Thursday, November 27, 2014


I love this commercial.
So many times commercials kinda annoy me.
Like the one with the kid blowing bubbles with his straw into his chocolate milk and his little brother is laughing
and the mom happily chuckles and pulls out the paper towels and merrily wipes up the mess.
Come on!
I can almost hear the average mom yelling to stop making a mess! and throwing the roll of paper towels at the kid.
Yep. Makes me NOT want to buy whatever brand it was.

But THIS commercial I like.

The table is set in an apparent attempt to be pretty and simple.
But then they run out of plates and have to use vacation plates
and odd assortment of mugs.
I love it.

I, like probably most people in the blog world, lust after a beautifully set table.
The perfect decorations arranged around the house with a fire crackling in the fireplace in the background.
Music softly playing as fashionably dressed guests arrive through the snow in a sleigh.

But what I love about this commercial is the fact that all THAT doesn't REALLY matter.
It's just having family and friends gathered together and being thankful
and not having a bunch of hard to clean dirty dishes.
I'm going to my sisters home today for Thanksgiving dinner.
It will be her family plus a couple of my nieces boyfriends and
my step-mom and her husband.
A Modern family.

It's started to snow and I know that they will have a fire going.
Her home is usually eclectically decorated.
Picture frames will have been changed out and photos of past Thanksgiving in them instead.
Her umbrella stand usually holds an umbrella or two but also some random weird stick that she's found on a walk,
that she found to be "cool" and next to that will be a rug for shoes.
Well, I assume there's a rug but it's always piled high with everyone's shoes.

My brother-in-law will be frantically running around fixing the dinner
and my sister will slowly, calmly find whatever he needs in the utensil drawer or pantry.
Kind of a Ying and Yang, those two.

So I expect dinner to be nice
as long as no one brings up politics.
If someone does, there will be a war.

But it should be nice day
and in the evening, my sister will get ready to go to work at the hospital
and my brother in law will spread out the Black Friday ads on the dining room table
and ask her if there's something he needs to go out and get.
She will say "not really", but then point out a few things anyway
and then he will probably go out, much later because there's a department store that every year, late at night
for just a couple of hours, sells big huge thick dog beds
and their dog needs to have a new bed on Xmas.

Finally I will say I must leave because I need to let my dogs out
and they will say to come back after
but I'll remind them I have to be up early because the kennel is full at work.
So they will fix me a plate for dinner the next night and add a slice of pie.

I'll drive home through the snow covered streets
and faintly smile because everyone has now switched on their Christmas lights
and even though there are things going on in my life that I'm not happy about,
I will pull into my drive
and then open the front door to the chorus of my dogs.
I will let them outside and watched them through the window as they leap through the snow
and eat my slice of pie
and I will give Thanks and be Grateful.


Debby said...

I laughed at your opinion of the chocolate milk commercial. It matches my own opinion perfectly! Get real, people!!

Your post was lovely...touching.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Debby!
I know! I hate unrealistic commercials.
I hope you had a Good Thanksgiving!

Christer. said...

Some commercials are so stupid that I now days refuse to buy any of those things or anything else that company might sell! I have for instance never eaten a Mars bar just because they had a just idiotic commercial in the seventies :-)

I have to admit that I can't buy especially many things any more but I do hate when they insult me by believeng I'm an idiot!

We don't have Thanks Giving here and if we had I guess my relatives and close family would be thankful for not seeing any of the other relatives :-) :-) :-) We are not a jolly bunch :-)

Have a great day!

tammy j said...

HA!!! I HATE that same commercial!
almost as much as the haughty little girl that shoots a bow and arrow and blows up a whole end of the aisle at toys r us.
that's enough to keep me from going there for sure.

and the rest of this post . . .
a perfect word picture of your thanksgiving.
i loved every word. every scene.

where i was . . . the wine and water glasses were waterford crystal. wow. yes. very lovely.
but still . . . the video above says it all for me. the best.
much more relaxing!!!

have a fabulous weekend dear bean.

Cynthia Myers said...

I once got so angry with a commercial that I wrote an email to the company.
It was a cereal one where the mom said she ate a particular kind because she waned to live for a very long time and her teenage daughter grumbled "Oh great!" I told them that I was horrified by the ad because I lost my own mom when I was 14 and many other people probably grieve over their losses and here's this little snot girl sneering over the thought of her mom living a long life. I told them not to dare send me coupons or anything to try to appease me but that I would never buy that brand again. I actually got a reply letter from a customer rep that said they would forward it to the proper people in the company.
I never heard anything else...but oddly enough, I never did see that commercial again. I'm not saying it was because of my email but maybe they received several?

Years ago my family was much more "tense". LOL! but now we mostly get along except for one person but thankfully he was a good behavior on Thanksgiving. (Although back to his nasty self the next night!)
Oh well! LOL!

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes I do like pretty things but as long as it's clean, I'm happy.
I much prefer casual and relaxed.
Thank you for the compliment on my post.
I smiled because you noticed that I tried to illustrate it with words than photos! I purposely held back on including them, I hoped that maybe what someone envisioned would be better than random internet searches.

tammy j said...

read about your writing to that company about their horrible commercial.
I have NO DOUBT it was your letter that woke them up!
I tell you. Madison Avenue has a lot to answer for.
I used to HATE the twix commercial. when someone wanted to share it . . .
and the person with it held it out then jerked it away . . .
"TWO for me NONE for you"
and we try to teach children to share.
good grief.

Cynthia Myers said...

Sometimes I really wonder how some commercials get made. I would think that someone on their team would speak up and tell them how stupid or offensive some of them are.
There are a few that I love though.
A couple of the car commercials with dogs...yeah, love those!
Of course.