Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesdays Helpful Pet Tip #3

(this photo is from Design*Sponge)

One of my daily morning blog visits is to Design*Sponge. She is always showcasing beautiful homes or great before/and after projects, clever crafts, floral creations, tasty recipes, cool design ideas and so many other fun things.
I remembered a post about  (check it out - very cool) that she did in July of last year. Moomah had a cute and EASY project where you can make an awesome cat toy with just a piece of fabric and a pair of scissors!
So, here's the link to that cool cat toy!

I found it's better when I used a soft fabric (like felt) rather than cutting up a hand towel (which I did first and had little "pieces" everywhere! Dah!) I also grow my own catnip so I sprinkled some on the fabric before rolling it up and the kitties were in Heaven!
Have Fun! Sorry this is so late in the day, I'm really dragging! I'm glad that is will soon be bedtime!

            I wish I could just lay in the sun all day!


Suzie said...

How neat! I grow my own catnip too. I also have a stack of flannel that I've saved from worn out shirts, and another stack of sweatshirt remnants that the cats love to snuggle into for snoozes.

I bet those would make neat toys too, having to save some for the aformentioned napping material. lol

Thanks for the idea!

Sweet dreams!

yoborobo said...

Hi Cindi! I'm tired today, too. I am headed to bed very soon. I would love to make my kitties some toys, so I will check this out. Rest up!! xo Pam

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

hi cindi and louie...cute kitty toys!

and YES! we're HOME...he is a sweetie trouble on the drive home...all that way and he was just a lamb...he gave me a "look" i just knew he wanted to go potty..right now i am on the couch and he jumps up on the back ( it is safe cause my piano buts up against the back so he can't go over the back)and he lays on my shoulder..his little chin just sweet...he is a love bug....we are IN LOVE

thanks for the welcome home..

sending love to you and sweet little louie..
kary and teddy