Thursday, January 27, 2011


I woke this morning, wishing that I could have just stayed in bed.
Eva Gonzalès Morning Awakening -"Le reveil" Paris 1876

But unfortunately I had to get up and get ready for work.
I was hoping that Ralphie had learned his lesson....  
 I went upstairs to brush my teeth.  I'm standing at the sink and Ralphie is in the doorway facing out towards the hall and Rosie is sitting on the heat vent being Marilyn Monroe -
(she's waiting for the heat to come on again)

(it's kicking on, starting to blow...)

(she's starting to feel the warmth...)

(ahhh, there it is! Notice her hair swirled up and blowing...she loves this. Look at her little tongue sticking out...shameless.)

Blue is laying in the hallway looking into the bathroom.

He's got his face flat on the floor, watching. Then Ralphie starts barking and bouncing in place at him. I look over, mouth full of toothpaste and Blue raises an eyebrow and looks at me.

It's like..."See what I have to put up with!" I continue brushing and watch Blue lower his brow and then raise the other one and also open the side of his mouth just enough to show his teeth as he looks at Ralph. Then he looks at me. I am shaking my head at him and he stops. I rinse and spit and yell "Knock it off! RALPHIE!!!!" Then I walk out of the bathroom and Ralphie runs down a few steps ahead of Blue and then stops and barks at him. I push ahead of Blue and yell "go" and swing my foot in Ralph's direction. I'm not trying to kick him, just give him the idea of get going. Behind me Rosie is still "twirling" circles in the bathroom, this is a ritual she has to do before leaving a room. Three twirls, then a scurry to the door threshold, then a "leap" over the 1/4 of an inch thick piece of wood and then throws herself down the steps and does three more twirls.
Now that we are in the living room, Blue walks over to one of the loveseats and little dogs jump off, except for Twinkle.
Blue loves Twinkle and she just scoots further into the corner to make room for him. Jimmy is laying on the other loveseat and looks up at me. "I had nothin' to do with it! I wasn't even up there!' his expression seems to say. Rosie is running across the room like a teeny tiny horse, lifting her legs high and runs behind the loveseat where the BIG dog bed is and joins Ruby and Claude, both of who are too small to get up on furniture by themselves. Or maybe they are smart and prefer the comfort and room on the dog bed. Ralphie is running around barking again so I tell him "outside!" He turns and runs for the backdoor which I open and he's already on top of the picnic table bouncy and barking as he looks up the tree for that squirrel.

I set up the laundry room area with the daily ritual of new towels on the floor and potty pads. 
I let Ralphie back in and he runs through the house to the living room window. He plasters himself against it like those stuffed suction-cup feeted toys that you see in car windows. Is that a rabbit tiptoeing across the yard?
Ralphie's in a panic! He must have that rabbit!
I corral the little ones in the laundry room and leash up the terriers and Blue and out the door we go.
Going down the steps, Ralph is straining as far as the leash will allow. Luckily the one and only command that he obeys is "kennel" which when he hears that, he will jump into the van and sit inside his kennel cage. Jimmy heads in that direction but always needs assistance going in. Blue sits down on his comforter in the back. I slid and slam the door shut and go around to my side and get in. Blue has already gotten into the passenger seat.  He gives me the look -"Hi!", I don't feel like getting out again so I let him win this one. Usually if he's up front I will belt him in. It's already snapped closed from yesterday and I let it go but worry about it the whole way to work.
We arrive.
I'm kinda worn out with all this dog stuff and my day hasn't begun.
Is this how kindergarten teachers who are mothers feel?
But the up side of my job is that I run a boarding kennel. And I plan on leaving Ralphie overnight. Poor Jimmy, guilt by association, but he's staying tonight too.
I need a break.


Georgina said...

Whoa, girl, I'm exhausted just reading about your morning! That pic of Blue and Twinkle is just too adorable!!

Hope your week and weekend is less active...doggiewise!! LOL


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Whew! That wore me out. I don't know how you do it. But isn't that Rosie pretty!!!!! How adorable. Love seeing Blue with Twinkle. Poor Ralphie...I guess there is no hope. I'm happy to read that Blue was patient...he must get so sick of it. I just had all of mine tear out of the bed to kill the mailman. That drives me nuts! But nothing in comparison to the madhouse you have going. Of course they are all sleeping soundly again now. Love seeing photos and hearing about the escapades of your dog family. These are great pics!

Anonymous said...

I too got tired just reading about this :-) :-) How many dogs do You have? I remember having four wild 99 pound dogs and that seemed much calmer :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

oldblackcatboo said...

Thanks Nita!
I've had Rosie a year in last December. She was 10 years old when I got her. She used to board with me along with a little 3yr old Pom. But one day her Mom decided she was too much "work"... she weighs 5.5 lbs and eats next to nothing and is completely housebroken...but she didn't want her anymore, the owner called from vacation that she would only be picking up the Pom, so I took Rosie home.
Her loss. My gain :)

oldblackcatboo said...

Christer, :)
I always say I have 4.
One huge dog
Two "terrors"
One "herd" of teeny tiny dogs!
:) - Cindi

denise said...

I love the pics of Blue and Twinkle and the fact that they find comfort from each other.

and, of course, as you know....I love Rosie. Have from the first time I saw a picture. I'd definitely adopt her, what a sad story though to just be tossed away at 10 years old. People amaze me. I just don't get it sometimes.

Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

Standing on the vent!
That is soooooo cute!!!!

junkgarden said...

Omg, so darn cute! ALL of them. Hearing how Rosie's owner didn't want her almost made me cry. Who would not want that precious thing? I love me some doggies!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

darling...all of that little sweetie on the heater..bless you for taking such good care of all of them....

they are all precious...

love the doggies :-)

sending love today to you and the gang...

kary and teddy

p.s. we have potty pads here except we call them pee pee trays....teddy loves them

Abi said...

Oh wow! I enjoyed the read, it's like a super mini mini novel! I am so nosey, it's just so nice to read the morning routine of others.

Now to answer your question - stay away from an Epson Printer!! seriously.

People seem to recommend the hp models, but the ink is very pricey. I have just received a Canon Paxima MX870 all-in-one because it's great being able to scan stuff - I don't use the fax part, but handy nevertheless. I bought it off a company on ebay and it arrived within 2 days! and was much cheaper than anywhere else. The canon ink is much cheaper... the black is only $4.99
I was paying over $20 for the epson.
I spent hours researching printers, and the Canon consistently came up well - except it is slow to print photos - I agree, but I'd rather it was slow yet accurate, than super fast and crap!
Good luck!
ps - photos of your babes would be wonderful - there are some fab shots of the chow in the snow I recall, put my name down for one!!!