Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesdays Pet Tip #17

Once again, NO PET TIP! But next week I promise! I've got a very important one in mind.
But this is pet related....sort of.
It's about this amazing dog rescuer and artist:
Denise and her blog!
She found my blog and left a comment and became a follower. So I went to her blog and after visiting, I became a follower of hers! Have you ever just met someone and feel like you have known them for a very long time? We joke that we might have been separated at birth because we have SO much in common. In fact it's kinda spooky how many similarities there are. I won't go into detail except to say that the number one thing is ... of course, DOGS.
She rescues and I (LOL!) adopt.
The photo at the top of the post is Lucy. Lucy BEFORE her eye surgery.
And this is Lucy AFTER her eye surgery.

The story is amazing and heartwarming and I'm not going to tell you! You have to go to her blog and read about Denise and Lucy! And all her other rescues!
Then there's Denise the artist. Check out what she can do to a toilet seat! Isn't that awesome!

Who knew that a toilet seat could look so elegant!

And then there's Denise the collector and seller of vintage treasures. She and I both have limited storage space and we really have to rein ourselves in on "collecting" all the cool stuff there is to be found! She's been doing much better than I. She's trying to confine it to fabric. Beautiful fabric that if it doesn't find a home, she can create something else beautiful out of it. Unlike me, with a basement full of FINDS and still nothing listed!
Stop by her Etsy shop and see if there's something you can't live without but didn't realize it because you hadn't seen it.

Of course, there's a couple of things that we don't have in common. Apparently she likes to camp. Not outside in a tent, Thank Goodness! I couldn't stand the thought of a bear getting her or maybe EEKS! a snake. But still...I think it involves roughing it and I like a swimming pool and magically made beds.
AND I think she likes to be healthy and cook and bake.....and make yogurt.
I toast my bread for my un-grilled cheese so that I don't have to dirty a pan . And well. chocolate and vodka is probably not THAT healthy.
But I ADORE her and you should check out her rescue/creations/recipes/ funny stories and rants blog.
(Stupid people who are rude drive her crazy too!)
ANYWAY, I've said it before and I will say it again...I am so grateful to have discovered this Blogger world and make all the FABULOUS  friends that I now have!
Everyone is so talented and unique, I'm honored to know you all!
 XOXO- Cindi

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denise said...

Hey Cindi!!

you are too sweet! thank you for all the kind words...and hey, I like chocolate, too, A LOT, and vodka if it's mixed into a tasty concoction!

ps: Lucy got her cone off on Sunday, now she's freeeeeeeeeeee.

thank you again, you're a doll.