Sunday, June 1, 2014

Going Towards the Light.

So, I almost bit the dust last night.
Yep, instead of walking towards the light
I think it would have been more like fireworks.
I was outside working in the yard and decided to move stuff off of the patio area.
The patio is enclosed with the wooden fence that I put up and inside that area is a couple of chaise lounges,
a big high back bench with an another bench in front of it for a foot rest and several big pots for flowers and a big round metal table with an umbrella and two mesh chairs.
Along the back fence I had been building a raised flowerbed area with cinder blocks, trying to give it a Mod look and then on the back side fence, for the lack of a better space to store it, is my adjustable aluminum ladder.
In the far corner is the dog poop wastebucket. It has a metal lid and next to it is the scoopers.
I also have 2 large and 2 medium hard plastic raised dog beds, that I had stored for the winter, that are now out there too.
Last night I decided that this space was just not working for the dogs.
Since working on my yard, my vision has changed.
I think that it's a much better idea to have the table and chairs out in the yard, away from the dog "stuff"
and although I don't really entertain, if I ever did, I'm sure no one would want to sit in the dog area.
So I was rearranging things.
I have my picnic table out in the yard and I'm working on my potting bench up against the side of the house.
I've taken apart the cinder block project.
That idea wasn't working because the dogs kept jumping into it and "using" it.
I have instead framed that area with the blocks and then laid them on their sides to just form a raised platform for them to lounge on.
So last night I was moving things around, trying to get stuff done before it got dark and sweating like crazy.
I swatted away the gnats that everyone is dealing with right now, then I picked up my aluminum ladder and it slid open.
It wasn't locked into place, not that it ever really catches properly but it slid out longer and in my frustration I just grabbed it and held it up vertically trying to figure out where to put it.
I decided to just lift it over the back fence and drop it over the side onto the area where I have my clothesline.
So there I was, trying to lift it high enough, with it all stretched out and I looked up.
It was maybe 6 inches, if that, from the power-line.
Yeah the one that runs the electricity from the pole to the house. 
The one that you don't touch and here I almost slammed my metal ladder into it.
I froze. Then I slowly backed away and then turned the ladder horizontally.
I awkwardly dumped it over the fence and thought to myself. "Wow! that was close"
Then my next thoughts were:
Crap! my house is a mess. Everyone will judge me.
No one knows where my funeral clothes are!
They don't even know my final plans and wishes
or where my "papers" I know where my papers are? I have papers? house stuff and insurance papers?
and I don't have a will. 
Oh god, my animals!
I had homes in place for some of them but my main person for several just announced on Friday that she and her husband are having another baby.
Yeah, she might have changed her mind since she already has 2 cats and 2 dogs and now about to have a 3rd kid.
So.....I need to be more careful
and I need to get rid of all the extra crap I've still hanging onto.
I need to organize and make some plans.
Maybe I will just let my niece have the house and my critters.
Yep, lots to think about.........


Anonymous said...

Well if You hadn't died You sure would have been awake all night :-) I know I would have hit the power line if it wasn't dug down :-)

I'm sort of glad I live on the other suide of the ocean because I know I would have said I'll take some of those dogs and I really don't have the space for more than the four I already have :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day and do be careful!

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes! you are indeed lucky that you live far away or your name would be in my will for at least a couple of dogs and a cat or two!

Vicki said...

SO glad you're OK, Cindi!!! Close calls - they set our hearts racing and our minds tumbling with thoughts.

I've had a few close calls like that. Here's a link to a post about my last/latest one

You'll eyeball that power line warily from now on I wager. Close calls do that to us ;)

So very glad that you'll still be around for some time to come xx

Sarah Krouse said...

Oh, my! You sound like me. Work your a** off on a project only to rework the entire thing half way through. Sounds like it's going to look fantastic in the end. (So glad you didn't run into the power line!!!)

Cynthia Myers said...

OMG Vicki!
I just read your post.
How truly frightening.
And the part about your Mom...
gave me goosebumps.
I did laugh about the things you thought of, important things for sure but then the silly things too.
I'm so glad we are blogger friends!

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes, I know! LOL!
I have a friend who says I create my own problems and that I shouldn't think so much.
Too old to change now!
Good to know that I'm in good company though.

tammy j said...

holy dog crap!
sometimes ya just have to call a spade a spade.
it's not a laughing matter.
but you never fail to make me laugh.
and yes!
i'd say just start throwing things in HUGE trash sacks and take them to a charity.
it really just feels SO GOOD !!!!
be careful dear heart.
we want you around.

Pamela Smallcomb said...

Very happy you didn't hit the power line! I've told my husband if I do something stupid in the house to please drag me into the front lawn after he calls the paramedics, so they won't see our messy house.
:) xo

Cynthia Myers said...

You really crack me up.
But I've thought about that before too. They say if you are having a heart attack to call 911 and to unlock your front door and sit just inside so that they don't have to break the door down. I thought if I ever had to call them, I'd go sit on the front steps just so they wouldn't have to come inside at all!
Years ago when the neighbors garage caught on fire and after I got my dogs out, a policeman and I ran inside to get my cats, I was so thankful that I had washed the dishes and there were none in the sink! LOL!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you!
I've thought about doing that, I mean just bagging it all up and taking it to Goodwill or someplace but my niece thinks I should have a yard sale and I guess since I could really use the cash, I should do that.
I just dread the thought.
I'm thinking I will give myself a deadline and if I don't have the sale by then, I'll just load it up and donate it.