Thursday, September 17, 2015


Many of my dogs need to be groomed.
On one hand, that's a good thing.
Dog hair that grows and needs to be groomed usually means no shedding.
But on the other hand, there's the expense of taking a dog to a groomer.
Not to mention, finding the proper groomer who is both talented and kind.
So... I got to thinking that I'm artistic, I'm kind and I've also been told by more than one hair stylist that I make my own hair look better than they do.
(Although I no longer go to any of the people who have told me that. I think they should be able to do my hair better than I can) anyway I digress.
I had bought some "people" clippers from Target and while I was able to cut my dogs hair, it took me forever and never looked good.
After much research, I bought some actual "dog" clippers for a reasonable price on eBay.
After doing 3 of my dogs myself, I was ahead monetarily. 
I then bought a metal "arm" with attached nooses that clamps onto the side of any table.
One noose holds their head ( like a leash does) and then the other one goes under their tummy to keep them standing.
I also purchased a pair of long curved scissors.
After doing 2 more of my gang, I was money ahead again.
Everyone had gotten very shaggy, so I just shaved them all down.
Once the hair starts growing back out I'll be able to "fluff" it out with the dryer,
I just ordered one off of eBay, another bargain!, and trim it into a "style" with my special scissors.
This is going to save my some real $$$ and also I know that they are being treated the way I want them treated.
But, for now, they look kinda pitiful.
I've found several dog grooming YouTube videos online that I'll be able to watch on my TV and learn from.
So I'm happy, although not everyone  (Jimmy) is as thrilled as I am.
Other news, still playing around with blog format. Once again this is just a temporary fix.


sassypackrat said...

Jimmy sure doesn't look happy! This is a fun blog format, I've never seen it before.

Cindi Myers said...

LOL! yep, he wasn't thrilled.
I'm actually kinda liking this format myself.
It's clean and simple.
Hmm, maybe I will leave the Art work for my Art blog?
Thanks for commenting1

Vicki said...

Hey! Well done you!!
Practice makes perfect, and pretty soon, you'll have others asking you to do their dogs, and before you know it... Cindi's Cool Canine Cuts...
Erm, I do get ahead of myself and then excited at such things, lol. At least you're saving a heap of $$, that's always good.
Jimmy is contemplating on the blog format, or on being partially naked for the world to see :D
Love this post and the new look.

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks Vicki!
I'm thinking that I certainly have plenty of pets to practice on! LOL!
and "maybe" I would some day do someone else's pets!?
I'm liking this new look, the more that I look at it... hmmm
Thanks for stopping by!

Doreen@househoneys said...

I love it! Cindi's Cool Canine Cuts! Maybe you're on your way to a new career?! In the meantime, you're saving mucho bucks, and that's always a good thing ;).

tammy j said...

i think he looks CUTE! he's just in shock. he felt BIGGER and more important when he had all that hair.
i used to trim my little cocker sara. i hated the way they did her. i kept her in a puppy cut. it was so much better.
and i always trimmed zeke.
like you say... not all groomers are kind. i've seen some i wanted to take a razor to myself.
i LOVE this format.
it's very much like leslies.
the only thing about hers and ... this one as far as i can tell...
i like to be able to see past post or go to the home button. which it doesn't give the option to do?
other than that... it's so COOL LOOKING! very minimalist. i love it.

tammy j said...

right up there in the upper left corner. two little arrows. on for older one for newer.
disregard my premature remark! LOLOL.
now you see how wel i dun in scool.

Cindi Myers said...

Well, I hadn't planned on using this to make a career change but...
I better get practicing!
and Yes! saving money is ALWAYS a good thing! LOL!
Thanks for commenting!

Cindi Myers said...

Jimmy is a moody boy.
One minute racing around and another pouting.

I like this format too and I think it's the same format as Leslie's but just in a different tab??
Or maybe not.
I'm kinda confused myself and I definitely do not want it to be confusing to others to the point that they don't comment.
Yep, still tweaking but glad you like it so far!

CheerfulMonk said...

"Cindi's Cool Canine Cuts" I love it!

Cindi Myers said...

Too funny!