Monday, May 26, 2014

How was your Holiday Weekend?

How was your weekend?
I worked Saturday and Sunday.
It was a total madhouse, filled to the brim with pets.
Lots of big rowdy dogs and lots of special need animals.
A 15 year old Vizsla who wobbled as he walked so we have to lay down yoga mats for him so that he didn't slip on the floor.
Then there's the ancient Pugs.
The Chihuahua with a heart condition
and the diabetic cat that needs her insulin.
Yep, pretty much a typical weekend. LOL!

When I wasn't at work, I was at home working on the yard.
I got all my garden stuff out of storage.
My birdbath.

I LOVE that thing.
The glaze on it formed a "moon".
A wonderful accident. 
When I saw the birdbath a few years back at the Garden Center, I had to have it.
(the fact that it was marked down for an End of Summer Sale sealed the deal.)
But my astrological sign (if you believed that sort of thing) is ruled by the moon.
and then my name means Moon Goddess.
So yeah, I love it.

I also got this fountain at another End of Summer Sale.

So many people have walked by my house and commented on it.
I like the soft sound of water.

Last Fall I dug up my front yard that was a huge mass of perennial flowers and I put down grass seed.
This Spring I had to buy a lawnmower!
I haven't had one for years, I just got by with a weed-whacker.
I found this electric one on Amazon and yesterday it worked wonderfully!

It has a little grass catcher that attaches to the back and I had to empty it a couple of times but
I was in Heaven.
The smell of fresh cut grass is one of my favorite scents of all time.

I made two BIG flowerbeds that I will show later when the flowers have grown.
I dragged a big wood workbench out of the basement and up the cellar steps and across the patio.
I'm going to make it into a potting bench.
I hung up new line on my clothesline that I put in last Fall.
I was outside non-stop.
My neighbor (the nice one) came out several times each day to do yard things and commented about how I had to be exhausted.
He just doesn't know how I do it, he said.
I laughed and said that I just have to.
But then I got to thinking about a comment a mother of a friend of mine had said many many years ago.
She had shook her head at her daughter and me as we left to go work out.
She thought we were foolish and wasting our money.
She said she got her exercise taking care of the house.
She said cleaning and tending to her SEVEN kids kept her fit.
But her point was, keep busy and take care of what needs to be done
and it might just be all the exercise a person needs.
That's how I'm going to view it from now on.
It's my exercise.

Tonight, I'm exhausted
and HOT. 
The temperature shot up and it's muggy.
We are all hot.
Poor Ghost was laying in front of the window hoping to catch a breeze.

So, that's how my holiday weekend went.
How was yours?


Nita Stacy said...

Oh...I loved loved loved this post. I adore that birdbath and that fountain is amazing. I've been wanting a fountain myself. Poor little ghost trying to catch a breeze. I spent the entire weekend working...stuck in a store and it was HOT! I don't know what happened but the air was not working very well...we were all sweating. It was so incredibly busy. I would have rather taken care of elderly pets!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Nita! I'm glad you liked this post! :)
I was so lucky with that fountain. I was with my sister and we were at this garden place that she goes to all the time and I saw it. It had been $250. and it was marked down half price. I told the sales person that I loved it but it was still out of my price range. She said "wellll, if I told my manager that you noticed this spot here where the glaze isn't perfect, I bet he'd knock it down to 75% off" so I said "Hey, I think I notice a spot here..." and she laughed and gave it to me for 75% off! I was SO lucky.
Sorry you were hot at the store. I hate being hot when I want to be cool and professional. Luckily for me, I can be dripping at work. :p

An Urban Cottage said...

I made a little fountain outside my first condo that had a tiny private garden. It was just ceramic pot with a bamboo spot. It was just below my bedroom window and I used to love going to bed and listening to the sound of water. I miss that.

It's not there? It's freezing here. About 49 degrees right now. I'm getting bids for central air and I'm wondering if I need it.

Cynthia Myers said...

Isn't it funny how the sound of a fountain is so soothing and yet the drip of the faucet can drive me mad! LOL!
It was so hot today that I decided to go to work with my hair wet. The reason being that it was stupid to try to "style" it. It finally dried into tight ringlets...yep, that's how hot it was. :(
My curly hair is the bane of my existence.
Oh, about central air, I've had many people tell me not to ever get it because my old house is built in such a way that the air wouldn't get upstairs properly to cool it.

tammy j said...

i have central air here of course.
we almost have to. it can get downright dangerous.
for some of us OLD people anyway!
but i love fresh air. so as long as possible i just turn on three little fans. it's amazing how much cool air they generate.
one in little ghost's direction?
i think your birdbath and fountain are divine!
it just gets better and better.
take your cell phone with you when you're lugging things up from the cellar. in case you fell and broke something badly ...
you could call for help!
sorry. can't help but mother! LOL!

Vicki said...

You certainly made the most of every minute of your weekend, Cindi!!
So alike, I love the crescent moon in your bird bath. When glazing, it's what we call, "a happy accident".
I also see it to be a mystical mermaid, in the guise of a curled koi fish.
And, I too love the sound of a fountain. We built a waterfall and pond in our old backyard, and I miss the splash of water.
When I clean up my small backyard, I would like to put in a small fountain. The sound is so soothing.

I love the description of your charges - especially "ancient pugs".
We've put a large mat down in the kitchen now for Jack, because he started slipping and sliding on the tiles. It must be very scary for them when they lose their footing, poor little guys.

Fantastic pic of Ghost. Cats can get into some amazing sleeping positions!

I hope the weather has cooled down a little by now :)

Cynthia Myers said...

You are so funny. I've actually thought about that because I met a woman that happened to. She was in her eighties and fell down the basement steps. Luckily her son visited often and tore the front door off to get inside. She had laid there for 9 hours but he rescued her in time. I figure the girls from work would send someone out to investigate because they would be mad to think they had to do my job. LOL!
Seriously though, I'd rather NOT be my cats main course.
Oh, about Ghost. What you don't see it the photo is the ceiling fan just above him. He's one smart kitty.

Cynthia Myers said...

Mystical Mermaid, I like that.
I like the sound of water and i also like wind chimes. On my old tree (that is now cut down)I had a lot of chimes. I liked the sound at night as I drifted to sleep. Hmm. I need to put some chimes up again.
Yes, you need to get a fountain!
I've seen several unique ones but I think YOU could probably create something even more special!
Thanks so much for the kinds words!

Jan said...

Blue and orange, two of my favorite colors! I love your yard art. What a busy little thing you are, toiling at your paid job and toiling even harder at your cash free job. It is worth it, I know we have to work hard here but eventually we get caught up and then we get to admire our handiwork and eat the produce. You chose well, making your purchases. 75% off! Wow, good deal! It never hurts to ask, it isn't as if they will raise the price on you.

Anonymous said...

My holiday is today and I'll just relax and enjoy it :-) I have to remove all the covers I placed above my newly planted flowers since we had frost last night but that can wait another hour or so :-)

I like Your mower! The electric ones are so much lighter and easier to move around, mine is green :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I forgot to mention how much I like that bird bath!

Pamela Smallcomb said...

I love your blue birdbath! And now I need a fountain. :) I did hang up a bunch of birdhouses this year. I'm not sure the birds like them, but they look nice in the tree - hahaha. Ghost is beautiful. And you are gnarly as heck, girl. You get more done in a weekend than I do all year! xo

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you, I love those colors too.
I can't hardly wait for the day when I can sit back in a lawn chair with a cocktail and just enjoy!
I tried growing edibles last year and failed horribly. Instead I plan on visiting the Farmers Market this year and getting some good tasty produce!
Thanks for commenting! xoxo

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you! I love that birdbath! It just makes me happy looking at it.
Frost? It's so warm here that I had to have the fan on so I could sleep last night and I might actually put the window air-conditioners in this weekend. I am really hoping for some more days where I can let in the fresh air, but I can't let it get too hot because the old critters can't handle the heat. Still, it's better than snow! LOL!
and my grass is growing so fast that I have to cut it again! :)

Cynthia Myers said...

I like that. Gnarly!
I agree, Ghost is so pretty, or should I say handsome! LOL!
Love that cat! He's the one that was lost for a month and 3 days.
I hope you take a photo of your birdhouses, I'd love to see them.
and Yes! you need a fountain!!!