always thought i should meet the right guy in a bookstore. ha.

(i hate sports and i don't cook, either.)

Cynthia Myers said...

I watch too much Dateline to do online dating. LOL!
I wouldn't mind meeting someone in a hardware store in the plumbing department.... I REALLY want a new bathroom and maybe having someone to install a new kitchen faucet would be nice too.
Just kidding.
I think.

Cynthia Myers said...

:D ;)

Abi said...

Such a good read. I used to do online dating many years ago, and absolutely loved it. I met some amazing guys. It was a blast. Luckily, I didn't meet any weirdo's, or cat killers...

Cynthia Myers said...

You are so brave!
and I bet all the guys you met felt like they hit the jackpot!