Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thank God for my Blog Friends!

                      (Grant Wood's American Satire " Daughters of Revolution")

Ya know, they are some people in my life that I love dearly (and some that I don't) but they just don't "get" me. They only halfway listen to me. Or if they do listen, they give me this look like...What? or Why? or the worst...Oh That's nice! (then a smirk followed by exchanged glances)

WHAT are you making?
WHY did you buy that?
WHAT are you going to do with it?!
WHY would you do that!
WHY did you get another one?!
WHAT were you thinking!
Oh That's nice! I'm sure someone will like it.
Oh That's nice! If it makes YOU happy.
Oh That's nice! if you like that kind of thing...
Oh That's nice!- WHAT is it?
Oh That's nice!...I think, I just never had time to look at it...

Thank God for YOU! my blogger friends!
WHY do you BLOG?
WHAT is a blog?.....................aaarrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sassypackrat said...

I SO DO GET YOU! Sorry for shouting, I just wanted to make sure you heard me. ;0)

Sandy Mastroni said...

I've been getting that look for 56 years ..... ha
It doesn't bother me as much now .... I SHOULD be used to it by now ! But sometimes I still get lonely
and I don't know what this blog thing is either !
but it sure is wonderful to find friends here .... like YOU !!!!!!

Suzie said...

Aaaccckkk!! Are you sure we don't have the same relatives, or have the same circle of friends outside of Blogland?

I do hope that you are feeling better!

Georgina said...

Artists have been dealing with stupid questions for as long as they have been around. Hotep was the first official artist, an Egyptian architect. I can bet he got an ear full when he came up with the design of the first stone tombs...they laughed, but look how it all eventually evolved centuries later!

So consider yourself a very valued arteest and who cares what others think, what's important is that you know yourself and love what you're's a wonderful reflection of who you are and a lovely testament to what you have given this world. So tell them to go eat their boogers and move on!!


yoborobo said...

LOL!!!!! I am laughing so hard - hee hee!! Oh, Cindi, thank God for you, too. WHAT a lovely friend you are! :)))) xoxo Pam

oldblackcatboo said...

HeY! All of you Wonderful Blog Friends! I post this, go outside for a few hours to work on my "dilemma" and find all my friends have stopped in! THANK YOU so much! It means A LOT to know someone listens AND understands!
XOXOXOX! to you all!

Pattee said...

Thank God you people like you in this world! We all get those comments ....
I've learned to ignore them and or those people aren't important in my life anymore~

I'm so glad to know you!

Mariann said...

That is so funny...... well, fools comfort.... you are in very good company, I have one to add, although I think my attitude puts people right off saying it now, I scare them!!!
"Ah, that's nice, you are such a clever girl!"
Thank god for artist friends!