Monday, January 30, 2017

BUTTON 2003 - 2017

Do you remember my dog Button?
(this was taken after she recovered from the incident in 2010)

The little Shih-Tzu who jumped up and bit Blue as he tried to get a drink of water, 6 1/2 years ago? And how he grabbed her with his mouth for just a second
but her eyes popped out halfway and I had to call Doc and he put them back into her head?
One eye had to sewn shut for a while because it wouldn't stay in.
That eye never regained sight and eventually she lost vision in the other one too.
But she continued to try to bite everyone.
If someone came up while she was drinking or eating, she'd leap up at them.
If she walked up to a doggie bed and start to crawl in, she'd attack whatever little dog was already there.
If some dog brushed against her in passing she'd jump turn and be biting in the air.
Her aggressiveness just had gotten worse with her blindness.
Luckily most of the dogs just got out of her way when they saw her coming.
Well... except for my Ping, my toy poodle who was always ready to fight back.
But with me feeding her separately and kenneling her by herself when I left the house,
it's been manageable for the last 6 1/2 years.

Last night I was upstairs on the computer.
Blue was with me and a few of the other dogs when I heard a loud commotion in the living room.
I ran halfway down the stairs and looking through the banister,
the dogs just were frozen like guilty kids but it all appeared to be ok.
I went back upstairs and finished what I was working on and then came downstairs.
It had been about a half hour.
I got Button's eye drops out because her eyes don't really stay moist.
I picked her up to administer them when to my shock her "good" eye, not the bulging one, but the kinda normal one was almost out of her head.
Without going into more detail I'll just say there was blood and also a puncture wound on the side of her head by her ear.
(I'm calmly telling you this now but that wasn't the case last night.)
I took photos and messaged Doc about everything along with the pics.
I told him I thought it was time to let her go.
Unfortunately he could not meet me at the clinic but advised ice for 5 minutes every hour until the morning.
I did that and went through my stash of old pet medication.
Ironically I found pain meds for Button from her last dental procedure.
I gave her double the dose.
In the morning she was her usual spunky self, except for the gruesome eyeball.

I'm not really sure who let her have it.
I sort of suspect Nora as she was very nervous and hiding under the kitchen table but I can't be sure.
I suppose it could have been Jimmy, as he busily chewed on his bone in the middle of the room.
That would be just like him, to act like he had no part in it.

So, I took her into work and I told Doc that if felt like I was murdering her,
that I suppose I could have her eye removed.
He examined it and looked so sad.
He's never been one to easily put anyone down but he rubbed her head and said no,
it was time to let her go.
That removing her eye wouldn't change how she was.
So he let her go onto the next world, level, whatever you believe and
I cried even though I felt it was for the best.
She was 13, almost 14... next month.
I had her for 8 years.
The breeder was done with her when she hit five years of age and brought her to the clinic
and I took her home.
She was the prettiest little dog I had ever seen.
Black on top and white on the bottom and as cute as a Button, so I changed her name to Button.
I suppose she acted the way she did because of her first five years of life.
Anyway... that's what happened to Button.
Sorry to share this but I need to get this out of my head.
Not as a tribute but just to tell her story.

I really hoped to have this New Year be different from last
but once again we haven't made it through a month without losing someone.
Of course this span of time has been on the horizon.
It's to be expected when you have a house full of senior citizens.

I've decided to take a blogging break for a little while.
Just to get well.
Physically and Mentally.
Thanks for always being there for me!


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Sorry that Button is gone. Wondering what she brought to your life that you needed at the time? Perhaps her lesson to teach was that we must stand up for ourselves and never ever give up? How wonderful that you found each other and how lucky you are to have a vet who can give you guidance that you need and not just go along with your fears.

tammy j said...

rest dearest girl.
just rest.
and now little button is at peace finally.
she might have even been living with great pain.
that's just it. we never really know... since they can't tell us.
sending you great love across the miles.
and hope for a better year.
and strength for all your tasks.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Cindi, I'm so sorry about Button! You have given her a second chance and she had a great life with you. You are such an inspiration! prayers and positive thoughts going your way! Ildiko

Anonymous said...


I'm really sorry to hear about Button. She was a cute little thing. That's the thing about the tiny dogs -- they can be extremely high-strung and nervous about other animals invading their space. I had a miniature poodle who also lost an eye (due to a detached retina) and afterwards he would be very reactive if you approached him from his blind side. I quickly learned that I couldn't reach towards him from his left side because it would either make him jump or start snarling. Of course, my other animals didn't understand that and they would sometimes innocently approach him on the wrong side. Even though he lived for several years after he'd had the eye removed, he never got completely used to being blind on one side.

The way that Button passed away (with the help of the vet and you by her side) doesn't make me as sad as the early part of her life being used as a breeder's source of income. That must have been a horrible life and you were kind to take her away from that.

RIP little Button. You were loved for 8 years.


CheerfulMonk said...

I'm so sorry.

Anne Specht said...

Boo Hoo,
I am sorry about Button's passing. It is so hard when you have to play God and let a much loved one go. Button will be a welcomed newcomer to dog (animal) heaven. Take care; you are in my thoughts and heart.
Love, Anne

Connie in Hartwood said...

Always remember that you do whatever you do for your critters out of your profound love for them. Letting Button go was the ultimate act of love. Never forget that.