Saturday, January 28, 2017


Wow, I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted.
It's the New Year and almost a month is gone.
I've been struggling with some things.
I really think I'm one of those people who needs sunshine in order to remain positive.
I've been trying to remember to put it out there into THE UNIVERSE
and while it seems so easy to do, it's not always for me.
I forget.
So, I'm writing this to remind myself and others that our thoughts
can really have an effect on our lives.

I HAVE been thinking POSITIVE about my Blue.
He's been calm and so far, so good.
That's my focus... on him doing good each day.

Then there's Katy.
Her previous mom calls weekly.
I kinda wish she'd stop but I don't have the heart to tell her to do so.
In our last conversation, I was sick and tired, seems like I'm always sick and tired lately BUT
I told her that while Katy WAS using the potty pads as I had told her before,
she was also using a spot under the kitchen table and close to the hutch.
AND another spot in the living room by the bookcase.
Since Katy is teeny tiny,  it's just a small little circle.
Still, it's PEE and I told her previous mom that she was now wearing a doggie diaper.
(and I left out the part where I had bought some special cleaner for dog urine.)

Her "previous mom" instantly told me how she had been so surprised when I had told her how Katy used the potty pads and didn't pee in the house because Katy had peed in HER house!...............


Then she offered to take her back.
She said that she missed her
and that it wasn't that she WANTED her back but
she felt bad about her peeing in my house.
I told her to let me think about it, that I'd let her know.
She said for me to not feel bad if I wanted to give her back
and the cash she had gifted to me, that I could keep that, not to worry.
I was again caught off guard and said I'd think about it and let her know.

So I thought about it and I cleaned the areas and then I had an idea.
I have a lot of doggy beds and I put a small one on each of the "spots".
I watched Katy walk up to them and look at them and then she'd crawl into them and go to sleep.
So far, that's worked.
But to be honest, her favorite spot is Blue's bed and then this happened -

Yeah, I can't give her back.

I posted this photo on Instagram.
I'm on Instagram a lot.
I highly recommend it.
Many of my Blogger friends who have quit blogging, post over there now.
I also posted ALL my dog/cat photos that I'm working on.
If you aren't familiar with Instagram, people will "LIKE" your photos.
AND of ALL my photos the one of Blue and Katy has gotten the most likes!

So anyway, that's some of the things going on.
There's been some work things too.
Things I thought had been resolved but I'm still working on.
Let's just say, good help is hard to find.

And other annoying little crap that is NOTHING in the grand scheme of things
but has the capacity to drive a person insane.
House stuff.
Things wearing out and needing repairs and me trying to figure out how to do them.
I know everyone deals with this kind of stuff but it gets exhausting dealing with it on my own.
Whine, whine, whine.
But I'm grateful that I have a home and that I have access to the Internet and YouTube.
I swear there's a video about EVERYTHING on Youtube.
Still, when you have to go to the Hardware Store for the same damn issue 3 times,
it gets tiring.
Yep, I need some cheese for all this whining!

OK, so...
Art related...
The place where I had my Art before and now will take my stuff on a commissioned basis,
is excited about my new stuff.
(I sent her a message and a link to my Instagram.)
I'm also doing the same ones for the clinic and I actually got my business cards made.
I'm currently working on larger prints with quotes.
So I'll do those up and put them at the clinic and then... forget about them.
Just replenish as needed.

Soon I will start on my dog/cat/horse stuffed animals
and I'll work on my house that seems to have decided to fall apart all at once.
AND in my lunacy, I'm going to work on packaging my Catmint that I have.
I'm thinking I can sell that at the clinic.

And maybe put it in an Etsy shop along with other cat related stuff.... maybe.

A Blogger friend sent me an email a while back about my passion, my purpose in life.
She didn't think my Art was my REAL passion but rather my taking in needy animals.
She said something along the lines of how THAT was my purpose and
how everything else is extra.
I've thought about this for a long time.
How all my Art is animal related.
How the stuffed animals I want to make, how they will be made to look like little rescues.
How the books I want to write, about Kanga, and Jimmy and of course Blue,
are all about animals that someone at some point didn't want and how they are PERFECT.

Yep. I've been thinking a lot about just enjoying life
and not to stress so much and to stop being sick all the time.
(I'm sick again as I write this!)
Yep. Lots of thoughts.
Just trying to get my head on straight and keep it that way
and just dealing with life.

So... How has your first month gone?
How are YOU doing?
I know we need to have faith and focus on the GOOD and focus it into being.
I'm trying to do that with my small little life.
Focus on the things I can control and not let what I can't control overwhelm me.

and I'll just keep trying to be true to Myself and do what I feel I need to do.
Even if others don't understand.


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Your posts are always so thought provoking, even if sometimes they make me want to kick your butt. Anyone who lives above a pretend line drawn between Atlanta and San Francisco, is in an area that does not get enough sunlight due to the slant of the sun on the Earth according to the science. The 'Blues' effect you get this time of year is due to a lack of Vitamin D. When I lived near Seattle, our military facility had strong lights created to produce a sunlight effect to counter the lack of sunlight and keep everyone from wanting to kill each other. Honest! So please, you might want to take a one-a-day vitamin and an extra high dose of D (check with your doctor of course, don't want to be prescribing here) since you live so far North.

Seems to me you have so many things going on in your life, and so many 'dependents' counting on you, that it gets overwhelming at times. Keep your health up. That's first. The pack leader needs to be taken care of and it seems this is an area you might do better in. That being said, balance is the next thing on the list. I'm gonna end here and hope I haven't pissed you off.

tammy j said...

I think you "know thyself" pretty darn well.
and that blogger friend may be onto something.
and... what a genius idea for little katy with the bed plan.
that picture of her and blue just melts any heart. the big and the small. and that beautiful deaf ear protectingly touching that little body. oh cindi.
plus... I love your changing banner.
each one is great! I look forward to the changes! simple pleasures.
sometime show us your business card.
that's a neat step right there!
but I think your more relaxed approach to all of it will help you get well.
sending love and huge snoopy hugs.
and TOTAL admiration.

Cindi Myers said...

No, I'm not upset.
I always value your advice.
I admit that I eat junk and don't get enough sleep.
I don't take vitamins although they are in my cabinet.
All these things I have the power to turn around (well maybe not the sleep thing) but you are right, I need to focus on my health.
The other stuff... I always seem to have a "plan" to get it done and then life happens.
But you are right, I need to take care of the pack leader first.
Thank you Sharon-Sugar.

Cindi Myers said...

I'm trying to figure it out.
To get my priorities straight.
To not get sucked into the need to do it all and therefore end up doing next to nothing to full completion.
I am working towards being at peace and happy with what really matters to ME and not using someone else's measuring stick.
And mostly, to be healthy.
And Blue and Katy... I know, it just touched my heart so.
Thank you as always for your kind words.

polly said...

"and I'll just keep trying to be true to Myself and do what I feel I need to do.
Even if others don't understand."----that's one of the best ideas you could have

and the picture of Blue and Katy is great--maybe a quote about 'peace is having the right someone at your back'--something like that

you deserve a heart-filled life, Cindi--keep goin'!!

Cindi Myers said...

Thank you!
I know that not everyone understands everything I do but, oh well....
Yep, to be happy I need to listen to my heart.
So thanks again.

I like that quote!
:D :D :D

Thank you for your kind words.

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

More than most, you deserve to be happy and healthy Cindi. You do so much for so many, but please take care of yourself. I think i agree with your Blogger friend. Your passion is rescue. It is not the easiest passion to have, because there will always be yet another fur baby, but it is a wonderful one, that has great value and purpose.

That photo is precious and it's clear where Katy belongs.


Cindi Myers said...

Thank you.
Yes, I've decided to really focus on my health
and besides diet and exercise and rest,
I'm mentally going to give myself a rest too.

Thank you SO much for your very kind words.

CheerfulMonk said...

That picture of Blue and Katy melts my heart too. I agree with your blogger friend that animals seem to be your greatest passion, so posters of animals and quotes might be your best bet? Because of all you have to do it seems to me you need to find artwork that is expressive but not too time consuming. It has to feed your soul rather than drain you. I'm a sucker for animals and illustrated good quotes. You could use a picture multiple times, just different quotes? Also, maybe greeting cards as well as posters? Or maybe note cards (no sayings) with just heartwarming pictures of animals that you have taken yourself? I would think you could advertise and sell those at work?

Good luck on getting a healthier lifestyle. It's a hard change to make, but it really helps. As you know, we're rooting for you! ❤️