Sunday, June 22, 2014


and it's HOT.
but I am NOT complaining.
I said if it would only warm up, I'd be happy.
I've got the fans going and I made some new screens for my front storm door.
A very nice girl at the hardware store told me how.
I'm usually ignored at those stores or else talked to condescendingly. 
It was so very nice to talk to a helpful sweet person.
That motivated me, so she helped me pick out a screen door for the back of the house too,
and the hardware to go with it.
What I really liked about her was that she said to me - "You can do it!".
Yep, really nice to be treated with cheerful optimism instead of bored dismissal.
So today I will cutting down the screen door and sanding the edges and painting it.
This coming week is suppose to be more bearable, only in the low 80's.
I really hate to stick the window air-conditioners in if I don't have to.
But on THAT note, my gang was been getting their summer grooms.



I always take my Poodles in to be done because I want them to be pretty.
Sadly I do the rest of my little ones myself and it ends up looking like a real hack-job
so therefore, no photos!

I even got Nora shaved down.

She doesn't appear to be too happy about it
and she's terrified to be up on the chair where I put her for this photo.
I'm thinking her previous owners must have not allowed her on the furniture
because she was very afraid sitting there.

None of my other pets have that problem.

Then I gave Blue a good bath. 
I use that bluing shampoo to keep his coat snowy white
and I finish up with a creme rinse that I massage in and it makes his hair drop out in hand fulls.
Then I gave him several good rinses and towel dried him and then blew him out with the high-power blowdryer.
He doesn't mind the dryer like a lot of dogs but I suppose that's because he can't hear it.
I bet it feels good too, all that air blasting his hair free.

He feels SO SOFT!

So, everyone is done except Ruby.
I washed her face the other day and she went into a huge seizure fit thing again.
Her eys bugged out and her mouth and tongue went grey and she was drooling.
I really thought that was it. I thought she was passing as I held her in a towel.
She couldn't walk afterwards, so I just laid in her bed with her paws curled in.
Of course this happened just before bedtime and I sat with her until I couldn't stay awake
and then finally went to bed myself realizing she could be gone in the morning
or if she couldn't walk, well... I would probably have to have Doc release her from her little body.
But in the morning, she was trotting around the room like nobody's business.
Yeah, I might not shave her down
or if I do, just do a little at a time.
Maybe later today I will shave my long haired cats Harry and Charlie.
That's always fun.


tammy j said...

i absolutely love you.
haven't got the strength to write more.
a big grin and my heart in my throat as i saw these pictures.
you're the best.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Tammy.
Please take care of yourself.
Get well soon.
I'm focusing healing thoughts out to you.

An Urban Cottage said...

They look cute with their haircuts. Makes me want to shave my head and get some bows.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I so love those beautiful sweet faces and soul filled eyes in your post and am so glad that Ruby is okay, how frightening! And I'm glad you're going to try doing the screen yourself, let us know how it goes!

Take care, and have a good week!

leslie said...

love the photos. they are all such cuties.

poor dear ruby, though…

sorry about the heat. can't even imagine. gosh, i am a wuss.

Cynthia Myers said...

If you shave your head, where will you put the bows?
On second thought, never mind.

Cynthia Myers said...

I do adore my "kids" so thanks so much for the sweet comment!
Today it rained really hard and that helped to cool things off and apparently it's helping Ruby too.
She walking more today, still wobbly but walking!
I will let you know how the screen door goes!
Thanks for stopping by!

Cynthia Myers said...

It rained! So it's a bit cooler.
And thanks, I think they are pretty cute too! LOL!
Yeah, this stuff with Ruby sucks.
Sometimes I take care of dogs at the clinic and wonder why their owners don't let them pass. I mean when it's a situation where they know that their pet is never going to get better...but then, when it's your own loved one, well it's hard to know when the time is right and ...well, YOU definitely know what I mean. It's like each day is a day to treasure.

And I don't think a wuss could live on a boat and do it so beautifully.
Thanks for commenting!

Jan said...

oh such sweeties! Love the tongue sticking out on poor scared Nora. I just put up a post on my blog and there is a picture of 3 of my Ghost dogs. They are all in apologetic poses because I was trying to take their picture and telling them to "Stay! Stay!"
Poor little Ruby and poor you too. I know what that is like and it isn't fun. We do our best and that is all we can do. Many people would have given up on her long ago. Not you! and not me either.
ewwh! I just kissed Windy and she must have rolled in something today. Ah the joys of life in the country! Can you come over and treat her like you did Big Blue? She might not tolerate the blow dryer though.
Good luck keeping cool. Just remember winter....

Vicki said...

I have my heart in my mouth whenever you write about wee Ruby. Then, I sigh when you write that she's trotting about again. The rollercoaster of emotions you must go through, poor dear.

The poodles look happy with their new dos :)
Sweet Nora looks cool and ready to tackle summer - tongue an' all.

Blue's such a good boy. What a beautiful face.

You do so good by them all, Cindi.

Yes, I hate the distinct lack of courtesy at some stores, and often feel like a second class citizen.
It's so nice when one comes across good old fashioned, polite sales people.
Respect and courtesy seems like a lost art among some, sadly.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Vicki!
I know that some people think I have too many fur kids but, whatever!
They are always my first priority.
If they are happy, I am Happy.
So thank you for your kind words.
and Yes, respect and courtesy are truly hard to come by so many times nowadays. I always say thank you to the person who bags my groceries or whatever, when really I feel like they should be thanking me and you know what?
9 times out of 10 they don't even acknowledge me at all. No "you're welcome" No nothing.
It's sad.

Cynthia Myers said...

I just found this comment!
I wonder why it just showed up on my dashboard? Maybe it was in Spam?
anyway. I must go see your blog post. I've been falling behind in my reading.
If I lived closer, I'd gladly give Windy the "treatment"!
I'm off to read your post now!

astridkorporaal said...

Ahh, the dogs look so cute!! Wonder how long the bows will stay in though :)
Good look with your screens and the cats...
Kind regards

Cynthia Myers said...

I have to take Ping's bows out right away (the black and white one) or else she starts scratching at the side of her face and I don't want her hurting herself. Vera (the grey one) loves her bows and they stay in until they start looking ratty and then I take them out. Louie (the black one) has one bow of the top of his head because he's a boy and he wears it proudly with one of the other dogs pulls it out! LOL!

I'm crossing my fingers over the screen door. So far the cats haven't ripped the screens in the windows so I'm hoping the door will be safe although it does look to be a different type of screen.
Thanks so much for commenting!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought I had placed a comment here but if I did it's all gone. Happens sometimes.

I think my old bouys would die of chock if I groomed them like that :-) :-) :-) and Sune would only look like a sausage so I think I won't do that :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

regreta said...

miss cindi!!!

greetings from hot ass Puerto Rico!!! I made it!!!! you think its bad over there... I cant even begin to tell you what hades is like!!!! Dealing with family is a pain, but must be done for my heart's sake. a far as hotness, remember the nasty winter cindi, so embrace the warmth! The pets look great!!!! thanks for posting da' babies!! always a joy to see!!!! Please tell ruby to knock it off, cuz she's driving my nerves crazy!!! j/k, im glad she around one more day, give her some snuggles on my behalf....

Coco is hanging in there...she has attention and 24 hour care, so as of now, Im not too worried and she seems ok, she got sick again a month before I left and scared the shit outta me, finally found a better vet that didn't dick me around and told me what was really going on with her. So far she is doing ok.

So happy to see you are inspired once again.. ride that wave baby as long as you can, we're here to cheer you on!!! Best wishes! -g

Cynthia Myers said...

I think your boys would be cold if you did shave them! Your weather seems to always be on the cool side.
Also they would need something to guard them from those big huge flies!
I haven't groomed Jimmy yet but I think he will be a sausage too!
Thanks for commenting...again!

Cynthia Myers said...

So glad to read that you made it safely there. You need an ice cold cocktail to help with the heat and the family stuff!
Ruby appreciates you worrying about her. xoxo
She is a little Diva. Tonight she's hogging the food and doing little jumps and growls at the other ones as they try to eat.
I just shake my head. She definitely has really good days and equally really bad days.
SO glad to hear that you found a vet that you like and trust and that little Coco is doing well.
Take care of yourself too!