Sunday, January 2, 2011

Step One

I'm taking the first step down the path that I am hoping will lead me to what I seek.
I realize that I will encounter many forks along the way and hopefully I will travel down the right road but if I don't I can always turn around and back-track and venture in the other direction. Wherever this journey takes me I will remember that it is a learning experience.
"Life is a journey not a destination". - Ralph Waldo Emerson
So the first step is re-thinking and re-working my other blog -
but if you have a moment, stop over!


Autumnforest said...

Good for you, sweetie! You know, the divorce was mind-blowing. I was 47 and had never been on my own my entire life, never even balanced a checkbook. One day, I sat down in the new apartment on the floor (I let him keep the furniture) and I collapsed and laid down and cried. Nothing was working right. Obstacles and red tape and trouble resolving the petty stuff. I felt so sorry for myself and then I looked out the huge picture window at the beautiful peaceful view of the desert and I started to laugh. I realized that it looked like a pathetic scene from a romantic comedy in which the director throws obstacles at the heroine and in the end she has a happy ending. I realized it's going to be sticky, awkward, gawky, miserable and I'll be a helluva lot like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" and then suddenly I felt happy about my trials. They were making me smarter, adaptable, wise, and able to reap the benefits when things went well. I rose above the petty stuff that was distracting me and became the heroine. Oh, and I found the handsome prince too, but he's just the icing on the cake, my new life being the cake.

Blue Dragon Arts said...

Ah, now is the time for all true women to discover who they really are and live the life they were meant to!! It may be scary but it will be GREAT!!!

Mundo Mundaca said...

Travel through where your dreams take you.. but never forgets to return to tell me what your eyes saw and to bring with you the aroma of distant lands.