Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I woke up this morning to a dog fight

Ya know how when you are not REALLY awake but just kinda.

I could hear Ralphie growling and barking at the window. He can see across the street and after the "incident" I noticed that the new neighbors were outside in their driveway doing stuff.

But from what I can piece together in my semi-awake state. Ralphie was in the throes of "guarding" his house when Blue must have got up to see what was going on. And as he came over to the window, Ralphie must have turned and in his frenzied state of mind jumped at Blue.

At this point I'm sitting up blurry-eyed and I see Ralphie jumping towards Blue and Blue roars and comes forward towards Ralphie and has him down and it not letting him up. Ralphie doesn't stop his insanity but instead is growling and Blue continues to roar. Jimmy is standing next to this, barking and trembling. I suppose he feels like he needs to back up his buddy but I can tell it's with great trepidation. So I grab my comforter and throw it over everyone. Blue stops and backs up. I pick up Ralphie, completely expecting to find deep wounds and lacerations. I notice some drops of urine on the floor and he's dropped a piece of poop in his fear. I carefully check him over.

Nothing but spit on his fur. I shake my head. How stupid. It's like a raccoon taking on a bear.....

No, I will not be getting another big dog. There are no guarantee's that if there was another large one in the mix that the outcome could have been horribly different.

Yet another sign.

How many signs do I need?!

When Blue wants to play and run, he has me. He doesn't need another pal and most likely doesn't want one.
I just have to get off my big-ass and be there for him.


Anonymous said...

Probably a good decision!

Have a great day now!

Blue Dragon Arts said...

oh my! what a way to start the day...as much as I love dogs I'm very happy I have cats...though they do sound like cattle when they 'play' hard through the house...hmmm

Blue Dragon Arts said...

that must have been an adrenaline rush!! the most I have to worry about is the thundering sound of cats at 'play'.

Gillian said...

Bloody dogs. No you don't need more personalities in your house!

Mine have a go at each other over a PAT. One dog is fairly gentle, the other is a bit nuts. She's lovely but needy and can't stand anyone else getting attention.

Read through your older posts... I have been in a bit of a fog and not kept up with anyone, sorry! Maybe it's the weather. Soon the buds will be blooming and a Spring makes everyone feel good. Short days and constant cold can be a bit of a drag. Our hot Australian months get tiring and a change of season is the Best.

I agree with earlier post about being able to create without worrying about sales. Nice things come of it which you can then work on for $$$ if it suits. Takes the stress out of it and it's more fun. I do that with my cards all the time. I do a lot of cards that will never get made, but they were fun to do.

Here's to a fun year! We'll make it fun, yeah?

: )