Sunday, September 25, 2016


Someone that I know, a client from the clinic, asked me to something with a photo of her two dogs.
They are both in Heaven now,
So how could I refuse?
I sent this to her for approval -

Her response was that she was crying.
Crying happy tears.
Her husband liked it too.
Especially their eyes.

Instead of my usual 4x4 size
This one is 5x7 and I've mounted it on a 1 1/2 inch thick canvas with the sides painted black.

While I was at it, I did Doc's two dogs.

I watch them whenever he goes out of town
so I took the opportunity to take their pics.
I'm giving them to him as a small token of my appreciation for him saving Blue.
So, THESE might actually be the last ones in this style.
Maybe, I mean who knows. I might do more if there was a special circumstance.

Other news, the place that I gave notice at?
She's currently using my prints as a header on her shop's Facebook page.

Yep. Too little too late for me though.
I did get a phone call from her yesterday in regards to someone asking if I'd give a discount if they purchased 10...
Or maybe even 20!
I had already dropped the price to $10.00
(For Halloween pieces only)
But I went ahead and said yes.
I authorized a 25% discount if he purchased at least 10.
The owner said she'd call me later so I would know what he had bought and what I would need to replenish.
She never called so I stopped down to look for myself today.
Turns out he hadn't purchased any of them.
Oh well.
Definitely time to move on from there.


Lesley UK said...

No wonder your friend was in tears. Your work always radiates such tenderness and love . As for the 'other' place, you are well out of it. I am certain you will find just the right spot for your paintings. You deserve it so much. Love to Blue and all the rest of your babies. Blessings

Hill House said...

Your art is wonderful! You really have a gift! I have several dogs and I would love to have you make something for me. Is that possible?

DO NOT GIVE UP!! Just find the venue that is perfect for you! I KNOW it is out there and there are so many people who would love your work if only they can find you!!

Etsy? Ebay? Begin to post comments on all the dog rescue sites so people can find you!! You'll be so busy you will be in a spin! But with a smile on your face because so many people will be happy!!

Have the best day!

tammy j said...

those dogs shouldn't be your last.
they are absolutely wonderful.
i would be crying tears of happiness too.
and the little gifts to doc for saving blue...
i know he will be touched.
and the other...
too little too late. WAY too late!

Janneke said...

So good of you to give Doc a canvas of his dogs for saving Blue. They are all very nice.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you so much!
That's such a sweet thing to say!
and yes, I'll be glad to done with the place
and move on to something that feels more right for me!
form Blue and the gang too!

Cindi Myers said...

Hill House,
I wish I knew your name!
It seems funny to call you Hill House! LOL!

I'm not giving up, not totally but this is another piece of work that was a photo
and I altered it several times until I got it to look this way.
I know people do that all the time but...
I think I'd rather illustrate and/or paint in a more Folk Art style.

I'm planning on putting links on my Instagram accounts and my Pinterest account.
I actually get A LOT of hits from Pinterest!
So yeah, I best get busy figuring it all out!

If you really do want me to create something for you, let me know what you are thinking etc.
You can always email me! :
and Truly, thank you for such a sweet and helpful comment!

Cindi Myers said...

Not really the last
but maybe not too many more.
I just need to go in another direction and experiment.

I hope Doc liked them.
I left them wrapped on his desk with a thank you note.
I saw that he opened them up but he didn't say a word.
But that's a man for ya.
Then again, I suppose he realizes that if I wanted him to make a big deal over it, I'd hand them to him.
Hopefully he likes them.
I think he probably would or I wouldn't have made them.

and yes, WAY TOO LATE!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you Janneke!

I hope Doc likes them.
He's hard to buy or make anything for.
He just buys whatever he wants!

Thanks again!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

These are so lovely Cindi! The eyes are definitely expressive, and I can see how it would make your friend emotional.

Sometimes we get caught up in the moment when someone wants to buy something and maybe give discounts when we shouldn't, or end up being disappointed when they don't follow through. It sucks, but it's all a learning experience, so keep on keeping' on. Your work rocks!


Cindi Myers said...

Yes, you are right.
I shouldn't have given a discount.
Especially when I already discounted them!
and it is a learning experience!
I need to take time to make sure my type of Art fits with the establishment.
Thank you!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Cindi, you should remove them all from her and tell her she cannot reproduce your artwork in any way, shape, or form! If a person has a picture of your work he can just enlarge and print it. maybe I'm too paranoid, but I wouldn't let her use my artwork like that.

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you for the advice.
Of course they could do that off of my blog too.
Yep, I haven't put any watermarks on them
But I'm gonna be outta that place ASAP!