Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WHY I WORK WHERE I DO and other stuff

Yesterday Twinkle had dental surgery.
She's 9 and her mouth was a horrible mess.
I noticed her breathing like her nose was congested and when I opened her mouth, it was much worse since the last time I had looked.
Most of her teeth were so loose that they wiggled.
Besides it being painful, it could/would increase her chances of infection,
spreading to other areas of her body.
So she went in for a full mouth extraction.
Ultimately, she was left with only 2 teeth. 
Both are towards the front on her mouth and on the same side.
One upper and one lower.
They were firmly in her mouth and in good shape, so they didn't need to come out.
To pull them would not have been necessary and also there was a big risk of them breaking her jaw if they tried.
She's home now.
She's doing well and she's on pain medication and antibiotics.

Last Thursday my 15 yr old cat Raini went in for her second ear operation.

She's been suffering from a reoccurring ear infection that refused to clear up. 
A little more than a month ago it was bloody and had pus.
And that was after she had just finished 2 rounds of medication! 
Then it came roaring back with a horrible odor.
3 weeks ago she was put under anesthesia and Doc removed growths and filled her ear with an antibiotic treatment.
I left her at work afterwards, in the cat room.
I wanted to keep her away from my little dogs who would want to "clean" her ears.
So 2 weeks later the smell was still awful or maybe even worse.
Everyone that smelled it would gag, it was really that bad.
                          (Here Raini is, giving Vera Wag a massage.)

So last week Doc did surgery again and removed more growth and cauterized inside her ear canal
and treated it again with special antibiotic ear ointment.
A week later, I smell nothing but I'm leaving her at work until the 2 weeks are up again
and she has had her recheck.

Sometimes people question why I stay at the clinic
and sometimes I wonder why I do too
and then something  like this happens...
Yep, in a house full of so many senior pets, I don't see me going anywhere else too soon.
Not yet.

In other news, I'm working on a few projects and I am also going to spend some time fixing up this blog site.
Now that Labor Day Weekend has passed, things should slow up enough for me at work to allow me the time and energy to spend time on some projects!
Stay tuned for that....


Hartwood Roses said...

Poor Twinkle. What you describe sounds like what happened to Winnie right after she was found and brought to the shelter. Nasty teeth, also loose to the touch, and she was left with one tooth after the vet finished with her. Same story ... wasn't pulling that one because they were afraid for the integrity of her lower jaw. I never saw her with teeth, and I imagine that she would look weird to me if she had them. Honestly, we probably couldn't have kept her if she had teeth ... she is such a resource guarder and she growls and snaps (and has actually bitten) each of our cats almost daily. Hard to think that something that only weighs four and a half pounds could have such a protective, vicious streak.

Anyway, I totally understand how it is managing the health of senior pets. My checkbook suffers often. Working where you do is a blessing to your critters, though it can often be a source of stress for you. Close your eyes, and count your blessings. Most of them are around you every day, standing there on four feet.

CheerfulMonk said...

I'm glad your pets are doing well, and I'm glad you will be getting a bit more time for your own stuff. Looking forward to seeing it. :)

Cindi Myers said...

You are so right, I need to remember to count my blessings.
I've taken care of several Chihuahua's that act similar to what you describe with Winnie. Little Twinkle had been abused as a puppy. Actually Animal Control was pulling into the parking lot of a fast food place for lunch when they saw a very angry man throw her across the parking lot. Perfect timing! They took her away on the spot and wrote a ticket to him. He had to pay a $500.00 fine and go to anger management classes and give her up. That's when they called me. They knew I lived across the river, far away from that area and they offered her to me because they knew she'd be safe over here.
From day one she's been a little love bug and if she gets scared, she immediately starts giving kisses. I'm so lucky to have her in my life!
And yes, these seniors are expensive but that's just the way it is.
I'd rather be broke than have money and not have them in my life.
Thanks for commenting!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I'm so happy that they are both doing so much better.
And it's nice to actually have time to THINK! LOL!
I have been busy with clearing out the house and setting up that stuff in my booth but I have several other things I need to get done too.
Hopefully I'll be able to saw some of it soon.

Vicki said...

Loving the new page look here.. or, is it my eyes/computer playing up :)

Those adorable faces melted my heart.
I have often thought that, as hard as work can be for you at times, there is a huge bonus in having good veterinary advice/care available for your aging fur crew.
There has to be some bonuses in life right?

I could do with a Raini massage right about now - I'd even put up with claws.
Love these images, Cindi.

Cindi Myers said...

Thanks Vicki!
but actually this is just a temporary fix for the blog.
The other had cherry blossom trees, so it was time for a change.
I have some plans and hopefully I will be able to get to those soon.

Yes, there are definite bonuses.
If I can keep a work schedule where I'm not here all the time
AND stay away from all the "drama" (although sometimes it does come looking for me!) I could be pretty content.

Oh, you would love Raini.
She likes to ride around on the back of your neck
(which drives me crazy some days) and if you are sitting down, she will come "knead" on you. If you aren't sitting, she'll do it to one of the dogs!
And she has no front claws, so it actually feels very nice.
Thanks for commenting!

Doreen@househoneys said...

Awwwwwww, look at that face!! Such a sweetie! So sorry about what happened. I'm sure twinkle is wondering 'what happened?' Poor baby.

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I do think she's wondering about that!
Especially when she first tried to eat a piece of the regular hard kibble.
But she's really adapted to it well.
She's back to her normal happy self!
Thanks for commenting!

tammy j said...

oh cindi.
those tiny faces.
you take such good care of your people.
thank god for you.
how could someone look at them and not know how important they are?
i can see why you stay. i can.
i just wish they treated you better there. or at least appreciated you.
i like the grey background! even if you decide to change it.
it seems to make the pictures really stand out.
i hope you had today off.
i think about you so much.
i'm sort of back in the land of the living. sort of! LOLOL.
the marine is back. i met him for breakfast this morning and it was wonderful!

Cindi Myers said...

Welcome back!
I'm so glad the marine has returned.
Please don't do too much though and wear yourself down.
Yes, I must stay and about them not appreciating me...
Sigh, I've given up on that. I'm thinking its like (when I was young) and trying to make someone care about me and they just won't and then driving myself crazy over it. Now I see how foolish that was. You just can't make someone care if they don't. So, I'm done with that and will just do my job and forget it and focus on other stuff.
But thanks! xoxo
Yes, I do like the dark on the blog.
I might keep that part but not sure....
But I definitely need to rework the margins and the header.
Truly, I'm SO HAPPY that you are back.