Wednesday, December 7, 2016


So many blogs are now posting beautiful photos of their Christmas decor.

I have to be honest, I haven't decorated.
In fact, I haven't done much decorating for years.
I'll hang a couple of wooden snowflakes above my windows,
and a little wreath on the front door.
Maybe I'll put a tiny tree in a silver bucket on the front steps
and set a couple of bottle brushes on a shelf and then I'm done.

This year, like almost everything that happened this year.
has me way behind and no time to catch up.
But I've made the decision to make major changes next year
so that I'm not always behind and stressed about it.

I just really feel like 2017 is going to be my YEAR.
I've made the decision that I'm not moving.
I'm not moving to a different house
and I'm not moving to a different state.
I will do a different post about how and why I reached this decision but
today's post is about Christmas decorating.

Because of my decision not to move
I've decided to work on my house and make it like exactly like I want it to be.
And that is a simple, white but colorful, farmhouse, folk art, modern style.

What kind of style is that?
I don't know and don't care what it's really called
but I call it my HAPPY style.
Yep, I want to pull in the driveway and smile
and walk in the front door and feel HAPPY!

I'm a HUGE fan of PINTEREST.
It never feels to inspire me.
I've created "boards" of things I love
but I found that some are very unrealistic.
So I've decided to go in and start deleting some of my "Pins"
and just keep what I really truly need for inspiration for MY life.
Not my fantasy life.

So since I don't have anything set up for Christmas to show THIS year,
I thought I'd share some of my Christmas PINS.

Yep, that's what I like.
That's my HAPPY STYLE!

I pulled my little canvases from the place I blogged about.
I gave my notice 60 days ago as my "contract" said I must.
But the owner asked me if I would be interested in leaving some seasonal pieces
on a commission only basis.
Meaning I wouldn't have to pay for a "space"
but rather she would just set them around the shop
and maybe now and then, something might sell.
She wanted only seasonal items and that sounded good to me.
I did a big group of "Vintage Christmas" photos and mounted them on canvas.

We'll see how that goes.

I also am trying to fill up the vet clinic with little canvases
in hopes that people will buy some for stocking stuffers and gift exchange type gifts.

But with Christmas so close now.
I'm starting on Valentines Day.

Yep Valentines.
Several years back I made Valentine's cats.
Some were painted fabric cats.

And some were made of PaperClay.

I sold them on eBay back then.
I remember that a blogger friend had messaged me and asked why they all had broken hearts painted on their chests.
To be honest, I did that kinda halfway subconsciously I guess
and was surprised at the question.
I mean, of course they had broken hearts.

So I'm starting to work on that NOW
because that's my PLAN for next year!
To be AHEAD of the game and actually get my IDEAS created and ready for sell.


tammy j said...

you just DID decorate for Christmas!
I LOVE every single picture on this post!!! every one!
and cindi...
you already know that I made the same decisions that you have made.
and it has changed my life.
I'm SO much happier!!!
and I think you already are too.
and your little house will be home. homes can always tell when they're loved and when they're not. I truly believe that.
and... your sad eyed kitties for valentines would be perfect for couples (the guy especially) who needs to apologize for something.
the little message "i'm sorry" could be attached to the heart.
there ya go... sorry cats.
and YES! it's going to be a very great new year. it has the number 7 in it!!! :) XOXO♥

CheerfulMonk said...

Good for you! I love your happy pictures! :)

Janneke said...

I also have not yet done any Christmas decorations, in our country they don´t start decorating before 5th of December. I suppose when you have a Christmas tree in your house, the dogs and cats will make a mess of it by jumping into the tree or playing with the decorations. This can be fun for them and may be even for
Wish you a lot of success with all your plans for 2017!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I feel much better now that I've decided.
I need to keep myself focused on the positives in my life
and not the negatives.
I'm glad you like my Christmas picks!
I just think they are so HAPPY!

I hadn't thought about marketing my cats as SORRY cats.
To me, they are heartbroken, need to be rescued cats.
Cats that have been let down and now need new homes.
Yep. That's where my mind was.

And yes! 7 is good!
The year I was born ended in a 7!
So it's another new beginning!
Thanks so much!

Cindi Myers said...

I'm so glad you like my HAPPY pictures.
Thanks what I'm trying to focus on...

Cindi Myers said...

Seems like everyone, well not EVERYONE but most people
start decorating the day or so after Thanksgiving.
I'm so far behind.
I have to much to do, cleaning and moving things around,
before I can really decorate.
And like you said, cats/dogs and trees just don't jive.
But next year, I'll be ready
(and maybe put the tree out on the front porch! LOL!)

Thank you for the good wishes!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

You deserve to walk in your house and smile Cindi! Your pics are lovely. Even the rather sad looking tree is appealing to me. What is it about Pinterest that makes EVERYTHING look awesome? And who are these people taking these pics? lol

I like Tammy's idea of an 'I'm sorry' cat, although your original intent has merit too. Maybe both?

Here's hoping 2017 IS your year!


Cindi Myers said...

I so agree! All the Pinterest photos are perfectly staged and the photography seems to always be top notch.
Sigh. :)

Yes, I like Tammy's idea too.
I think I will just make them and then put them up for sale and leave it up to the buyer as to what their purpose is.
Yep, two birds with one stone....
(Ugh, poor birds! Lol!)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

You have to make the right decision or make the decision right! Sounds like you've created the path best for you and can't wait to see what you do to your house. All walls are white in your pinned pictures and wondering if you will paint yours white too? I'm really thinking of doing so as I loved every pin you showed. Now, about those cats and Valentines... A big seller in my world are banners. You've seen the ones I buy to go on my chalkboard, right? If you ever decided to do those cats flat and make banners to string across fireplaces and chalkboards and such, I would like to be your first customer for one. Please, please, please! They would be easy to ship (and easy to store when V-Day is done) and could net you a pretty profit I think. Anyway, give me a price and I'll send you a check and you make me one as a prototype. Get some free small priority mail boxes from the Post Office which ship flat rate so you know exactly how much the shipping will cost and can include it in the price. Don't cheat yourself...set a good price! I'm so excited to buy one, you CAN'T say no.

Cindi Myers said...

LOL! You are funny!
OK, first about the White.
For a very very long time everyone I know has given me grief because my walls are all WHITE!
They think me insane when I tell them that eventually I'm painting the old wood floors white too.
(I've already painted the bedroom floors and don't regret it at all!)
But the back bedroom/big dogs room/art space is bright green and
Just last year I finally painted the bathroom a turquoise and then this Fall, I started, but haven't finished the laundry room in an olive color. But everything else is WHITE! and staying that way.

I hadn't even thought about doing banners!
Hmmmm. OK, for you I will.
and I'll check out the flat rate boxes but I usually find it's cheaper to use boxes from work and ship that way... but I'll research it!
And I'll start work on those banners! LOL!
Thank you!!!!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

thanks for doing a banner for me. I think they would be big sellers honestly. Re the Post Office priority mail shipping boxes and point is that they ship to all the USA for one price depending on size. That way, if you know your product such as a banner, will fit in a small priority mailing box (which has tracking and $50 insurance included in the price) you can quote upfront that the price is ___ for the banner and shipping of ___. I send my mother a medium priority mailing box (which I get for free at the Post Office) every other week and the medium box is $13.85 to mail anywhere. It's a flat rate. The smaller ones are cheaper to mail, but include free tracking and insurance. Once you ship the box, you can give the tracking number to the customer and she can find out where it is in the route and when it's delivered you can see that it was delivered at ___time. If I was selling products via mail, this would make life a lot easier for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindi.

I can't remember when I last checked in on you here. The last half of this year turned out to be busier than I ever expected. In September, my beloved 17 year old dog passed away and I went into mourning big-time. She was the best dog and it's been hard adjusting to life without her. In October, my evil boss was transferred to another department. (It was completely unexpected and feels like a gift from God.)In November, I took my 14 year old dog to the vet for his yearly shots. While we were there, one of the vet assistants started hinting around about a little dog they were trying to find a home for. (He's a 10 year old Maltese whose 97 year old owner had just passed away. Before she died she had made the vet promise to find him a good home. He was born with a deformed leg and had it amputated a couple of years ago and he also had some weird skin allergies that they'd never been able to cure.) Long story short - I ended up meeting the little dog and immediately fell in love with him. I told them I would be willing to take him if they didn't have anyone else in mind. The vet was thrilled that I wanted to take him and so I got to bring him home that day. He has adjusted to life in my house (with my other dog and my 4 cats) amazingly well. He had never lived with other animals before and I am convinced that his weird "skin allergies" were probably because he was so lonely. His skin has completely cleared up and when I took him to the vet recently she was shocked that he looked so good. She said that in the 10 years she has known him he has never looked this good.

You'll probably think this is crazy, but I have always believed that when one of my animals dies they always find me another one to take in. Because I've been volunteering at an animal shelter for over 10 years now, it hasn't been hard for my animals to find me another dog or cat to take care of since there are so many to choose from there. But leave it to my beloved 17 year old to find me my next dog at the vet's office - the place she hated more than anywhere else in the world!

I thought my Christmas would be a little sad this year but instead I'm feeling so grateful.

I love every one of the pictures you posted. I never know what to call my particular "style" -- I think it's probably French country/English cottage/Mid-Century Modern/animal shelter.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Cindi Myers said...

I'm going to try to start working on the "banners" this weekend and I will let you know how that goes!
And I haven't checked out the boxes yet but that does make a lot of sense.
Thank you so much for the info!

Cindi Myers said...

I'm so so sorry to read about the passing of your dog. How heartbreaking, to lose someone who's been in your life for so long.
She must have been your soulmate dog.
I love that she sent you someone who really really needed you! I'm not surprised that this new little one is doing so great!!!
Congrats on the transfer of the evil one! I wish that some people I know would transfer somewhere (anywhere! LOL!)
I think my style is: Modern Farmhouse Mid-Century Folk Art Eclectic!
:D :D :D
Have a Wonderful Christmas!!!