Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I was sick this Christmas but then a lot of people were.
Seems like absolutely everyone is ill.
But I had a good Christmas anyway!
As I've said in the past, I love handmade gifts and this year
my niece Lily made me something that when I opened the box I had to struggle really hard to keep it together.
But as hard as I tried, I couldn't help but cry.
But it was happy tears.
She made me a sculpture of BLUE!
She captured him perfectly.

She got his coloring and markings perfect.
And all of his little lumps and bumps.

She even made a black chair and footstool for him.
Just like my sofa and chair.

while, I do adore handmade
my sister surprised me with a flat screen!
I had been watching TV on a very small screen
ever since they went digital.
What was that, 7 years ago or something?
I must say, I LOVE it.
Suddenly people on TV have pores and wrinkles!
I don't know why but that makes me so happy!

and finally.
as I already have said,
I was sick on Christmas.
But very early in the morning I woke up
and got very ill.
After quite a while I crawled back into bed 
and slept in much later than I usually do!
In fact when I woke up the sunlight was streaming in the window.
I opened my eyes and to my surprise this is what I saw -

I keep my phone on the ledge above my bed
it's my alarm
and if someone needs to call, it's within reach.
So I slowly took it off the ledge and took that photo.
Quite the surprise,
I mean sometimes he sneaks up on the bottom of the bed during the night
but he has NEVER gotten up next to me like this.
I kinda feel like he knew I was sick
and was watching over me.
Yep, a very good Christmas.


Vicki said...

Ohhhh, how very sweet. Blue knew you were ill - our very intuitive furbabes do.
That is so heartwarming to see. What a doll he is!
I love his expression and eyeing you, with that look of, "you OK mum? I just thought I'd keep you company and warm in case you get chilled in the night." What a boy....
The best medicine.

I LOVE your niece Lily's sculpt of Blue. So, so good. You'll have that forever and it will touch your heart whenever you see it.

Haha, now you can see that even the beautiful people on TV have flaws, heh heh. Imagine how paranoid they get when wrinkles appear on their once unlined faces.

I hope you are feeling better now. And am so glad to read that you had a very good Christmas.
Here's to a fabulous 2015 filled with creative inspiration... empty pages waiting to be filled with wonderful illustrative tales of beautiful tails ;)

Happy New Year, dear friend xxx

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes, I am very lucky to have such a loving family and wonderful fur-babies!
I can't wait for it to be the New Year.
Last year I was so excited and then it seemed like each month something not so great happened.
I'm hoping that THIS will be my year!
The year that I got my first book done and found someone to publish it! LOL!
Happy New Year to You! my friend.

Jan said...

Happy almost New Year! Hope you are past your illness now and can enjoy the final day of the year. What a sweet gift from your niece! Very thoughtful. And the gift from Blue, keeping watch over you, that is something you will never forget, even if you hadn't snapped the photo. I was looking at the photo of him on your side bar, it looks like he has grown more black on his nose since then. My white pit bull had lots of pink on her nose but it grew more black as she got older. Is that happening with Blue too? Not that it matters one whit. Here is hoping the new year brings you many wonderful and happy moments!!!!

Sarah Krouse said...

Oh my gosh, the best Christmas ever in so many ways! I mean, I'm sorry you were sick, but that pic of Blue made my heart sing. They always seem to know. Hope you + your family have an amazing 2015!

Cynthia Myers said...

Thank you Sarah!
Blue does have the ability to make me feel better!
Hope you had a great Xmas and a WONDERFUL 2015!

CheerfulMonk said...

What a sweet boy! I'm so glad you have him. And I hope you're feeling a lot better.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Jean!
I'm so glad too! :)
I woke up still feeling not so great but Hey! it's a NEW year so I'm excited!
Happy New Year!

Cynthia Myers said...

Happy New Years!
(your comments never appear in my email, just on my blog, so I think I get them later. I need to remember to check there!)
I hope you had a Merry Xmas and good New Years Eve.
You are so right, I would always remember it but I'm so glad that I had my phone there and that I was able to snap it before he sat up! LOL!
You know what? I think you are right!
I guess looking at him every day and it being a gradual thing but I do believe his nose is black and there's a spot on it that wasn't there before!
I do noticed that his muscle mass seems to be less and his skin is looser and a bit wrinkly...but then I push that out of my head. I don't like to think about him getting older.
Ha! Yep, I'm in denial. :D
Hey, Thanks for commenting and Happy 2015!

tammy j said...

oh my gosh cindi.
tears here! good tears.
i'm a crier when i'm moved deeply.
and the sculpture first did it.
and then . . .
the picture of blue lying right next to you on the pillow.
i just lost it.
no one whose heart has never connected with their special heart can even know how deep the love goes. you know.
i hope you're better today.
i'm late in getting here.
much love to you and hugs to your blue. you are special people in my book. and in my heart.
and all your little furries for that matter! but oh . . .
that boy blue.
happy new year dearest bean!

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh Tammy,
I hate to have you crying!
You obviously understand why I couldn't hold back the tears when I got my Xmas gift from Lily.
And yes, I love all my critters
but sometimes it scares me how much I love that big lug.
Happy 2015!

Christer. said...

I do like that Blue sculpture :-)

Welcome to the flat screen world :-) Todays screens are soi much better when it comes to how much energy they use, the old ones were terrible :-) and yes it is amazing how much more one can see even if one doesn't have HD tv, I'm not sure I want that, who knows how people really look like :-)

Have a good continuing of the new year!

Cynthia Myers said...

I'm glad you like the sculpture, it's really priceless to to me!
I really like this TV! It's got some features that I haven't figured out yet. I guess I can hook up my computer to it too.
I can watch YouTube videos on it!
(As soon as I figure out how! LOL!)
Happy 2015 to you!

Nita Stacy said...

Oh...my gosh that sculpture is so amazing! It does capture Blue....so cute! Love the photo of Blue in bed next to you. So sorry you were sick...over Xmas. I was sick last Xmas and know its hard to get everything done when you feel so bad. I warn you...you are going to want to watch a lot of tv now. I used to not care about watching so much till I got my flat screen. I watch entirely too much cause I love the way everything looks on it.

Cynthia Myers said...

I know! Lily certainly gave me the perfect gift! I will always cherish it.
and you are right!
I am already watching more TV! LOL!
Thanks for commenting!
Happy 2015.

Patty said...

Awww, love that picture of your dear Blue on the pillow. What a sweet face
to wake up to! Take care.

Cynthia Myers said...

Thanks Patti!
Yep, love that face.
Happy 2015!

tammy j said...

oh god cindi
i've been here before i know.
but i couldn't resist again.
that beloved face on the pillow next to yours.
KNOWING you were sick.
with a love like that...
words don't cover it.
they're just not big enough.
they're not blue enough.
love you.

Cindi Myers said...

Oh my goodness!
That was a YEAR ago?!?!?!?
Wow, time is flying.
Yep, my Blue... no words.