Sunday, December 4, 2016


Yesterday I did a post of two videos.
It showed a massive amount of birds flying over my home.
I've learned from my wise Blogger buddies that they were starlings.
Those birds were pretty smart too and obviously they knew what was coming!
This morning I woke up to this-

It's one of the trees I showed in the video.
To be honest, I'm not happy about the snow.
And it continued to fall all day.
Here's a photo of the bush just outside my backdoor.
All of it's leaves had not fallen yet.

It's kinda pretty, but it's still snow.
I had some plans for today, including running some errands.
Instead I just stayed inside all day.
My back is hurting and I just didn't want to shovel.
(Although I eventually gave in and shoveled out my car.)
But my sore back didn't stop me from re-arranging the furniture again.

Eventually I should post photos of the back bedroom that I'm decided to use as my Art space.
I emptied everything out of the room and then dragged just what I wanted back in.
I still have Blue's twin bed in there though.
My plan is to work at the big table and then slide my projects into the empty drawers
of the several dressers I have in there when I leave the room to go to work or whatever.
My reasoning behind that is because not only is Blue in that room while I'm gone,
but also Nora and Jimmy Chew.

 Yeah, he looks like a sweet, innocent good boy but I know him better than that.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

OMG...he is ADORABLE tho! Hoping you will show us some of the pieces you are working on when you have a chance. I'm over in the Naperville Il area and we got hit with the same snow storm just a little later. So beautiful!

Cindi Myers said...

His cuteness saves him every time!

I hope to have some things finished soon so that I can post them.

It is pretty but I just wasn't ready for it.
Seems like this year is moving by so fast!
Enjoy it for me! LOL!

tammy j said...

LOLOL!!! he is past adorable.
how can you keep from picking him up ALL the time!!! ???
that quilt or covering he's on is beautiful.
and I like the idea of your studio!
and even though it's lovely...
I wish you didn't have to go to work in the snow.
but as to this year going by too fast...
i'll be glad to see the end of it.

CheerfulMonk said...

Good luck! The snow is beautiful, but it can be a nuisance too. We had our first a few days ago.

Janneke said...

I love that picture of your happy Jimmy Chew, he is so adorable how he is laying there, observing you and may be thinking about new tricks. The snow looks so nice, we have not had snow for two years now. I like to see it in the morning but it´s not fun when you have to get out for work or so.
Have a nice week with all your lovely pets.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

LOL I don't care what you say, he's a sweetheart! I love it when dogs lay like that. They have no shame! LOL


Cindi Myers said...

Sometimes I do pick him up and cradle him...
for like 2 minutes! Then he gets all wiggly and wants down.

I got that quilt at Target! It was marked down to $18 and some change and it's King size!
Unfortunately if you lay it out flat, there's a hole where Ricochet chewed it.
Jimmy chews everything and Ricochet just chews fabric. (Weird dog).

I wanted to have a set place for my Art and not in my kitchen.
Not to say that I'll never work at the kitchen table again but I like the idea of it being a bit out of sight sometimes too.

Yes! I'll be glad to have this year gone too... but it's scary how fast time goes!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes. it's pretty but it can be so stressful too.
Digging out the car and hoping you can make it in to work.
I have to drive down a huge hill and then across a bridge and then back up a very steep winding hill.
So, I guess if I could just stay home and look out the window at it, I'd like it.
Oh well! It makes me love Spring that much more!

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, he is a cutie-pie.
He had been wiggly his back all over the quilt that I just smoothed out
and paused long enough for a photo.

Wow, TWO years?
We've never gone a year without snow!
and I live in the middle of the US.
Maybe I would miss it then... Maybe! LOL!
But I have to admit, sometimes when it just snows a light layer at night and I look out to the street before anyone has driven on it, it does seem magical!

Thank you! and you have a wonderful week too!

Cindi Myers said...

LOL! That's Jimmy Chew!
He has no shame at all!
and he can be a real sweetie.
Every one in a while he'll come up and crawl in my lap
and go to sleep. He's really sweet when he's sleeping.