Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I got a new battery for my laptop.
I guess that was part of the problem but
this new battery doesn't seem to hold a charge for very long.
and I've noticed that the bottom of my laptop gets really HOT sometimes,
so then I freak out and shut it down.
But I wanted to get a post out and let you all know what's been going on.

But now the news of Cecil's murder has left me feeling....
Sad, depressed, angry, outraged, grief-stricken
and filled with hate over such brutality and cruelty.
Watching the News and reading Facebook tells me that I'm not alone.
This horrible event has left so many others devastated too.
What is wrong with this world?
How can people be so evil, selfish and lacking in compassion?
How can anyone find joy from taking a life?
It just breaks my heart.
Some days it's really hard to be positive and happy.
Some days I feel like just curling into a ball and crying...

and now they say a dominate lion will probably kill Cecil's cubs now that he's not there to protect them..
That his lineage will be gone.
(shared from Moomah magazine)

.... I think I will end this post here
and go back to working on my Art.


Doreen@househoneys said...

Sadly, horrible things happen every day to innocent, beautiful creatures like Cecil. We just happened to find out about it because he was being tracked. I wonder how mankind would feel if the tables were turned? If we were being hunted for 'sport'. Some people have no regard for life, and don't deserve to be called human.

CheerfulMonk said...

That breaks my heart too. I agree, best to go back to art. At least the dentist involved has learned a lesson.

Vicki said...

I'm sorry to say that, over here, I've had my head down - either working on my projects, or on the pillow on my worse health days as I recover - so I didn't know this story about this beautiful, magnificent lion, Cecil.
The photos tell a heartbreaking story though, and I find myself filling with a hateful anger, despair, rage and extreme sadness.
There are times when I despise our very flawed race, with little that redeems it.
I have tendencies that veer towards misanthropy and I work hard to keep it in check in order to survive in this world.

But, after seeing such images, and the smug, self congratulatory look on these vile, evil mens' faces, I find myself weary of it all, and welcoming "the eternal sleep" that will come to me one day.
And, there are days when I wish it were sooner rather than later...

tammy j said...

i didn't know about this.
i watch the news as little as possible.
especially now that tornado season is over. i seldom have it on.
look at those IDIOTS' faces. do they think they're BRAVE????
let's go kill something. and someone as magnificent as cecil.
for fun.
it's beyond disgusting. it's evil.
like the texas man who 'won' the right to kill a rhino (endangered at that) in a rich people's lottery game. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID.

Cynthia Myers said...

You are right. It happens everyday.
I try to steer clear of reading about this type of thing as it leaves me depressed, sometimes for days.
I feel so powerless.
It's frightening to know what monsters humans can be.
They have no soul.
I wish they could be "hunted" down and ripped to shreds by their prey.

Cynthia Myers said...

Yes, Truly heartbreaking.
I'm glad that this caused his business to close.
I hope someone ends up "hunting" him.
He deserves no less.

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh Vicki!
I feel the same.
That disdain towards humans and also the weariness of dealing with bad people.
Every day there are horrible stories.
People shot because of their race.
Children innocently playing and then taken and murdered after enduring much worse.
Animals being abused and tortured and killed.
Some days I feel so defeated and defenseless to help.
I worry that evil will conquer good.
But then I eventually take comfort in the fact that there ARE good people,
kind souls, special beings left on this Earth.
Knowing there are people like the friends that I know here, who by the mere fact of their existence give this ugly world hope.
The world desperately needs people like that, kind and gentle souls, like YOU.

Cynthia Myers said...

I should do that.
I should turn off the TV but it's on the Internet too.
It's everywhere.
I know this is hateful to say, completely wrong, but
I wish that all the psycho shooters and bombers would refocus
and aim at all these evil people.
What a fun game that would be.
To watch these "hunters" run for their lives.
(I hate that these horrible events put such hateful horrid thoughts into my heart and my head.)

tammy j said...

i wanted to see what they're going to do to him...
so i watched the latest.
zimbabwe wants him extradited.
i want us to send him over there to ROT in an african jail with the rest of the poachers.
better yet... just set him loose with NO WEAPON in the game preserve.
let the lions eat him.
when i saw the other pictures of all the beautiful animals he's killed for nothing more than pleasure and trophies...
i say send him to the preserve. let him be hunted.
sick of people like him and his arrogant GRIN thinking it's alright to kill. and... he says he's "sorry." well of course he is.
he's sorry he got CAUGHT.

Cynthia Myers said...

I agree with every word you've written.
He's only sorry that he was caught and what happened to his practice.
I wish they would do as you said, leave him to fend for himself in the game preserve. Let him feel what it's like to be defenseless and hunted.

SittingDuck said...

This is absolutely disgusting how a human could let an innocent creature suffer for 40 hours before he was actually killed. This should never be allowed to happen and i hope that the law gets taken to the full extent for these horrible people that allowed this to happen.

Cynthia Myers said...

I totally agree.
I want them to be fined and jailed.
I want them to suffer like Cecil did for 40 hours.
I want them thrown in with the lions with no defense.
It might sound heartless but they deserve to get what they gave.
These people disgust me and break my heart with their cruelty.